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    This park is charming, but there are some things that could have been better.  For instance the buildings were a little too simple (but very nice none the less).  Also the crane is a great idea I just don't think its placed right.  By-far my favorite thing in the park was the building near the first drop of Iconoclast.  The use of the western bank is perfect and it looks very nice. All around its a good park and I'm seeing a lot of potential.  Keep up the good work!  60%

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    its just a bit unrefined. like I'm not really sure what the theme is- architecture is sort of random and a bit sloppy. there's some nice bits here and there but overall you need to pull all the elements together into one cohesive package.

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    I agree, it's not on par with a lot of the rest of the material I see on this site. I'm still learning, of course, and I haven't yet tried my hand at trainer use/8cars. I think utilizing those tools will improve my parks.


    Just wanted to share something I made that happened to almost win a competition over on Reddit. Thanks for your tips, because that's what I'm looking for!

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    It'll require time, patience, effort to improve, but it's possible if you stick with it. There's some amazing things you can accomplish with rct! Keep on building!

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    Heeyyy, another Canuck! Montreal representing here - you?

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    Nice park, looking forward to more,interesting name for sure. 

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    I enjoyed this quite a bit, especially big Kahuna. You have a ton of potential.

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