Park / DARK STAR : O)))peration

Park_2639 DARK STAR : O)))peration


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    Simply just so special. Thank you pierrot.
  • leonidas%s's Photo
    That is just awe-inspiring! You are genius. fact.
    You're like a virtuoso pianist, playing with notes to create something out of this world, literally.

    Pierrot, if you're reading this:
    I'm guessing you'll like these screens aswell:
    These are RCT3 spacecraft creations by ZeroG (look up his name, you'll like his work, I'm sure)
    Screens edited by me.
  • pierrot%s's Photo
    ^ I've already seen loads of ZeroG's work, he's a truly ingenious man..

    thanks btw, it means a lot to me :)
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    I wish I had LL to open this. You take LL to a whole new level.