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  • hulkpower25%s's Photo
    this park would had been a spotlight if finished.
  • Arjan v l%s's Photo
    Another unfinished release by an experienced player.
    Seems to become a trend. :|
  • Liampie%s's Photo
    I don't think could've been a spotlight, but it's definitely a Silver with Gold potential. It's your best work, the hyper coaster looks really good. Well integrated.
  • Shotguns?%s's Photo
    I'd say high gold quality myself, but I'm being a bit hypocritical now because i havent dl'd the park yet.
  • Ling%s's Photo

    Another unfinished release by an experienced player.
    Seems to become a trend. :|

    This has been a trend for over a decade.
  • Corkscrewy%s's Photo
    He's got a pretty good reason tho if you ask me.

    Man oh man this thing looks sexy. Ill check it out after work for sure. This is probably one of my most anticipated releases this year. And that includes the state its in now.

  • Phatage%s's Photo
    I don't look at these unfinished releases a lot but I'm glad I did with this one. A shame it won't be finished because that B&M megacoaster is one of the best RCT ride's I've seen in a long time: it combines a great blend of newer B&M mega elements with tactful pacing, it's location in the park/interaction with surroundings is very convincing that it was built recently in an already established section of the park (something not done enough when people build for realism) and yet is very well integrated into the park as CF would do, and there's great attention to detail of the ride including its supports, station, and queue. That turnaround is just awesome, definitely taking ques from real rides while still being unique, distinctive, and a good turnaround solution for the ride at that place in the park.

    The Prowler coaster could've used a bit more height on the lifthill to give it more power, but I really liked the layout itself and how it took the idea of the real ride and adapted it to this park. I didn't think the rocket coaster was necessary in this park both because of the Maverick and that it just seemed to be too many big rides for a park of that size, so if you do decide to one day work on this I suggest you get rid of it and devote that part of the park to something more family oriented. But besides that, overall park sizing, spacing, and layout was spot on and I really like how you used the large trees to separate the section of the Maverick coaster from the area with the (very nicely done) boomerang.

    Besides the rocket coaster, biggest dislike about the park was that the Batman's first corkscrew went the wrong way! This really annoyed me with SFSF too, it's definitely possible to make it work with the correct facing corkscrew and it makes the ride so much better when the two corkscrews are going in opposite directions!
  • Jhull97%s's Photo
    Very nice, too bad it wasn't finished. It had a ton of potential!
  • Goliath123%s's Photo
    I thought the mega could of been much better. i would of like to of seen it go beyond the park barriers with more airtime hills and a larger lift. Each to their own
  • Brunooo%s's Photo
    Maybe a dumb question, but the object JAGIGLT is missing. I know i have to put it in the object data map but where can i find that map?
  • Corkscrewy%s's Photo
    In the file you downloaded there shouldve been two files intahat folder. The actual park. And than that object that u need. Just copy that one and paste it in your objdata folder.

  • Austin55%s's Photo
    I'm obviously a bit late Mav, but this is some reallllly great work, it's got a different feel than the stereotypical realistic style, it's more fun somehow, and the ideas and just general layout of the park (#DATHYPER) are just really cool. I know you can finsish designs as you are one of the most effiecient design makers of today, but I'd love to see a solo like this finished. Really really liked this.
  • Maverix%s's Photo

    I'd love to see a solo like this finished. Really really liked this.

  • Louis!%s's Photo
    Me and mav are working on finishing this ;)
  • Maverix%s's Photo
    I though we were going to be subtle but ok Louis :lol:
  • Austin55%s's Photo
    Well in that case, I do hope you update some things, as the archy, for example, is a bit outdated.
  • Louis!%s's Photo
    Haha yeah mav but I'm excited :p
  • Maverix%s's Photo
    Then either get to work on it or approve Nyoka :p
  • JJ%s's Photo
    How could you Mav? Louis sucks! <3