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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here had a park saved on their computer called Shiloh Town. It was made by vtd and myself. I haven't played rollercoaster tycoon in ages and I just reinstalled it on my computer and wanted to see my old work, so if anyone has it, if you could reply that would be great.
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    Shiloh Town
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    heh, i viewed the park just 20 minutes ago. it's so lovely. great work.
    you wouldn't possibly consider becoming active again, jesse, would you?
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    Whoa, it's Jesse! How's it going and welcome back! :D
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    I think you made Posix's day. And mine to a certain degree.
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    Well hey thanks for the warm welcome and the hook up with the park, guys. I probably won't get back into RCT, cause I only have RCT 1 and the expansion packs, and I'm too strapped for cash to buy 2 or 3, so this is mostly just for nostalgia. Thanks for the comments though.
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    Just play the first one. Not enough people do anymore. :D
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    I only have RCT 1 and the expansion packs, and I'm too strapped for cash to buy 2 or 3

    You say that as if it is a bad thing.
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    ^yeah really.

    I agree you can get by here just fine playing LL. Just look at the MoLLsters (h2h3 team) if you don't believe me.

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    hey actually guys I'm having some problems with this. My RCT says it can't load the file because it has invalid data, what do I do? Thanks for any help, I don't really remember much about RCT.
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    You're probably missing the drexler patch

    Drexler Patch
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    good call man, thanks I appreciate it.
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    if there are still problems left after that, i'm your man.
    ll will always live on.
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    Okay one last question for you helpful people. Where can I download one of those huge blank mega parks with tons of money? Thanks.
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    Ask Posix :D
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    Ah I'm an idiot. Okay I found it, thanks. That thread is really helpful posix, thanks.
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    Wow man welcome back. I remember you from back in the day. Shiloh Town was the shit....and then werent you working on some Babylon park? If not...then Im thinkin of someone else.