Park / Kim Jong-Il's Present To His People Park


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    Great work finishing one of the best ideas of the past season. This would definitely have contended with the Dogs' Atlantis Resort. Why did the dive machine theming get changed though?
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    It's amazing that you have so much passion for the game that you finished this probably not even a month after the season was over. Amazing work I love your changes and as I said before I'm glad you redid the dive machine as well.

    I wish the season would've went differently for us but oh well...hopefully we'll be able to see lots and lots of new releases by you in the coming year! :) :)

    Be proud of your work Jonny!
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    Although some parts are bit scattered and chaotic, you guys should be proud of the effort you put in. Whoever thought out North korea themed park? This is pure genius and most unique theme park in NE history. congrats.
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    Nice ,i allready liked the park from the h2h, but to see it finished ,is very nice indeed.
    Congrats Jonny93, well done. :)
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    Very well done glad to see it finished. I like the changes you made to the Dive Machine. I really think this would have won. I hope some of the other creators follow your lead and finish there unfinished parks. :party: :mantis:
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    Yeah, this had so much potential already when it was released unfinished, so I'm very glad you took the time to finish this Jonny. In my opinion you, together with PC, are the best and most exiting "newcomers" out of H2H6. Your style seems to be both detailed (with lots of deco pole usage) and atmospheric, which is very hard to achieve and creates a wonderful composition where I can stare at for hours and hours :p

    Anyway, I too hope more people will finish their unfinished H2H6 parks, as there were more which showed potential.
    Looking forward to your next park Jonny, as you seem to improving so rapidly it's scary. You're like a new 5dave with more determination. Good job.
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    This park was a lot of fun. The readme was the first thing I opened, and it's tour was really helpful. Explained lots of things and made me laugh a bit. I wasnt around during H2H so I did'nt get all the info on this.

    The whole theme was a brilliant idea. It sort of reminded me when I played rct when I was 8 or so and would plop a "Do not enter" sign in front of the entrance and suddenly I was a dictator :p DPRK's whimsical falsities make an great idea for a park.

    The best part of the entrance was the security tower, you could almost imagine the park shooting anyone leaving the place unhappy and saying it was just a jealous westerner. The archy in here is all nice, seems like a place where you'd see those massive military parades.
    The kill USA part was just an lol fest. Silly North Korea. Was that a stage where you can sit and be stared at by a giant Kim mural? Thats awesome...
    Kremlin didn't feel like the Kremlin. That might be because I was looking into Fiats and eating a pizza while I was viewing this, built felt Italian.
    Space area was cool, sure to help train the citizens of Korea for future space expeditions.
    The birth of ride didnt make a lot of sense to me? Was he born in a mountain and brought in under rainbows?
    I LOVED the B&M dive machine. For a compactish Diver it was the perfect size and layout I think. Really good work on it's theming to.
    Really cool park. I'd have given it a 70%. Hope to see some more H2H6 parks get finished to there full capacity.
    Congrats Johnny, Ivo and Fisch!
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    don't mistake the Kremlin for Basil's Cathedral be fair I did too while this was being built :p
    But I think it looks a whole lot like the Kremlin:

    Posted Image
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    Amazing and outstanding work for all you guys
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    Finishing an H2H park after the season is probably one of the most respectable things there are in NE culture.
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    this park was just so amazingly fun. hilarious, creative, very well done. The archy was brilliant, the ideas were very well executed, and, well, i can't say it enough, fun. There were some little issues here and there, and overall lacking in coasters and rides generally, but it's a H2H park, so what can you say. The idea of visiting different communist nations is wonderful, the fire and explosions using foliage was wonderful. Very well done to all, and as Posix said, MAJOR props for finishing something from h2h, let alone how good this is.

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    great work finishing this jonny! love the new additions. a solid park indeed and well worthy of the replacements
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    Guys, I lóve that this park is finished. One of the most enjoyable parks ever in my opinion. I am still very glad I could follow the processes this park has gone through. As Cocoa already said: Well worthy of the replacements, and hail Kim Jong i.... Err.... Fisch-Jon-Ivo.
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    I think this park is one of the relatively view parks I reviewed this H2H. My thoughts remain the same: great concept, with cool ideas. Still love the exhibition. However, I think you could've done more with the unfinished areas. I've got the feeling you didn't do your best just to get it finished. Still a deserved silver. :) Congratulations Jonny and Ivo. And Fisch a little.
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    Makes me inspired to finish Vampyre and Southport.

    I think it still could have been made better and grabbed the gold, but it's still amazing work and you should be proud to finish it :)
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    Makes me inspired to finish Vampyre

    Please do. :batman:

    (No really, the stuff that's in it so far is sick. It déserves finishing.)
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    Thanks a lot for the comments guys! I am glad that you like the finished park and i hope it inspires some people to finish their unfinished H2H parks.
    @6000000flags: I changed the theming of the dive machine, because i dont know how to continue fisch's work on this. I was very idealess by the name "Downfall of South Korea", so i decided to realise this theming.
    @Fisch: Thanks for this nice words. The park would be nothing without your great coasters and ivo's great ideas.
    @pierrot: The idea was from ivo. He was the creative head of this in H2H. Great that you liked the park and the idea.
    @Arjan: I am glad you liked the park.
    @Six Frags: Nice to hear from you, that you enjoyed the park and that you see me as a good newcomer.
    @Austin: Always nice to hear that you much fun with this park.
    @posix: I think the parks deserve a good end. I can't see so much potential unfinished. I hope you enjoyed the park.
    @FK+Coastermind: Great you had fun during the visit.
    @Cocoa: Fantastic that you see this replacement worty.
    @Ruben: Fisch-Jon-Ivo.... haha. Glad you enjoyed the park.
    @Liam: I agree with you. I could have done more but i was a bit impatient with the process so i finished it quickly to close this chapter.
    @Louis: Please finish this parks. I love Southport and Vampyre. This would be just great.

    I am glad that i finished this park. I think its a good to end H2H6 with this for myself. For me it was a great season. I was part of a great team, the replacements. It was fantastic to build with so many great players and i think we produced some awesome parks this season. Thanks to nin, 5dave, fr3ak, dimi, cocoa, fisch, that guy, trav, ivo and ruben for the great season.

    Greets Jonny93
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    Makes me inspired to finish Vampyre and Southport.

    Contact me if you're really ready for Southport. I've got the latest version.

    Finish Vampyre. Theoretically it could be done in a few hours. Do it.
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    Sorry I am a little late on this, but I just downloaded the park and it looks awesome. All of it looks very nice. I especially love the Dive Machine. Keep up the good work.