Park / De Vliegende Hollander/Python


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    Conrgatulations, you've scored above 80%, and therefore gain a qualification spot for Pro Tour 4.

    Oh wait...
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    ^^ Haha, joker. :D

    This is so cool... very cool... it touched my heart. :)
    And i'm visiting the Efteling within 2 weeks.
    Just loved it Liam, you can tell by the score, it's the first 85 that i gave away.


    Edit: Btw., be careful in your airship towards your new adventure. :lol:
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    Every percent score is well deserved I would say.
    I had the pleasure to visit efteling two days early in may and its my favorite park Ive been to so far. The Vliegender Hollander is one of the most awesome rides Ive ever had the pleasure to get my ass on and to see him so well translated to rct is just awesome. While its not a recreation it gets the whole feeling. The only thing missing: You could have put the soundtrack in it to make it even more epic.
    Im not that much of a Phyton fan, but its really good translated into rct, too. The whole area is just a blow to me, so sorry about not being critic. Just reminded me of the best two days inside a park Ive had so far.
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    Wow, really consistant voting on this one.
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    Very nicely, it looks really great! :D
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    The only thing missing: You could have put the soundtrack in it to make it even more epic.

    No, he couldn't, because then the average score would have been over 100% :mantis:
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    This is awesome. I'm not really an Efteling fan myself, but I love the way this turned out.
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    for a split second I thought you won two designs, because of the two logos. Beautiful design(s), your on quite the hot streak Laimpie
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    Assuming that that's what the Python layout is like in reality, it isn't a real impressive layout, very plain, in fact. But the building and atmosphere make up for that :D very impressive
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    That architecture is just stooooopid good. The boring coaster held my vote down to 75%
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    I actually thought both coasters were really well done, especially considering it's Liam :p
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    This is as far as I am concerned top notch all the way around the detail is great the ride layouts look very good this is the kind of stuff that makes me want to be a better builder. :party: :mantis:
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    absolutley beautiful, well done
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    Liam's Efteling-work is about as close as we will (probably) ever get to see in RCT. It's brilliant!

    Congratulations on the double design.
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    One of my favorite designs in a long time. One thing really held it back, I'll get to that at the end.

    First of all I missed out on voting for this, but I'd have given it 85 I think. Like everyone else lol.
    The Archy is really fantastic throughout. The main facade rows we're my favorite, beautiful and not detailed "to much", it came of as very realistic and clean. The arcade area just had a really charming atmosphere about it. That whole Piazza area was huge, I mean it fills up the whole screen on full zoom, and there is just path everywhere. It seems like it should be bad, but it just isn't. It's just got a very warm feel to it, and its scaled all vey well. I think that has a lot to do with the fact you've crammed 1,300 or so guests into this little park. They contribute to the atmosphere really well. I really liked the station of the car ride to. The train station was nice, interesting trick you pulled with the train itself! Props on getting that to work.

    Python was great! It's a simple ride but you pulled it off very nicely. I really liked that you used the largest possible turn at the top, just scaled nicely. Simple ride but you pulled it off nicely. I did think the station was lackluster, and those diagonal wooden fence objects look terrible.

    De Vliegende Hollander was a neat little ride to. I with you had made a version without rooves so we could see into the dark section. Not a bad layout at all. Huge improvement from your past layouts. The architecture around the station wasn't quite as good I thought, maybe a few to many windows, but certainly not bad. I really liked the multi-tiered feeling, and the queue line looked winding around. Again the boardwalk type feel was really nice here.

    I also really enjoyed the "extra" surrounding areas. Context I guess. I love me some context. I saw the little message to Gert to, Nice. And ofcourse the little baloon with the message, really neat touch! I'm super excited to see where that ballon takes us...

    Oh the one thing that held it back?

    Why wasn't I in the staff? :(
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    Liampie's parkmaker spotlight
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    nice job on this
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    Amazing design liam. The architecture and atmosphere was so wonderful.
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    Kind of nitpicking, but isn't Python a Vekoma looper, not Arrow? You said-

    ...we get both Python, an Arrow corkscrew...