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  • iris%s's Photo
    Congratulations once again to RRP for winning the spotlight with his incredible Busch Gardens Lichfield park.
    Now it's time to give props to the people who almost made it, and there are two parks in particular that really, REALLY almost made it, to the point where I had to twice stop my logo maker from making logos (meaning I had told him to for the spotlight). Congrats to aero21 for his best park ever, Coaster Ed for his one park a year, gymkid dude/adamrct for an amazing debut for RCTUltimate, and Roboparks for yet another Runner Up lol.

    Disneyland Mid-America by aero21 <---"Mega Runner Up"

    egypTopia by Coaster Ed

    Paradise Falls by gymkid dude & adamrct

    Pinewood Grove Resort by Roberto Roboparks
  • gymkid dude%s's Photo

    Congrats to all the runner ups, and thanks Adam for earning this with me.
  • rhcpraiders%s's Photo
    all these parks were great and a joy to look at!

    aero- Im glad you chose not to include the penis shaped spire on King Tritons castle :lol:
  • Pawn%s's Photo
    Wow. Aero should have won, but the goddamned Disney prefix stopped him from winning. In my opinion, it didn't have an overly Disney feel to it, soI guess he might have gotten away without it. But whatever. The other runners-up were fantastic, but there was something lacking from them, although I can't quite place it.
  • Radu%s's Photo
    That sucks that Mid-America didn't make spotlight just because people didn't like the fact that five parks already had "Disney" in the name. Don't judge a park by it's name. That park is extremely well done and, arguably, the most Disney-esq fantasy park yet.

    But, if it did make spotlight there would be even more posts in the forum complaining that 6 parks justifies "too over-used".
  • GigaForce%s's Photo

    egyptiopia....didnt have anything that surprised me...i dunno...maybe it was the pyramids by the lake that i hated...

    Pinewood Grove....overtreed but nice architecture. Coasters were kinda simple. Map 1 better then 2. Map 2 Coasters underthemed. Shuttle on Map 1's station big and bulky.

    Paradise Falls --- Full review now you can stop nagging me Gymkid

    Coasters - VERY WELL DONE especially Kahuna and Surfrider. I loved all the coasters in this park.

    Architecture - There were places with good architecture (Pier, Kahuna, Viper) and some places with dull architecture (Surfrider). Its the architecture that is this parks downside.

    Theming - Themeing was very good. The pier was amazingly well done and the area around Kahuna was too. This is one of the best Tropical Parks i have seen in a very long time.

    Overall Look - This park had a very cool overall look with its brightness and cool coasters. The lake adds a reall nice air to the park too. Zooming in shows its true beauty in themeing and coasters...but its lack of truely great architecture.

    Rating - 8.7....nice park but it was the architecture in some places that really killed it. Great job on coasters!

    Disneyland Mid - America --- Glad to see the unique Aero style to my made my list! The Coasters were very nice and it had a great disney feel. The themeing was fantastic and great Aero Style emerged. The Tree selection gotr to me cuz the trees were somewhat repetitive...ill give this park a solid 8.9.

    The second map was great...the king Tritons castle and Tower of terror were very well done. After me not liking Cinescape...i now wanna see more from you Aero...nice job!

  • Scarface%s's Photo
    Thanx for the comments so far

    It was our debut and im happy with the final result

    Ill edit in my comments on other parks when i download them.

    And gigaforce, i take responsibility for the poor architecture in hawaii, it is hard to get that hawaiian feel but i gave it my best shot.
    I can't believe u liked the archy in kahuna, that was my earlier work.

    My fave area was calypso piers and amazon breezes, they had some of my best work in

    adamrct ;)
  • spiderman%s's Photo

    All 4 hiddens were very excellent and very well executed IMO.
    Pinewood Grove- Nice, a classic "Robo" park, some good coasters, like the stand-up
    egypTopia- Well, this one absolutely stunned me, very good, nice, nice, and more nice!
    Paradise Falls- Good job to you two for making an excellent park, I really liked the intamin top hat coaster
    Disney Mid-America- So good all I can say is that there should've been a tie for spotlight.

  • PyroPenguin%s's Photo
    Disney's Mid-America: Definatly feel that the name should have nothing to do with spotlight choice, if its Disney so be... they happen to be one of the most challenging companies to pull off and aero did an excellent job. If the name was all that held it back, thats just wrong; but in my mind Lichfield was the better park. Though aero did an excellent job recreating the difficult Disney theme I fell the architecture sort of lacked throughout the whole park. Overall though it comes off as a great and very unique (all aero parks are) park that was just barely beaten out by Lichfield.

    Egyptopia: I loved this park for the most part. Sandstorm rally is simply amazing, one of the best rides released recently. Great atmosphere (particuraly on the lake with the pyrmaid) and architecture. My only complaint is the coasters get a little cluttered at times.

    Paradie Falls: Some good coasters, but overall nothing really pulled me in to look at it that much. The theming was pretty repetative and buildings didnt stand out very much.

    The Pinegrove Resort: Map 1 was a great realistic style park with some nice coasters. I didnt care for map 2 because it offered very little and was overly treed, which kinda sends the message it was rushed.
  • Dirk Pitt%s's Photo
    Coaster Ed,
    :OMG: WOW!! I LOVED the rally ride! It amazing nobody had that idea. This ride was so perfect WOW!!!
  • gymkid dude%s's Photo
    Thanks for all the comments. Has anyone in depth looked at Toucan Peaks at Paradise Falls, the rapids ride, not many people know all the surprises it holds. Even possibly remove all base land and vert faces to better see...
  • TXCoasterGuy1%s's Photo
    wow it goes like this

    1. Egyptopia: one word, sand storm rally, man that was awesome!! you also had lots of other good coasters, cept i didnt like the woodie that much. great theming, great ideas!!

    2. DMA: hmmm well it was very good, but i dont like aero that much

    3. Pinewood- good park lol......

    4. paradise falls- very butterfingery, well more like his earlier parks, very bright, and shitload of stuff. it is a little repeptetive but it still looks nice.
  • natelox%s's Photo
    haven't looked at em yet, but about the disney issue.

    good job iris, thinking members first (but the responses here have shown there is no winning). Personally, i thought Lichfield was better than DMA, DMA was to dark for a disney park. If this anti-disney mentality keeps up, my chances at another spotlight drop drastically ;)
  • aero21%s's Photo
    I really don't see why there is a Disney controversy. Everyone has thier own vision of what "Disney" is. When i was building DMA i read up on a lot of Imagineering material. They themselves are usually at odds about what is "Disney". It could be dark and foreboading (Alien Encounter, Haunted Mansion) or it could be light hearted and fun (Toon Town, Buzz Lightyear), maybe mechanical and futuristic (Space Mountain, Monorails). The thing is, Disney is all about over the top imagination. The limits pre-BEAST were enough to make these parks impossible, take a look at the first Disney style parks to come out and look at what we have now. Its not so much "we all have to build one", it's now "we CAN actually build one". You may not like my interpritation of Disney, that really doesn't matter to me, Look at where we've come and then look at the park. When i look at a park i see the things that we couldn't do a year ago and wonder where it will go from there.

    Iris- It's an honor to have "mega runner up" attached to my park, Litchfield was great. It's just to bad that a name had to get in the way.

    TX coasterguy 1 - Hope it's just the park you don't like ???

  • iris%s's Photo
    Yes, it really shouldn't have anything to do with it. But really, I was in a "damned if I do, damned if I don't" situation. If I did make DMA the spotlight, I'd be hearing all the same bullshit I heard when DDI & DD were released, that any Disney park can win spotlight. And your park did deserve the title, and I really tried to make it as clear as I could in the Runner-Up page.

    Also, I just felt that it was something that needed to be done. Disneyland Mid-America would have won the spotlight this round even though I wanted to break the Disney chain, until Lichfield was submitted. I then sorta felt like, "well this is the way to break it", as I felt that I had another park that could hold the spotlight crown without really much dispute. I mean, nobody really had a problem with Lichfield being spotlight, but imagine how tough it'd be to choose between those two parks. It was probably the hardest decision I've had to make with the spotlight, *maybe* other then the Snow Drop/LOTV/Oceania week where any of the three could have won spotlight, and I opted for a change of style. Which is what I opted for here.

    I guess I'm saying variety is the only way to really keep the spotlight fresh. If all the parks start becoming Disney, they will start to have less and less originality from the next park. Lichfield was completely original, and has things that you won't find in any other park.

    Both parks are in my top 10 on The List (Lich is ranked a lil higher then DMA, so I DO feel a little justified in picking Lichfield to win spotlight). Really, against almost any other spotlight (barring a few exceptions), DMA would still have been crowned spotlight, Disney controversy or not.
  • Coaster Ed%s's Photo
    Well I should view the other parks a bit more before I comment on them. I hope people enjoyed egypTopia, I'm glad to have it released. I really didn't mean to make it Sandstorm Rally with a park built around it, but I suppose that was the best idea I had so it does outshine everything else. None of the coasters impress me all that much (with the possible exception of the Sheik), what I really worked hard on was developing unique architecture ideas and surrounding everything with natural theming. Some sections were kinda rushed (nile delta, cleopatra's palace) but if you really look closely at the buildings I think you should appreciate what I was trying to do. I've commented before that I thought most rct buildings are boring. Well there's always some effect lost between the genesis of the idea and the construction of it onscreen but this is closer to the building style that I'd like to see more of. Look at some JHolland and Schuessler parks for more examples of this architecture style.

    With this park and my section in Chateau Lake, I've concluded all work in RCT. It's a bit of a shame to leave it behind really, I'm really comfortable working with RCT and for now RCT2 still feels awkward to me. But like everyone else I will be moving on to hopefully bigger and better things. C'est la vie so they say.

    More on the other parks to come...
  • DragonInferno%s's Photo
    So far I've only got a chance to look at Disney's Mid-America and I defianently spotlight material, but I actually have to say I liked Bush Gardens Lichfield better. Disney's Mid America was very good though, 1 of my favorite parks.

    Disney's Mid-America rating: 8.5

    ~Dragon :t2: ~
  • Blind Guardian%s's Photo
    Wow - awesome runner-ups this time! Some were even better than the spotlight ;)

    Disney's Mid-America - Great! Definitely the best aeroian park yet. I loved the unique (or at least improved) theming ideas in this park like the whole Jules Vernes-section (?), the submarine and the custom tree (;)) in the swamps. But I disliked some of the coasters like Storm Rider, Alladdin's Flight and Owl's Barn Blaster - they didn't really fit in a disney park. (I won't say that there were too much coasters :p). And the missing roofs for the darkrides were a bit disturbing. Yes, I was too lazy to build them for myself ;)

    EgypTopia - You know what I think about this park, Ed :)

    Pinwood Groves - Another beautiful park from Robo. Although the style begins to bore me, this was one of the better parks of yours. I liked the Duellers (maybe they were a bit too short) and the NeVis-hyper (one of the coolest, if not the best of this style IMO). Map1 was a lot better than the second one.

    Paradise Falls - Cool park. "Pipeline - Xtreme Honululu Surf" was insane (the inversion in the wave was cool), and Aquagen had a cool layout (although the first inline twist was too slow). A bit colorful, but nice park.

    No particular order btw.

  • Roberto Roboparks%s's Photo
    Thanks for the comments on my park. I haven't looked at the parks yet (darn school) but I would like to comment on Iris' comments on my park. Firstly, the duelers aren't Corkscrewed inspired, Corky actually build them. Secondly, the layout of the hyper is Nevis, the supports are done by RRP.

  • jhoffa%s's Photo
    Adam and Gymkid - Stop hijacking the topic.

    DMA - I never liked any of Aero's parks, for some reason. And I also don't like the overly realistic Disney parks (no coasters)

    Paradise Falls - Well... I honestly didn't like it, except for the surf thing. My pet peeve would be Laguna Kahuna's colours...

    Pinewood Groves - A Robo park with more hacks than usual. Moving on. Just kidding, I think it's a great park, only downside would be the fact that the inverts look waaaaayy too much like the ones in that other park (I really can't remember the name).

    EgypTopia - Definately my favorite park in the bunch. The rally ride was great, but didn't steal the show. The luge was excellent as well. The Sheik was a little too slow towards the end.