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    Holy shit. Safety in Alarms. My most awaited park for about the last four years! Can't wait to check this out.

    Be back with comments.
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    Holy shit. Safety in Alarms. My most awaited park for about the last four years! Can't wait to check this out.

    Be back with comments.

    Ditto. I was wondering what had happened to this since you came back! Looking forward to checking this out!!
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    Haha I love it so far
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    clear spotlight imo.
    will comment later. this time I have time so will comment on some parks soon.
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    I think this is a well deserved high gold.

    The layouts were great and they had really good path interactions/theming !
    The theming was done really well, I liked how it was one style executed really well over different areas.

    I didn't like your parking lot, six years ago or not, it's bad.
    and, idk if you hit the object limit, but I found places that deserved more theming.
    for example; the hall of that spinning coaster, it's easy to see from the pathways under the log flume.
    I didn't like your entrance too, it worried me when I started viewing this park. I thougt you gained this high score for being an old hero. The park made up for it.

    overall a really good park, especially seeing it was six years old.
    JW, what did you start with (when you started rct again) and what have you done lately?
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    Wow. I joined NE around the time you left so I've never consciously witnessed the advertising of this park... I knew however than Safety in Alarms was the greatly anticipated park by Metropole. All but one screen were offline; that sole screen I saw showed Manticore's station. Expecting the park to not return and knowing the screen would disappear sometime, I saved it on my computer.

    Honestly I never thought I would ever see the rest of the park, let alone it being finished! I was truly flabbergasted when I opened it ingame. Recognizing Manticore's station was a really great moment actually.

    For me this is the biggest RCT surprise since posix' design, and probably the comeback of the year. Welcome back and thanks for not letting this great park rot in oblivion. And of course, congratulations on the gold!

    I hope to post another reply soon with my thoughts on the actual park, by the way.
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    never ever thought i would see this complete. congratulations
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    I haven't been around long enough to remember this advertised, but I do remember some hype about it. Wow, six years ago?

    Overall I thought it was a really good park. Most of the architecture was excellent, and the rides were pretty decent too. The main problem with it, that combined with its size led it to not be a spotlight in my eyes, was that the themes were really disjointed. Every area was a combination of individually nice buildings and rides but when put together there was not much flow and the themes just did not develop.

    In addition, the castle had a really beautiful outer wall but there was a lot of empty space inside it, and the cage was pretty ugly (but I know what you were going for with it).

    So overall, a very nice park, especially for its age. Glad to see it finally released!
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    Congrats on finishing this and winning gold! I still have to write a review for RCTNW's park but I will do one for this soon after. Brings back memories though.
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    Good Job Metro, Phatage
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    I just love this park! Great job Metropole! (Oh and Phatage)
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    I'm glad many of you remember the park so fondly. I hope it doesn't disapoint!

    I'd just like to say that I was very surprised that this got gold, and I am ecstatic! I'll post a mega reply when I get a few more comments.
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    Safety in Alarms <3 When you came back I didn't realise you would bring this with you. It has it's moments of epicness, the arrow layout, the b&m, the woodie, but then it was backed up with less strong areas and coaster design (mainly the Intamin and it's area).

    Had everything been of the same quality throughout I would have most definately voted this higher, and voted it yes for spotlight, however I was left a bit disappointed that I was unable to do so.

    I will comment in a bit more detail at a later date though.
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    Hey guys, is there a reason I don't have any points for this?
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    The points system is not live. It gets recalculated every now and then.
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    I am in love with the flyer and the woodie. Damn.
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    btw the one who made the logo had probally seen the narnia movie lately :p ?
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    oh. my. God.

    i come back just to check in and get two amazing surprises. (1) Metro is back, and (2) Safety in Alarms is finally released! i've been waiting since... since Metro dropped off the face of the earth, and the day has finally come.

    looks like i'm gonna have to break out the RCT2 disc.
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    Hey guys, is there a reason I don't have any points for this?

    I'm guessing that because the submission manager is down, as is the points system. So nothing has been calculated and the rankings haven't been updated either.

    You should recieve 543.83(77.69 x 7) points.