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    Round Robin


    Round 5 | Match 2

    Voting Closed
    (Voting duration: 120 hours)

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    "The Siege of Jerusalem"
    by the revoLLutionists (RCTLL)


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    "New Fantasyland"
    by The Replacements (RCT2)


    Voting Closed
    revoLLutionists beat The Replacements

    The Siege of Jerusalem was made by pierrot, Louis! and djbrcace1234. New Fantasyland was made by trav, Ruben and nin.

    revoLLutionists vote count: 23
    Voters: Six Frags, JJ, olddtfan51, MCI, Kumba, posix, Twitch, RCTMASTA, Ling, Goliath123, Miracle, Wanted, Wicksteed, Maverix, ScOtLaNdS_FiNeSt, Liampie, JJayMForce, 6000000flags, Shotguns?, FK+Coastermind, BelgianGuy, Dr_Dude, RMM

    The Replacements vote count: 11
    Voters: RRP, Casimir, Whitehawk, Marino, RHCPepperfan, FredD, Mr. Coaster, disneylhand, BigB, Xtreme97, Fizzix

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    - This season vote is by reply only. Only votes using the format as below will be counted.
    - Everyone but players belonging to either team in the match may vote.
    - We will check the topic frequently to update the vote counts.
    - Until your vote has been added to the count you may edit your post to change your vote.

    If you want to vote for the revoLLutionists, copy this code into a reply:
    [IMG][/IMG][b]I vote revoLLutionists[/b]
    If you want to vote for The Replacements, copy this code into a reply:
    [IMG][/IMG][b]I vote The Replacements[/b]
  • Liampie%s's Photo
    What a match!
  • trav%s's Photo
    Holy fuck
  • Wanted%s's Photo
    Weeeee downloading now

    Edit - Holy. :mantis: Two amazing parks! revoLLutionists - FINALLY. I WAS WAITING FOR AN AMAZING LL PARK AND HERE IT IS.

    Replacements - ______ , _______ , and _______ . Well done. Really fucking good.

    No idea who I'm gonna vote for. Gimme a few days :p
  • wheres_walto%s's Photo
    My exact words when scrolling down the overviews:

    "Holy fuck, that is COOL"

  • olddtfan51%s's Photo
    Finally a great LL park way to go. :mantis:
  • Fizzix%s's Photo
    That's it. I'm finding my LLLL disk tonight. Looks great Replacements and RevoLLutionists, great job.
  • Six Frags%s's Photo
    Wow, when I saw the overview and both themes I thought it would be a difficult vote, but man, "The Siege of Jerusalem" is the best LL H2H park ever imo. Even better than Erwindale Forest. I love all the theming and details in there. Some things are so easy but cleverly done, like the army.

    The overuse of those "1kruin" and "stone objects" completely ruined (no pun intended :p ) any atmosphere that you had going on in the Fantasyland park. There were bits of brilliance, such as the castle and the tudor houses on the right, but some slightly unfinished spots here and there and said overuse of those (not so good looking) objects made it quite an easy vote for me unfortunately..

    Posted ImageI vote revoLLutionists

    edit; Is The Siege of Jerusalem one of those "started before H2H6" kinda parks? I remember I saw some screens from a particular parkmaker resembling some of the stuff in this park..
  • Wanted%s's Photo

    "The Siege of Jerusalem" is the best LL H2H park ever imo. Even better than Erwindale Forest.

    WHOA WHOA WHOA! Let's not get ahead of ourselves here! Slime Merdian!
  • BC(rct2)%s's Photo
    WOW! New Fantasyland!
    Fantastic, unfortunately I can't vote cuz I don't have LL,
    but the two parks looks awesome!
  • Six Frags%s's Photo
    ^^Meh, I thought Erwindale still is better :p
    But yeah SM definitely is up there, just not really my cup of tea I guess..
  • JJ%s's Photo
    Posted ImageI vote revoLLutionists
  • olddtfan51%s's Photo
    After looking at the parks ingame it was a hard choice to make as much as I loved New Fantasyland. I just have to give my vote to the the revoLLutionists the concept and layout are that good the best LL Ive seen yet.

    Posted ImageI vote revoLLutionists
  • ScOtLaNdS_FiNeSt%s's Photo
    This looks awesome. Six frags i think i know what member you may be talking about of SK origin. Its not ... looks similar but im pretty sure its a different project.
  • Hex%s's Photo
    The siege couldn't have been better. Fantastic worth both teams! Can't vote, don't have LL. :(
  • MCI%s's Photo
    Loved both parks, but the LL park is just brilliant.
    Slightly better than the replacements park IMO.
    Posted ImageI vote revoLLutionists
  • Xtreme97%s's Photo
    The RevoLLutionists parks was excellent. So much atmosphere and loads of brilliant ideas.
    The Replacements park was also brilliant. Lots of awesome ideas and I loved the Little Mermaid ride. Although there were a fair few too many 1k ruined blocks.
  • Six Frags%s's Photo
    So if my calculations are correct and like posix said in the standings topic, the relative voting percentage is used (voting averages per match, right?), the RevoLLutionists advance with around 70% of the votes?
    Quite an interesting situation..
  • RRP%s's Photo
    Posted ImageI vote The Replacements

    For the simple reason that 40% of The Siege of Jerusalem (outside of the themepark) made no sense to me.
    Both parks were good quality parks and while parts of New Fantasyland felt like it needed a few final touches it had more quality themepark to it. See first point.
  • Kumba%s's Photo
    ^ Then your just an idiot...

    Posted ImageI vote revoLLutionists

    Some of the best themeing ever in RCT. WOW :OMG: