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    Finally, Tussaurds makes their debut, after not showing anything in 2002. Still though, this popular park chain never disappoints, and this year, they added 2 extreme coasters, both completely opposite, both completely amazing. First off, the giant HyperLooping Woody, "Backlash" which runs wild through the Enchanted Forest. Next up, in the CRAZY alien area of the park, sites "The Lost Guardian", Tussaurds' second world-reknown Invert (Nemesis), a Launched Inverted Coaster that blasts riders through countless feat choppers in what marks as the world's first Inverted LIM Bowl! A beautiful park entrance, and the start of "The Scream Coaster", which looks mighty promising are all available for your eyes. With all this, understand that the park is not open to the public. It is still under construction, but reporters are being let in this year for the press release.

    This park was made by RRP & BlitzSama

    Tussaurds added 2 coasters this year.
    1.Backlash---RCCA Looping Wooden Coaster
    2.The Lost Guardian---B&M Launched Compact Inverted Coaster

    The park had 50 points to spend at the beginning of 2002.
    - Wooden Coaster (0-31) -10 Points
    - Steel Looping Coaster (7+ Inversions) -20 Points

    Total deduction-30 points
    Points left-20

    Tussaurds 2003
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    Backlash ist the best wooden coaster I ever saw. Serious. I don't like the Inverted coaster very much (too colorful and unrealistic), but be sure you'll get my vote for that wooden monster.

    Excellent work.

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    WHOA! backlash is amazing. I love it
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    Incredible park. Backlash Is the best wooden coaster I have ever seen its just perfect. The Lost Guardian is also great and its surrounding area its great, new, creative, bright and awesome. the entrance is wicked and the teacups are quailty and that scream coaster WOW when it flys in the air and theres no track it is just fantastic. brillant work you two. :D
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    I liked Backlash A LOT, at first sight, i got the chills, and went to do statistic check on the Minnesota Giant, with the Backlash.

    Giant seems to slow down a lot faster near the end of the ride, and does'nt have that awesome mega loop that Backlash has assorted to it. and in my opinion Backlash would have probably been a more fun ride than the Giant's,

    Minnesota Giant : rct level 28
    Backlash : rct level 32

    Minnesota Giant : 5,256ft of track
    Backlash : 4,957ft of track

    Time Duration:
    Minnesota Giant : 2min 23secs
    Backlash : 2min 41secs

    heighst drop:
    Minnesota Giant : 108ft
    Backlash : 105ft (with no underground tunnel)

    Minnesota Giant : 64mph
    Backlash : 64mph

    now don't get me wrong, i was really surprised by this coaster, Gen and I never thought that this would come up, you guys probably most likely have a far better ride experience than ours does though. worthy of votes for best wooden when the time comes up also.

    some good competition going on with the woodies this year, great work you guys, looking forward to battleing you guys on the fields. heh
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    Backlash was INSANE!

    That is definitly the best woodie in the competition. I can't wait to see next months version. I didn't reall like the invert, it didnt match with the surroundings, IMO. But I still love that INSANE woodie!!! :devil:
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    thnx all that commented well this parks been around a bit......i was with hyper helix first and we didn't do much then blitz dropped in and he made the invert and i made the woody.......... byt next month i will most likely have got all the woody area done,the scream coaster,and a lot of the entrance and it might be open for bussiness.
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    I won't tell you my opinion on the invert. :rolleyes:

    The woodie ruled and I liked the whole "not finished" look.

    Nice work.
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    Don't diss the Invert, ever. I personally loved that part. Anywho, the rest of the park is good too, but incredibly boring.
  • RRP%s's Photo
    ye the invert will grow on u.......after looking at it for a while u will like it....well it worked for me anyway.
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    Hey, I liked the invert. I agree, it is pretty dang colorful, but its got a nice layout and creative themeing. Aaaaand... you probably know my opinion on the woodie (same as everyone elses opinion on it ;)). Great job.

    Gonna be a tough desision on best woodie this time: Minnesoda Giant or Backlash? Hmmm.....
  • natelox%s's Photo
    the park was very nice. I loved the tea cups ride. The inveret was overthemed. Backlash..i don't see what you like about it so much. To me, seems like a copy of Mala's villans raceway @ Land of the villans. It was fast, but it lacked a good layout.

    also, non of the rides were connected with the entrance...i guess its like a pet peeve, it looks like they are putting it up for download showing it off as they go, it doesn't look like a park thats open and will have new rides added in years to come.

    the parking lot was beautiful.

    Butterfinger....Pale Rider?
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    Backlash..i don't see what you like about it so much. To me, seems like a copy of Mala's villans raceway @ Land of the villans. It was fast, but it lacked a good layout.

    what the fuck? just because it has the same colour and single loop? dang, you're protective of your parks.

    I thought the woodie was good, especially the little hacks (always the best), like the monorail supports and funky brake run cover, but the rest of the theming was a bit uninspiring. The teacups were a great flat. And what the hell was that sky coaster? insane.

    The invert was a bit like blind guardian's legends entry - very cool.
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    The invert was overthemed

    o-v-e-r-t-h-e-m-e-d? What is this "overthemed" you speak of? Is it edible? Does it go well with a nice chianti? Intrigued I am by your strange language...
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    mantis, i'm not overprotective. One, mala made it, so technically its not mine. 2, it looks like it, just making a statement. X-sector copied a few of my ideas From ddi for DEO, but i didn't complain ( i would have if DEO came first...but that another story).

    its just my opinon, i'm not gonna fight you over it. I just, didn't like it and don't see whats so great. oh well.
  • Nitrous Oxide%s's Photo
    The Wooden Roller Coaster and the Parking Lot was cool.
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    chill nate, just makin fun :lol:
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    I think the scream coaster should count as that - a coaster :p

    How the hell did you hack that thing? Even restoring clearances doesn't bring back the messed up bits of track. and the sign for backlash - normally it's impossible to hack half loops together like that :/
  • Blitz%s's Photo
    it used to be real glitchy, until i pointed it out to him =P
  • RRP%s's Photo
    ok so ure all wondering how i did the scream coaster right? and the sign?

    well the scream coaster.thats just a standard impulse but i used chairlift so the track is hardly visible like on a real sky coaster.The half loops at each side are not glitching but they have been edited.I would have liked to completely make them invisible but the back half (reverse) has to be half visible becuase RCT makes the train fall other wise. Look under ground and water beneath the half loops and all is revealed.

    the do the sign i just built one half loop then built another one in the opposite direction through it with zero all clearances.

    scream coaster is not glitche so dont bother zero all clearancing it is just something i discovered will playing around.

    btw:all those who cant run scream coaster click on the station of the chairlift and set it to test mode ;)

    oh and nate backlash was inspired slightly by LOTV coasters but no that much it is more inspired by SoB.