Park / [NEDC2 #3] The Cult of Santis Clausim


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    From the screens, very enjoyable, Louis![!]

    Argh I'm so mad I don't have LL right now. This kind of claustrophobic building needs to viewed in game to be fully appreciated :/

    Also, digging the logo, nin. It definitely adds a nice feel :)
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    Haha... and you didn't expect to win, congrats Louis!
    I'll have to do with the overview for now.
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    *rings the bell*

    This was fantastic. I really enjoyed exploring it and there were tons of great details. The use of maze dirt to make caves is something I've wanted to do for a while now, and you've used it to full effect here. The use of peeps and all the unique ride ideas make this a fun little entry and well deserving of bronze. It is small map but the unique theme and all the "little things" make up for it.
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    I urge EVERYONE to grab a copy of LL to open this, the map DOESN'T do it justice. If you don't see it in game you are missing out on all the little things, finding all the Brothers of the Cult, the hidden caves at the back and the peeps jumping to their death!

    I think the most enjoyable part of building this was naming all the Brothers of the Cult, I seriously need to have that list next to me so I can address our members with their Brethren names on the forums :lol:

    Oh and the write-up is the best write-up NE has ever seen, move over Robbie, ][22 is in town! Seriously, read it!
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    This design was really good. Especially the suicide tower was so brilliant. I laughed so much, when i opened the park. Overall these little things. Well done Louis!
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    The quality for design is there 100%, and I loved it. I do think it's quite small for a design entry though, which probably accounts for the relatively low score.
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    Hepta - Cheers, and yeh, nin did a great job with the logo :)

    Arjan - Yeah I didnt expect to win as it's only 20x25 or something like that :p you need to get LL at some point!

    Milo - Glad you loved it so much. And glad you found your character amusing haha! The dirt on top of the caves was the result of sending it to Pierrot, he showed me the idea, so simple and effective.

    Jonny - Glad you liked the peeps jumping to their death! It was a bitch to do, but it still didn't turn out perfect, they fall in slow motion rather than jumping freefall lol oh well

    Ling - I agree with what you've said, and agree that that is why it's just scraped design.

    Now c'mon guys! Where's all my damn comments!!!
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    Haha, you still want more...

    I'll buy LL btw.
    It's a promise i made if i didn't win the contest, so i'll look into it. ;)
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    I really liked this. The coaster was good, the architecture was (mostly) good, loved the caves and all the staff, sleigh ride was cool although it felt like an afterthought, and the leap of faith thing was brilliant. It should've been a little bigger, it was too cramped in places. But yeah, still 70%. Congratulations on #3, and yet another design.
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    I'm still #1! Yeahhhhhhh!
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    ^^ Enjoy it for a while... :p
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    You slipped there for a while. Was still #1 with my last point-counting release being over 18 months ago.


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    I definitely think this could have made for a higher-quality release with a bigger map. I understand the limited timescale probably played a big role in that, but I feel like there was some wasted potential.
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    ^It was always intended to be a tiny map, it just wasn't meant to win design :p

    I finished in plenty of time and could have gone bigger, but I wanted the small map size really, mainly because I had planned to build the exact same thing in RCT2 and offer the opportunity to view the same park in 2 games. That being said, it is a concept I would quite like to revisit on a larger scale, H2H size maybe.
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    oof, there's a reason no one uses those metal fences :p

    not too bad, a little crowded and not as aesthetically pleasing as I think LL should be. but still some lovely bits, especially the towers with the medieval huts sticking out.
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    Those caves were awesome. I did not know that could be done in LL, quite clever codex work there! I also really liked the coaster layout, leap of faith and the custom flat. AND it was peep friendly LL. I hope that trend continues.

    Still, this was a micro when it did not need to be, so I must agree with Liam's entry winning and also maybe Dimi's being higher, tho I have not seen it in-game yet. The overall look was really a mess imo. It was such a cluster of castles, trees, dirt, cottages, ice and dive machine. Overall I think your score was a little low and I could have gone 70 on this. But hey, you got like your 25th NE Design out of it, so cheers!
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    Louis only got 3rd? I guess you didn't pay off the panelists enough this time.
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    I still love this so much. It's so full of fun.