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    Thanks to the prep team for preparing this release, I know making those maps must be a real pain in the ass. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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    I enjoyed watching the rides, but the architecture is waaay too repetitive. All walls and roofs were the same and a lot of buildings don't really have a purpose. That's a shame. 

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    The Arrow and Flume were my favourites. The woodie was decent but I felt that the station was too big in comparison to the rest of the park. There were some repetition issues but it didn't take away from a lot of the fun present in the park.


    Definite bronze; 55% from me.

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    This is nice. I liked the simplicity of the architecture and it had a friendly atmosphere. I loved the woodie too. There was just too much track as roofs and boring textures in my opinion though. However, it does deserve a bronze.

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    Some good technical skill in the architecture, but echoing my concerns from the Reddit competition thread, the park layout is lackluster and the main coaster is much too large for a park of this scale. Also the park itself is quite small. 55% from me.

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    I quite liked this park, it felt very atmospherical! I loved the flume and the Arrow (and the interaction between them), and the giant woodie. But I got to agree with Faas that the archy is a bit repetitive. The station of the woodie is also a little bit too overdone.


    But I really liked this and gave this a good score.

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    congrats on your first accolade coasterbill!

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    You did better than I expected! Congratulations!
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    I'm getting a little too lenient on judging i feel. 

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    i liked this

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    Thanks everyone, I'm thrilled to finally have an accolade. I've been a member for over 10 years but haven't released anything until recently because I never thought I'd be good enough to win anything (or even build anything that's respectable). 


    Thanks to everyone for viewing and commenting on the park both here and on Reddit and thanks again to the prep team for putting everything together. I know it's not perfect but I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.

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    I really enjoyed the woodie, I liked the simple but beautiful layout. There was a lot more detail in the park than I originally thought and I appreciated the time it took to put them in - the log flume sign, the roofs, the custom rides, etc.


    Good work! Congrats on the accolade!

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    I really, really like this. Congrats Bill!

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    Thanks guys. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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    Congrats on the accolade dude.  I took a look a few days ago and what really stuck out to me was the constant use of trackitecture roofs.  It looks good once in a while, but be careful with how much you use it.  Otherwise, solid job.  Loved that flume sign.

  • 57.50%(required: 50%)  Bronze
    Percentage of vote: 57.5%
    5dave 70%
    FredD 70%
    AvanineCommuter 60%
    Maverix 60%
    shogo 60%
    inthemanual 55%
    Ling 55%
    MCI 50%
    Poke 50%
    Faas 45%
  • Description

    Whispering Pines is a small family park appealing to all ages with a long, storied history in the community. This year the park has made the unprecedented step of adding a new Intamin wood coaster named Thor's Revenge that has finally put the park on the map for theme park enthusiasts and thrill junkies.

    The park's owners were inspired by similar investments from other small parks like Michigan's Adventure who similarly used a major wood coaster to take their park to the next level. The new coaster was a risky investment for such a small park but it's paid off well as the park has seen record attendance figures since the ride opened.

    Despite this exciting new addition, the park has not forgotten it's roots and has experienced overwhelming success as a result.

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