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    We have two new runner-ups, from the Audrix Towers round. Both are group parks from two of the biggest groups at New Element...the RCTMasters and RCTInnovention. Lots of parkmakers involved in the making of these two parks...ToonTowner highlighting the group, but also areas from KaiBueno, Mike Robbins, RWAdams, Mickbw51, Kumba, and penguinBOB.
    Lots of great theming, lots of amazing coasters (JagerMeister anyone??), and two very solid, quality parks.
    Great job to all those who contributed, and thanks a bundle to mantis who wrote the write-ups for both parks.

    Acorn Springs by RCTM
    Iron Wood Valley by RCTI
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    Very nice Runner-Up. :D
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    Acorn Spings was very nice. So was Ironwood Valley.
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    They both look the same.
    I havent spotted anything original either....

    Both nice though.
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    both were sooo nice.

    Acorn springs looked exactly like Myths, Legends and Folklore. It looked like Mike did the whole thing. The Thistlewoods Srpings area didn't really fit in with the rest. All the other areas in that park blended in so nicely, it was if it was all one area.

    Iron Wood Valley, was smaller. But I enjoyed it alot. Maybe even more than Acorn Springs.

    The styles in that park were so neat. As the Crow Flies was an outstanding coaster. :)
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    Oh god...

    Please correct it to "Innovation".


    I'll reply in the morning...
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    ^ :lol: I don't even think it's a club park.. it's just Kumba and Pbob.. depends on definition of club park, I guess.

    Good job to both runner ups.. both well deserved with long histories.
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    I've had those since the beginning of the month, thanks to them being uploaded and me being bored. They were nice, IWV was a letdown, cause I was expecting better stuff from what I saw in the screens. Acorn was nice, but too little was going on. I dunno. Not like I could do any better...
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    IWV I saw hella long time ago, but I shall comment on Acorn Springs.

    It was nice, but my major (and most damning!!!) criticism is such. I kind of dislike the willingness to build a coaster, use the terrain tool, and then put huge amounts of trees under a coaster and call it "theming". I mean, this is something I expect from Mike (trees and water) as "theming", but from Kai and Toon? Toon, who made Gila and Maude Flander's Praiseland? He is partially absolved due to the beautiful castle, but still a large majority of the coaster was "treed". And the guy who made Forge? Just building a coaster then putting up some trees and being done for theming. I mean, the invert was really the only properly themed ride. Suspicious.

    Of course, I understand that was what you were going for, I just don't have to like it. I also understand that age had an effect.

    The park does have good points of course. Toon's giga was extremely well designed, and since I'm fiddling with them myself I really appreciate it. The castle was great. In fact, most of the large architecture was good for the amount of custom scenery used. A bit blocky, but ya.

    I'm also starting to suspect that the programmers included the pansy flower path lamp with kai in mind. Kai...your section was very kaiish. After looking at toon's area, I saw the purple and was like wtf. Then I just reminded myself that it was kai and things seemed to be okay. The area reminded me a lot of Aquazone, which was nice. The entrance fountain was cute. And the mouser, heh.

    The woodies...I hated the one with the interlocking loops, liked moderately the other one. Both were boringly woodedly themed.

    Overall, ya. Good jorb. Especially a map that big.

    IWV note: too brown! But the flyer is still really outstanding.
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    The coasters at Acorn Springs were brutal. Except for Dragonfly, which was pure genius, and the brown twister in front, which was nice. Toon's giga was so fast I was almost cringing for the riders of that thing.

    EDIT: I hate to be a spoiler, but the big dark brown wooden coaster in Acorn Springs? Name starts with a G? There is a pre-made wooden coaster that comes with RCT2 named Great White Wail. The first part of the ride is basically identical. :'(

    Iron Wood Valley was very nice, I can picture walking through there. Props to Kumba for the flying coaster and turning only 80 feet height into 4000 feet length.
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    Now.. Never release RCT1 park runner-ups?
    If OZONE still active at NE.. RCT1 parks still release...

    Very good RCT2

    A.Springs: looks good but I think many empty area(path)
    Amall archtecture and other things is very looks good


    Iron Wood: I like this style.. and color, detail and Coasters All things is good!
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    Both are great! but Ironwood is a little more greater :rolleyes:
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    I'm so happy. I never though this day would come... :D :p Anyways, here are a few notes about IWV.

    I built the flyer, made supports for about a fourt the ride and themed about an eigth of it, Kumba did the rest (minus the station).

    I did about a third of the layout of Little Valley.

    Kumba finnished half of the park in 2 to 4 days (don't remember), and then was like "here, you can do yours," and considering how slow I build, I was stuck. Also I quit playing RCT for 2 to 3 months too, so that's why it's a bit mixed up on that side.

    I think about 3/4 of all of Crows corner is mine.

    The giant entrance is mine.

    Anything else is Kumba's... Also, I think this project was Kumba's turning point from a little above average to really good. He learned a lot from me, and I learned some from him too.

    I'll comment about Acorn Springs later today.
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    ^ :lol:  I don't even think it's a club park.. it's just Kumba and Pbob.. depends on definition of club park, I guess.

    Good job to both runner ups.. both well deserved with long histories.

    The requirements of a club park has been defined for years now (at least 2) as a park built by at least 2 members of the same club, for the club, while in the club (Hollywood Hills by Mick, Mike Robbins and I, or Testudo/VooDew5's Appalachia (or Musica) are not qualifying examples, as they were constructed when at least 1 of the participants wasn't in the club, and without the intention of representing the club).

    Early examples of 2 person club parks include RCTM's Saffron Woods (Gazza and Lumpy101), the infamous Gobon City (Dantheman and Gazza), all the way up to the recent MLF (Mick and Mike Robbins), Klamath Lake (RCTNW and I), etc...

    IWV, like the John Williams' park before it, is merely RCTI's most recent examples of the minimum numbers required for collaboration, started back 2 years ago by RCTM.

    I should know, I've been doing this club thing for almost 2.5 years now...

    Thanks for the comments on Acorn so far, and during lunch I'll post review IWV...thanks also for deeming Acorn Springs a NE Runner-up...I'll reply more on that later as well...

    Kai :huey:

    Note: all parks listed above (except RCTI's) are available at
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    :birthday: Its released! about time ;)

    Acorn Springs

    the Good - What i liked best in this park was the archy, it was all very realistic and detailed, and thats my fav combo. :) all the buildings were nice i liked Kai's and RWs the best.

    the Bad - Other then the archy i was not crazy about this park, i did not think much of any of the coasters, they were all ok, but just could have been better even without themeing. the trees were overdone imo, adding water mite have helpt in this case. i know thats a lot but amusment parks are not really my thing.....


    Its true that i did most of this park, but when BOB did build he produced some really good stuff. and i did do "my half" of the park on a weekend if i remember right? i did end up re-doing a good bit tho... i think you can still see my old stlye on that half with all the brown, i decided not to change that coz thats who i was when i did it, and i dont regret my "old stlye", however i have learnd from it since.

    I hope you guys like the park, it is my first runner up i did not rush, and it has alot of detail, some of my favroite things in the park are: the Carnval games, BOBs Flyer, Witch Hunt, As the crow flies, twisted valley and main street. Also i must say i was disaponted iris did not do the review, but since he used AP's awsome logo i'll call it even ;) but dont get me wrong Mantis did a great job :) All & all im suprised this park came out the way it did, as i have alreddy said Amusment parks are not my thing, so i was really suprised to see how well this park came out, however dont count on seeing anymore amusement parks from me.

    And i cant forget... a big thank you to P_BOB for all his work on this park, it mite not have made runner up without you BOB :)

    I hope you all can leave some comments, i will be happy to ansur any questions.

    I must say its always fun geting parks posted here, i cant wait for another.......*sends Iris a park.....* ;)
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    I enjoyed reviewing both of these parks. They had their plusses and their minuses, but I have to say having looked at both for quite a while they got more and more rewarding - sometimes it takes a while for parks to grow on me, and these did.

    Well done both groups - thoroughly deserved.

    Now...spotlights, spotlights.
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    Shouls of used my logo!

    Posted Image

    I don't have RCT to look at the parks, but I remeber the screens, both were pleseant, no more, no less.
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    I don't have the rct2 disc working yet, but both parks looked great. I remember testing IWV a while back and it was quite nice too. Acorn Springs looks good too, RCTM looks to be in great form as usual. Congrats to both clubs. You deserved it.

    btw--The Acorn Springs logo is kick-ass.
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    It's good to see that the clubs are active enough to releasing parks like this and all but both parks seemed very out-of-date. Although that isn't nessisarly bad in some ways I think it really hurt portions of these two.

    *Acorn Valley- I didn't really like it. I mean the park didn't have the atmosphere of Virginia Creek Theme Park and it didn't have the skill of Myths, Legends and Folklore. Something here just didn't push the correct button. Mike Robbens has shown improvement in his basic parkmaking skills and has found a decent balance between standard skill and atmosphere craft. It's nice. RWAdems did a great job with his architecture too. Kai's area was the only really unique one (saddly) and contained my personal favorite coaster, Dragonfly. Toon did an okay job previewing the future of rct but that was about all. The coaster JagerMaster was damn good too. Overall though I didn't really like the park. 6.5/10

    *Iron Wood Valley- Quite a bit better than the other IMO but that is really thanks to PenguinBob. Kumba's portions weren't anything that got me excited. The archetecture was pre-revolution Kumba and pretty bad for the most part. It was PenguinBob's archetecture on the Main Street that really makes me like this park more than Acorn Springs. One of the main things I love about this park is the midway games that were scattered very nicely throughout the park, adding a powerful touch of realism. I liked the coaster group here better too. The Crucible was an excellent flyer with decent pacing and some very cool elements, As the Crow Flys was a middle-sized out and back that was very well exicuted and had excellent pacing. Finally there was Twisted Valley which to me loses out as the best coaster here because of a strange trick-track hill. I can't see B&M every doing anything like that, sorry Kumba. Witch Hunt was my overall favorite ride though. The theming, hacks and style surrounding it were all top-class. Nice. 7.5/10 overall. PenguinBob is the hero here though, I love main street.

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    Main street is Kumba's.

    It pays to read the read me.

    But I do like the title of hero :angel: .

    Anyways. I loved the architecture on Acorn. Very cool. But the weird thing is that I didn't like Kai's section hardly at all (a first). The buildings were to short, the coasters were too unconventional and such. Almost all of the coasters were a let down, save Toonie's Giga. Very awsome, prolly one of my favorite coasters at the moment. To all of you who think it's too fast, go ride Mellinium Force, dammit. The faster the better.

    So anyways, I'll be looking at Acorn for architectural elements for inspiration, nothing more, nothing less.