Park / [NEDC] Vesper Island - #3/9


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    For me, this was the clear winner . I loved everything in this one. Why I didn't vote 100%? I don't know.
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    I love it when people just go mental and put whatever they want to down on the map! It leads to productive parkmaking and maps like this that look so good as a whole product from the zoomed out view, yet you can then zoom in and see so many awesome architectural and other details. I especially liked the use of monorails. Congratulations!
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    nice job. gives me a bit of a XCoaster feel and thats about the best compliment I can make.

    one tip for the next time. Fantasy style can feel death very quickly if you make your park peepable it often makes it feel less death. so next time try to make it peepable ;).
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    yea, this was the clear winner for me as well.

    incredible. organized chaos at its finest.
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    This was the winner for me as well. It was a bit empty around the middle but most of the ideas and execution were interesting and impressive in execution. I'm really looking forward to new projects from you AC. I would be especially interested in seeing you interpret a more natural and earthy theme with tags like "jungle" or "cave", as you seem to have a strong tendency towards spectacular trackitecture structures.
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    Excellent use of trackitecture to actually further a theme and create interesting structures and shapes... Colours were pretty spot on, and there's just a really strong sense of interest here! So much going on, so much interacting with itself. Very, very impressive, something like this on a larger scale with a backstory would be approaching City of Dreams...
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    Really liked this one. My favorite entry of the contest!

    While I wasn't fan of the trackitecture and the somewhat lifeless and sterile feel of it, it's so unique and refreshing. The colors were perfect too and it gave a nice fantasy-ish steampunk feel. I agree that peeps wandering the structure would have added a lot to the whole ride. Nicely done though!

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    This shoulda won <3 Best entry, I love it all :)
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    Wooo it's on the front page! This was such a fun design to make, and as you can all see I got reallllly into trackitecture ever since Sasshire Valley and love trying to figure out new ways to incorporate it into the game *looking at Roomie and the great LLers of yesteryear for inspiration*.

    Wicksteed: I'm glad you enjoyed it! You can vote 100% next time ;)

    deanosrs: Thanks!

    Levis: That is a huge compliment Levis! Xcoaster is one of my favorite parkmakers, I am greatly inspired by his work ever since the old days of NE.

    RMM: Thanks!

    Posix: Thanks posix, I've never considered jungle but 'cave' does seem interesting, there could be a lot of possibilities in fantasy RCT for caves/underground areas. I just might give the more natural stuff a try.

    Turtle: You got it... City of Dreams is perhaps my favorite LL park ever.

    5dave: You're right about the peeps, as is Levis. I tried to change the entrance of the peep train but to no avail, would anyone care to see if the map is peepable? It should be, but I haven't tested it so I do not know for sure. I would've loved to have more life on the map.

    JJ: Thanks JJ!

    I'm very proud of this one, and I'm very happy that many enjoyed it too. Had a great time working on it(even though the time crunch was stressful as hell!) and am looking forward to starting my solo project... :)
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    i probably would have voted this higher in retrospect.
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    Amazing entry AvanineCommuter! This was abstract RCT2 at its finest. The architecture busy but the color choices complimented each other so well that it provided a sense of placidity. The support work and trackitecture added to the industrial feel and added so much to the map. Great job on the design.
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    That just looks godly.
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    This has been one of my favorites since the advertising topic ! :D
    A well deserved design, congratz !
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    SSSammy: If you had, this would've been #2/9! haha but it's all good, I'm happy you like it.

    Pacificoaster: Thanks man!

    J K: I'll take that as a good thing :) thanks.

    Chorkiel: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Thanks all for the comments!