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    The Ghost Cell Crisis


    Cajamarca 1532


    WEEK 8 parks are due on SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2005.
    WEEK 9 parks are due on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 2005
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    IIICons Park: :0
    Vehemences Park: :0

    Well so much for that match-up of the year thing.
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    ^ Seriously. This is one hell of a match-up.
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    For the record, you MUST LOOK at both parks.


    Because the MVP race suddenly got a lot hotter.
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    I think if you go by overview the IIIcons have it. Yet go in game and I think the IIIcons archy was sloppy. Also the coaster was heela fast at parts and then crawled at other parts. I don't know the IIIcons park just isn't my thing. Its a great concept though.
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    I can't get the Vehemences park to work, it isn't an sv6 in the file?

    The IIIcons park, even unfinished in places, is one hell of an example of how to carry off a great idea to a tee. The spiral steps are my favorite, and I still can't quite tell the relative heights of all the different bits... Once again, though, let down for me by a sloppy coaster. The colours didn't fit, and parts just seemed a little unnecessary to me...

    I'm not going to vote until I see the other park, if anyone has it as a sv6 could they send it to me?
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    Vehemence is RCT 1 :lol:
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    Umm its a LL park so you can try all you want trying to open it in RCT2 but I promise you it aint gonna work.
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    Holy shite what a matchup! :0
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    damn, you said it ED
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    your right, chapel; at first glance, the iiicons seem to have this one locked up. but after i checked out both parks in game, i realized this is one of the sickest match-ups ever. and thats not something that mr. sierra glen just throws around.

    i'm not deciding yet, but shit, i wanna know who made these.
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    Haha, now I feel stupid. Sorry guys. I guess i'm not voting in this one, which is a shame...
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    oh the irony
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    I think if you go by overview the IIIcons have it. Yet go in game and I think the IIIcons archy was sloppy. Also the coaster was heela fast at parts and then crawled at other parts. I don't know the IIIcons park just isn't my thing. Its a great concept though.

    yeah, whoever made that coaster has to work on his pacing skills. seriously.
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    I actually think that was intentional. There's sort of a storyline behind this which would explain it, but I guess was never written down. Suffice to say, I think the coaster is quite good in its own way, but that's just my opinion.
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    I personally love the coaster. It really works for me, all leading up to the immense speed towards the end. Wow, this was amazing. I'm about to check out the LL park.

    Metro B)
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    Tightest round so far.

    The IIIcons entry was, in my opinion, pulled off superbly. I can't imagine the work that must have gone in to create that. The pacing of the coaster was a little off, but i couldn't care less. The whole atmosphere was amazing and i think whoever made this, deserves the 'most patient person award' 'cos that was a hell of a lot of work and time in that. Plus it came with some Toon's objects that i have not seen before... so thanks! :p

    The Vehemences park was more than stunning. I looked at the screens and thought the IIIcons park would easily win. But no, this park had too many rides to count and the acrhy must have took just as much time than the other entry. Two coasters that use the same track, awesome... The loop was terrific, and the top-hats were also. I have never seen hacking like this in RCT1 before... Shtunning... :)

    If there was an option for both parks to get a vote- i would pick that.... but, i picked IIIcons entry because i sympathise with the person who had to get all them land-scenery-pieces all the way up there...

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    Just because a coaster's pacing varies doesn't mean that the coasters pacing is bad, in fact if done correctly it will beat the hell out of most of the coasters made by people today that try to stay fast the entire course without any variation, when really the best coasters in real life are those that mix it up and surprise you. Phenomenon was fantastically pulled off and fit the sky island theme perfectly. The variation with the architecture fit the rides pacing and even if it is my team I believe that we pulled off a hell of a map.

    I liked the LL map also, the duelers were interesting and well executed and there were nice ideas all around. The architecture was good yet I think overdone and repetitive, and even though I null voted because my team was involved I'd say that the repetitiveness in the ll map was what brought it down, but as said before one hell of a matchup. Its great we didn't have to waste such a good park on something shitty.
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    I so so wanted to vote for the IIcons. after seeing the overview and then the park itself i was convinced they would get my vote. But the Vehemences just stole my vote at the last moment.
    Both coasters were awesome and the boat.

    So so close... infact i even now possibly regret the vote... lol .... maybe not...
    i dunno. both AMAZING parks.. .well done guys
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    Just so you guys know our park was based on the encounter between Pizarro and Atahuallpa where he was captured by the Spaniards.

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