Park / Hard Rock Park Belgium


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    I thought this was awesome. There were some brilliant coasters and the bungee ride (Trigger Finger) was a fantastic idea.
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    What a fantastic christmas present!
    The Park was so amazing. For me this is the best release in a while. I loved the whole package.
    The architecture was superb. Especially the color scheme and the detail level was brilliant.
    The choice of coasters and attraction was pretty awesome too. High on a wire was great, i never saw a caripro suspended model in this game. Also the lift of channel zero impressed me.
    All in all, a great park! Congratz to gold!
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    I was a huge fan of the entrance area, it's very flowing and beautifully done.
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    What a fantastic present from Belgium! I'm really glad to see released work from these three players to, because they are all very good, and some don't release work very often.

    First thing I gotta say is, what a Fantastic parking lot. I know that sounds silly, but I love the context it provides, and the general detail of the employee and bus lots was pretty awesome.
    The Architecture was beautiful throughout the park, especially I liked the blue buildings besides the entrance to Suds and Soda, I just felt like I'd never seen anything in that style and color. The Industrial buildings were also really awesome, and you kept them interesting. It all felt very euro. The other things, like the giant guitar, were also good at keeping the theme in check.

    All the rides felt very ambitious and different, mostly because of hacks, but also because of different types of rides. A custom giovanolla hyper? I cant remember ever seeing one of those. I can only think of one spaghetti bowl, and it was crap. High on a wire was such a perfect name to, loved it. Not just the coasters either, channel zero was really cool (although that drop was a bit overzealous) and the way it whirlpooled down was really cool. And then the flat rides to.

    The concert stage was sick, I notice BG's band is the custom scenery piece and that made me smile :)/> (BTW, BG, how's that going? I still love a lot of the songs you sent me a while ago) Ya'll also pulled of all the import little details like naming staff and whatnot.

    All in all, very good park. I kinda wish there was more, it was just one big loop, but still very nice! easy gold in my book, I really look forward to seeing more work from all of you.


    Edit-Just saw the smoking, broken down car. +10 points.
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    One of the best parks I've seen in a while! Worth downloading
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    i can`t open it, because every time i do that i get an Error Trapper
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    RMM, wtf?
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    What a fantastic little park! I really enjoy releases like this. Nothing too expansive, but just so much atmosphere and charm in such a little area. The coasters, in my opinion, were all fantastic. I especially love the GIB. Those look so awesome when done correctly. The entrance area, as mentioned above, was also fantastic. I could totally see myself hanging out by one of those planters while anxiously watching Suds and Soda do its thing along the parking lot. Excellent work, guys. More parks like these, please!
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    Same here benny boy.
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    A very nice Belgian style realistic park. :elf:
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    Very Nice I love the custom rides and the overall feel of the park great detail as well. :mantis:/>
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    extracrt it to the desktop then open it
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    Congratulations on the gold.

    Since this was my first park to vote on ,i'll tell you i had a hard time voting.
    I'm also glad that my first vote was very close to the majority of the voters, because i didn't want to get a shitfight with my first vote. :p

    About the park, i liked it ,maybe not my favourite theme ,but nonetheless a very nice achievement.
    The ride high on a wire was a real blast ,although i don't really like hacked rides always ,because it always requires some form of imagination to enjoy it.
    It's hard to make a hacked ride look 'clean' ,i guess. Different trackpieces are a little bit of an eyesore, but i know it can't be done otherwise in rct ,so respect that you pulled it of. Same goes for the other hacked rides.

    Suds and soda just wasn't really my thing ,i do admire the difficult work on the supports ,but the ride itself didn't mean much to me ,sorry.

    Humo's rock rally was insane ,i just love that ride ,so cool. The entrance building also was a knock out ,just beautifull. It's probably the best piece of architecture in the park i.m.o.

    I was wondering though ,that if Rex broke down ,then how are the peeps supposed to get down from the mcbr ,since there where no stairs. Same goes for Suds and soda i guess.

    That huge stage...just loved it. That guitar also ,nice touch.
    That broken down car on the freeway... lol.

    Overall a nice park and it definately deserved a gold.

    I enjoyed it. :)

    Maybe it was on purpose ,but damn... all that puke. 8@ .... :D

    Good work guys.

    Can't wait to see what's in store next time.
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    stil not working
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    look at the overview then
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    The file is really strange, yesterday i had no problems to open it, but today i get everytime an error trapper.
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    Thanks for the nice comments. We have been struggling with this mysterious error trapper that nobody could fix or explain for more than a year. It suddenly disappeared for all of us, which allowed us to finally release the park, but we were afraid that it would still cause problems for some people. Unfortunately we have no idea how to avoid it.
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    RMM, wtf?

    Am I the only one that laughed at this? haha

    I'll check this out when I get back to my place from christmas break.
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    I just checked it out in game.

    Awesome job you guys!
    I really loved this work. The foliage was great, architecture was amazing. And that stage was really creative!
    Overall this thing was very creative. Really cool ride lineup.

    I didn't really like REX though. It was very well done but it was just rather boring looking I guess. Also, from the screens I really thought/hoped that it would've been bigger. I think if this was released a year ago the score would've been much higher. And if it were bigger it could've made a close call to spotlight, I think.