Park / [NEDC] Duke Alva - #7/9


  • Levis%s's Photo
    looking quite nice. I think you could have scored higher if you didn't tought about it to lightly. I think you tried to minimize the ammount of work here and thats what made you lose
  • Dotrobot%s's Photo
    The foliage could've been a LOT LOT better
  • Liampie%s's Photo
    I quite liked this but I can see why you got this score... Half of the map is emtpy and the coaster is nearly invisible from the path. You could've done more with this, shame! :)

    Congratulations on finishing something anyway. :p
  • Turtle%s's Photo
    If only you people spent as much time on the atmosphere of the coaster itself, rather than a plaza in front of it, we might have some more diversity and interest.
  • chorkiel%s's Photo
    The foliage in this was just bad.. Sorry.

    Other than that I really liked this, the archi was great but kinda what Liampie said.
    The coaster wasn't the centerpoint of attention.
  • Luigi%s's Photo
    The foliage really ruined this for me. It was just really weird. The architecture was decent I guess and I just loved the atmosphere in the themed area. But well, that was all there was to look at, the rest of the map was just too plain. Like Liampie said, it would have also been nice if there was a path, from where peeps could look at the coaster.

    Oh, also build the concrete blocks under water, they are floating now.

    Congrats on finishing :mantis:
  • Brent%s's Photo
    Honestly, out of the ones that have been published so far (9-4), this is my favorite.
  • 5dave%s's Photo
    Yeah this coaster has the same flaw as the other lower entries. It's just isolated from the rest of the park - as the others say. Keep working on that and you'll have some nice ride designs, as you seem to handle atmosphere and architecture quite well already.

    And the foliage was really weak, as others said.