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  • iris%s's Photo
    Remember the "good old days"?
    When NE Designs were called Weekly Designs and they really were released every week?
    Well, we've brought all your old favorites back.
    -NeViS' Kraken
    -NeViS' SpitFire
    -RRP's Son of Beast, Slyvol, Great American Screamer
    -Harakiri's Spider-Man
    -mp3mystro's Ornsomi Mountain Trading Co.
    -roomraider's Swamp Fox
    -NessyROS' Volcanic Advent
    -IOAGuy's Trailblazer

    All can be downloaded once again in the Designs area of the site, with their classic logos and everything.
    Go check em out, it's pretty nostalgic, and a great download for those who weren't around when these things were released.
    Also, a new NE Design by Posix is coming very soon.
  • bokti%s's Photo
    Spider-Man was the best.
  • posix%s's Photo
    I was just going to ask Mantis for them ;)
    I love to see them back.
    Reminds me of the time when I was new to NE and that's a good thing.
    I also love that the each coaster got it's own menu with a screen and some nice text.

    Thanks to iris
  • x-sector%s's Photo
    Great to see them back.

    Nevis Kraken is perfect and spiderman was great as well.
  • Themeparkmaster%s's Photo
    Nice to see them back but updates with new designs would be prefered...

    Also I think you should have a new section for the runner-ups because alot of great parks get lost once the update slips of the main page. The legends and block buster contest entrys should also be available in the contest section.
  • Ablaze%s's Photo
    Its good to see them, but would be so much better if kept the new ones coming in being updated regularly.
  • Scarface%s's Photo
    ^maybe new ones aren't gettin sent in all the time

    anyway i like the update and i used to love all these rides, theres some great ones !!

    I agree with TPM about the hidden parks !!