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    Round Robin


    Round 1 | Match 3

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    "Cars Land"
    by the revoLLutionists (please use download link above) (RCTLL)


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    "Adventure Isle"
    by the Flying Germans (please use download link above) (RCT2)


    Voting Closed
    revoLLutionists beat Flying Germans

    Cars Land was made by Airtime & Loopy. Adventure Isle was made by Casimir, Colorado_Fan and disneylandian192.

    revoLLutionists vote count: 25 (52,08%)
    Voters: rct2isboss, trav, BelgianGuy, Insanity, dr dirt, FK+Coastermind, MorganFan, Goliath123, Brent, 5dave, Dimi, Jonny93, MCI, Steve, JJ, Whitehawk, djbrace1234, ScOtLaNdS_FiNeSt, Maverix, SupraSix, K0NG, Wicksteed, Cocoa, Dr_Dude, 6000000flags

    Flying Germans vote count: 23 (47,92%)
    Voters: Wanted, CoasterCreator9, SuicideCarz, RCTER2, hulkpower25, Ling, RCTMASTA, Nokia, Xtreme97, RCHPepperfan, tyandor, BigB, tdub96, muuh, Roomie, Mouse, Dadit, Baros, Psi, posix, RRP, olddtfan51, Six Frags

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    - This season vote is by reply only.
    - Everyone but players belonging to either team in the match may vote.
    - We will check the topic frequently to update the vote counts.
    - Until your vote has been added to the count you may edit your post to change your vote.
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    Carland looks awesome and great job by the Flying Germans!
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    Adventure isle is badass IMO.
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    Gotta say, just from having a quick look at each of them, they both seem like pretty good parks, neither really stands out for me yet though, so Imma have to sleep on this one, great work to both teams :)
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    Wow. Just wow.

    I think this is going to be a close one. For now I first have to find my Rct1-cd and re-install it, which is an accomplishment by the revoLLutionists in itself. :) For a change I'm not sure what to vote yet though...
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    Wow! Where to begin with Cars Land? The ride was gorgeous and painted a great image of cars speeding through the canyons and across bridges and near waterfalls. The Landscaping including the monorail stacking was executed pleasantly for LL. The architecture really got me on this one. From the leaning tower of tires to the fantastic gas station, Cars land was amazing in my eyes. The cone hotel and the army truck’s house were unbelievable details. Everything in the actual movie looked believable for this park. The car dump area was awesome as well. I think this is one of my favorite if not my favorite LL park to date. Great job to the Revollutionists and cannot wait till round two.

    Adventures Isle seemed like the Flying Germans wanted to take the generic pirate theme and make it better. But I think they didn’t do so hot in this round. The coaster was pretty boring besides the interaction with the other rides and architecture. The architecture itself was sometimes bland and repetitive but it still looked nice. Most of the buildings seemed pretty small as well. The landscaping and foliage looked pretty rushed and overlooked. The boardwalk area in the corner seemed pointless but nice. The one thing I liked the most was by far the pirate ship. That ship looked absolutely stunning. Nice effort but I didn’t feel any creativeness or innovation in this park. Hopefully next round you can get a win.

    Vote: Cars Land- Revollutionists
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    rct2isboss you should really spend some more time trying to get the concept of parks before voting if you think that was a boardwalk. Clearly the theme for the water ride.

    I sadly can't vote till in a couple of days cause I won't have LL till then....maaaaan I really wanted to write long reviews but it'll be pointless till I can actually view both parks. So I'll get back later.
  • rct2isboss%s's Photo

    rct2isboss you should really spend some more time trying to get the concept of parks before voting if you think that was a boardwalk. Clearly the theme for the water ride.

    I meant the area in the bottom corner not the top.
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    wow i do look like an idiot now! :p sorry for that
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    If you look around the pier area closely, you might find the reference to one of the movies ;)
    That said, it's not a generic pirate theme at all *cough*Take a look at the ride names*cough* ;P
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    Yeah there's quite an obvious reference to when Sparrow gets off his sinking boat in Port Royal.

    I'll review them in a bit but my vote goes to the RevoLLutionists.
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    Viewing Cars Land made me sad, because I know it could be pulled off SO much better. I mean, the area in real life is shaping up to be Disney's most immersive, and the level of detail and clarity it has is stunning; this just felt like standard LL realism with a couple cool ideas thrown in. Radiator Springs as a whole felt somewhat unrecognizeable, even if each building was pretty clear. Possibly my biggest gripe was the mountain range. I mean, if you look at pictures, it's STUNNING, absolutely gorgeous, but here, you just pulled up some land and called it a day; it would've been amazing to see an expansion of the monorail idea, or perhaps maybe playing around with rapids, Egyptian blocks, or other scenery pieces. Normally this wouldn't be a huge issue, but when they're so dominant in the park, they deserve some more attention to detail. I mean, it's a nice park, but there's very little to me that distinguishes it from something like, say, Bolt or Inferno, which aren't at the theming level a Disney park should be at. That being said, the tire tower was such a cool idea, and Mater's Junkyard Jamboree was executed pretty damn well. However, looking at the source material and at the team roster, I can't shake the feeling that it could be so much better.

    As far as our park goes, I do enjoy it. I feel that some areas could use a little more detail, like the portion of the town before the burning town, but I thought there were a lot of really cool ideas executed in this. The pirate ship is the best I've seen in RCT, and I loved Jack's sinking ship.

    I think that, if I could vote, I'd probably still go with Adventure Isle, because I feel like it executes its concept to a better level that Carsland does, in that it feels more Disney to me. I think maybe if there was more time available, Carsland could've reached the potential it has, but at the moment, it just hasn't hit it.
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    Another stong matchup. Not as strong as the first one, but still strong! Good job both teams.

    My second family against LLLL. Two teams I sympathise with. :)

    Cars Land
    This was very cool. I recognized a lot from the movie, you really adapted it well. The rides were fun, but not too interesting. I think you could've done more with this. What makes this park cool are the ideas. The darkride part is brilliant, and the scrap yard ride is great when you open it. Loved the stacked tires. The racing coaster doesn't race well, but I figured it out. You have to turn off the minimum waiting time for the red car. I did that and they dueled perfectly! The landscaping+foliage was fine, but nothing memorable. The architecture was very good. Overall good job!

    Adventure Isle
    I loved this. Nothing particular blew my mind, but overall it's just a really nice park. There's nice architecture, nice details, nice atmospheres, a lot of nice stuff. There should've been more rides, but what's there is good. I like how this park has quite some content to offer, but it's not as exhausting to view as Sea of Sagas or Zombieland. Easy to the eye. :) Might work better for normal parks rather than H2H parks, but you're against a LL park, and LL usually aren't that dense either, so you get away with it. Lastly, I'm glad to see that the Flying Germans can finish parks. The most finished FG park since H2H3. ;) Good job guys.

    I vote Flying Germans.

    As I said Cars Land was nice but it was not much. I think you would get further with a denser park. Quality is good but in H2H you need quantity as well. If you didn't rely on codex as much and built denser parks, you would get further in this contest. Only use codex where necessary, is my advice. Good luck on your next parks, LLLL!
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    will do a write up when possible...

    Vote goes to revollutionists
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    Don't really like either park...will review later

    I vote for Adventure Island - Flying Germans
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    Need to look in-game to decide my vote, off the overviews it could go either way...

    All I know for sure is this marks H2H history. By far the two most horribly weak named parks to ever face each other. Seriously, you should both lose :p
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    At least we don't have typos ;P
  • robbie92%s's Photo
    ^^Carsland is the real name, Darren, like, you know, Zombieland. Although I do agree that Adventure Isle is a bit generic.
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    Kumba, I don't think you can blame the RevoLLutionists for the Carsland name :p

    (whoops, Rob beat me)