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    Round Robin


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    "The Atlantean Ark"
    by Heaven's Kitchen (please use download link above) (RCT2)


    by the Reservoir Dogs (please use download link above) (RCT2)


    Voting Closed
    Reservoir Dogs beat Heaven's Kitchen

    The Atlantean Ark was made by chapelz, Liampie and Wicksteed. Frankenstein was made by K0NG and BelgianGuy.

    Heaven's Kitchen vote count: 4 (6,90%)
    Voters: RHCPepperfan, Ruben, Marino, rct2isboss

    Reservoir Dogs vote count: 54 (93,10%)
    Voters: tyandor, Fisch, trav, Ling, XCars, hulkpower25, wheres_walto, Gwazi, Kumba, Dr_Dude, 5dave, Brent, 111112oo, Cocoa, MCI, Arjan v l, MikaRCT2, RRP, turbin3, RCTER2, tdub96, BigB, SSSammy, disneylandian192, CoasterCreator9, Xtreme97, olddtfan51, Whitehawk, Jonny93, Dimi, Nokia, Fizzix, Corkscrewy, robbie92, BC(rct2), Casimir, pierrot, RMM, chorkiel, Brent, nin, Six Frags, Luketh, ivo, Sephiroth, Mr. Coaster, RCTMASTA, Milo, Baros, verti, Airtime, Shotguns?, CoolCody, posix

    How to vote
    - This season vote is by reply only.
    - Everyone but players belonging to either team in the match may vote.
    - We will check the topic frequently to update the vote counts.
    - Until your vote has been added to the count you may edit your post to change your vote.
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    Here we go!
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    Oh my fucking eyes
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    I hope K0NG didn't forget to adjust the brightness of his computer screen again.

    Will comment on both soon.
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    Both look really, really nice in their own ways.

    Full review and vote later.
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    Wow....... this is no contest, Atlantean is the just an opening act to Frankenstein. Talking about being devoured by the monster...

    Since nobody asked this yet and I'll take the bait for it: How the F*** did you all do that monochrome trick ?!?!?

    Still I have to agree with Trav though. Really need to wait for it to stop raining.

    My Vote: Frankenstein
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    breaking news: k0ng is Korean
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    1. Is it possible to construct a park as Frankenstein in roughly a month?
    2. Is the brightness changed?

    Will review the parks later..

    I'll just say the Reservoir Dogs took a huge risk :p
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    Damn, complete opposites in color here.
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    No names? Fuck I think we both know we had problems before and I can't say I like you all that much and same goes for your design. But to be fair...maybe there sometimes is a little jealousy in it? This is the most original thing I've seen in ages. I was actually saying to myself what the fuck and was quite in disbelief.

    (Sorry to say Heaven's Kitchen. I loved the part by the Swinging Ship. Aside of that it felt similarly monotone as ...'s color choices (be it brown or black :p). There just was too little standout stuff there. although I did like the park more than the ones from the second matchup.)

    Frankenstein was incredible though, quite possibly my favorite park of the round although I loved Zombieland. Will have to take another deeper look at Zombieland and this before the poll comes up though.

    Congrats guys,

    my vote goes to the Reservoir Dogs


    loving the objects, that lightning oh my god....
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    Atmospheric colourful ethereal dense island versus atmospheric desaturated dark dense mountain. Interesting.

    I think both parks are very nice. What a match...

    The black and white colour scheme is fucking genius, and it works so well! The park really feels like a movie from the 20's. The fact that the peeps are stuck in the castle does actually enhance this atmosphere, in my opinion. The graveyard is my favourite area; the raven sitting on the fence is the most effective detail I've ever seen I think. One object that makes the park. The castle itself was pretty cool, loved the electric stuff, but I can't help but feel that's it's the same old song again. I've seen it a thousand times before from the same guy who built this. Whether it be in parks or screens. Except for the colours, this thing felt cliche. But still, amazing atmosphere! Great job guys.

    I have not much to say about our park. I love the colours, and I love how our park delivers on both macro and micro scale. Big good looking buildings, but also small details to look for. :)
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    Before anyone starts commenting on the unfinished state of our team's park, as captain, I feel obligated to say that this is NOT the final save that we worked so hard on to meet the deadline. In our haste to submit on time, we accidentally put the wrong save into the zip.

    We realized the mistake almost immediately, contacted the other teams captain informing him of this...who in turn contacted the other two admins.

    Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to replace the file with the correct what you see, even though it's not what we worked so hard to produce, is what you get.

    We're in no way trying to make any excuses here or cry "foul". It was our mistake, and we realize this. We just want it to be clear that our guys did not use our extension just to end up with an unfinished park.

    We will also provide anyone interested the correct file once voting has taken place. Nothing on the file was touched after the deadline, so it's what you should be seeing here instead of a custom message that reads "8cars per Trainer terminated".

    EDIT: After reading a comment here, I'd also like to add that not a single object was placed nor a single section of track was laid prior to the completion of the H2H6 draft. Everything on this map, and all of our ensuing arsenal was created once our team became a "team".
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    K0NG, I can't open your park for some reason:[
    I'd love to vote, but I can't do so until I open it in game and give this a fair shot.

    Liam, your team's park looks fantastic in game. Although it seems like its something that I would have aimed to build two years ago when fantasy was my prevalent style. Definitely not a bad thing, but a bit risky these days it seems. The color selection was a bit strange, and having the pirate ship scenery there kindof ruined it a bit for me after seeing two previous parks this week with custom ships haha.
    Excellent job though!

    Will vote as soon as somebody is able to help me open the other park file:]
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    The black and white palette monochrome thing is just a modified water dat, as the colours in Rct are based around the water dats...

    This is a tough choice for me. The town area in the Reservoir Dogs park is amazing, possibly some of the best Rct I've seen in a long time, but the castle absolutely ruins it for me.

    And again in Heavens Kitchen, I prefer the smaller buildings and details but the huge structure takes a lot away from it.

    Vote to Reservoir Dogs though I think.
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    It's a custom water file, Ja227 did it in Salgalax or whatever it was called.
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    Both parks look amazing from the overviews! I WILL write more on my thoughts later but I have a question..

    May be this was my mistake but when I was viewing the Reservoir Dogs park in game I clicked on one of the astronaut entertainers, and went to where you choose the costumes and it gave me an error trapper and eventually my computer went to a blue screen and shut off... I couldn't even get back to my desktop, does anyone know whats up with that?
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    Welcome to the future, in color :p

    Potential Spoiler Alert, the following aerial overview image link exposes how Frankenstein looks when the water pallet is converted to "normal."

    Nice that you waited till the end to go black and white.
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    I really enjoyed both of the parks. There is a nice contrast between colors in each.

    Frankenstein: This park is really good. The thing I dislike most about it is that it's based off of the movie. Sure the movie is more theatrical but Mary Shelley did not have Victor Frankenstein living in a mansion nor did she have Igor in the text. It looks stunning, but I feel like its just a European village and castle with a Frankenstein stamp on it. With that said, I think it would have been better in color.
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    Both parks showed a huge amount of effort. The overall design was better in Frankenstein, and that layout was easily the best. But other than that, it was very empty. So many rides, but all for scenery. The idea behind it was brilliant as well. I've never been a huge fan of high fantasy, and the Ark didn't sell me. The color choice seemed weird, and the park felt empty somehow. The coaster design was strange, and the multi-dimension coaster was valleyed when I viewed it. TL;DR my vote goes to Reservoir Dogs.

    EDIT: Kumba's screen is actually even more impressive with the colors.