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    Been waiting for this release for a loooong time now, lol. Glad everyone finally gets to see it and that we got to make a lot of updates along the way to make this into a very solid park, even if it is on a small map.


    One thing I want to ask, please take your time viewing the park. There are a lot of details you might not catch on a first viewing. Some things are easy to figure out and some could take a little time to get. To fully experience the park it may take a few views in-game.


    Enjoy and go Hurricanes! :kumbasgreen:

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    Very ironic that a park called 'Logos' doesn't have a logo of its own. :p I also echo Kumba's comment above, take your time before voting. This is not a park that should be rushed into an accolade score. (goes for all parks, of course)
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    Man, so cool to have this finally released! I'm glad I don't have to vote for this park, it's going to be a doozy to come to a decision. I've had some time to look around this park a few times and each time it blows my mind. So much creativity and ingenuity packed into one little park!!! Great job guys, I'll enjoy browsing the finished product!


    EDIT: The more I look at this park, it seems like Spotlight material to me. Below G-Force compared it to DAW, but Scientifica seems to be in a category of it's own, it has old roots, but lives up to the age of modern hacking. I doubt we'll see anything compare to this park, in this construction style, ever!

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    Truly and incredible and unique park, unlike possibly anything we have ever seen.  Personal highlights are the Chemistry sign, Cavern Climb wall, and Black Hole Coaster.  Not sure if its a spotlight park though, its slightly bigger than DAW yes but I think that park is still above this.  Definitely a Gold though, personally an 85% for me.  I'll do a video review on Friday.


    Definitely your best non-Kumba work Darren, truly something special from you and Xcoaster that shows a lasting determination and dedication that is really commendable in an era where people drop parks after a few months of inactivity.  Looking forward to more releases from you and maybe Xcoaster as well?

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    I love parks like this. I've already spent a ton of time looking at it and I'm sure I've only scratched the surface so far.


    Some of my favorite things

    - The Genome and Body Voyage areas (I love the red blood cells and the head on top of a DNA strand)
    - Black hole just because nobody would think to merge that

    - Intersticial: Into the Atom

    - International Fun Station is adorable

    - The minigolf roof

    - Robo-Coaster was pulled off beautifully. Seriously I can't believe how clean that looks. Great work.

    - ifly is really cool and the clouds are a great idea


    All of these things plus all of the classic Kumba easter-eggs make this a great park. I love it!

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    Omg I absolutely love this park! One of my all time favorites, up there with DAW and La Reve in my opinion. So many amazing ideas that I've been looking at this park for some time and see something new every few minutes.
    Some of my favorites:
    Black Hole (Awesome coaster)
    Tree of life ( love all the different animals)
    Body Voyage ( What a great idea. Pulled off great!)
    Periodic table ( loved how you put samples next to the abbreviations)
    Jet pack demo
    Just the overall park is absolutely lovely 90% for me.
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    Never thought to put random tracked rides in berserk mode... seems to be a common theme in this park. Really overwhelming in terms of how successfully everything worked and just how much there is to look at. 

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    wow that is a fucking packed park. Amazing that its finally here! 10 years is amazing.


    There's a lot to see, a ton of really fun details, and most of it keeps to the realms of scientific accuracy (as much as a theme park ride can do) which makes me happy. I guess I'll just list some stuff I liked...


    The light splitting prism, the ISS playground (holy crap I would love to visit an interactive replica of the ISS...) the underground part of earth with the climbing wall, tons of really good custom flat rides. Some bits were a bit 'uglier' (the biology section) but they were so packed full of cool stuff and details that it sort of worked. My favorite section was probably Earth, astronomy was also up there, and whatever the middle section with the music was too. Lots of cool stuff all around. Great work, I'm sure I'll be checking it out again soon to see more things!


    ps. Black holes don't really 'suck' like a vacuum, they just have gravity like any other thing (they're just really dense). :p

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    This park is amazing and feels very much alife!


    There's tons of little scenes to dicover, it's impossible to see them at first glance. I've spent about 20 minutes looking for the Einstein-peep, and in the meantime I've noticed bridge building experiments, Stephen Hawking with wheelchair, the mythbusters AND a reference to Epic Rap Battles of History!


    The architecure is at some places a bit messy. This can work kinda distracting, but forces the viewer of the park to look at it from different angles, and that's a plus since the viewer will discover a new vignet at every turn. Also lot's of original ideas like the mini golf roof! Love the look of it!


    Too much to talk about, too much good stuff. Great work, and definitely one of my favorites!

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    Great park. Some awesome ideas and little things. Makes this feel like a Where's Waldo game which is awesome. The coaster layouts weren't all good, but that is not the point of this park I think. The theming was awesome. 

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    I'm glad this finally got released.  Lots of thanks to Kumba for wrapping this up.  Most of my work was done during the first few years from when we started it for H2H4, and Kumba has been doing most of the work and prodding in the past 7 years or so to actually finish it.


    It would be interesting to show some of the evolution of this park over the years, as much of it has been rebuilt and improved a few times over.  About the only things that didn't go through a significant rebuild are the coasters and some of the larger structures.  Heck, we even changed the name twice (it was originally Scientifica, but because of H2H anonymity rules we changed it the awkward sounding Logos, and it recently changed back again).

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    This park is truly amazing. So many things to discover. Yeah it's a bit overloaded due to its size, maybe it's a little distracting.


    Things I liked most:


    Black Hole coaster is super cool.

    Periodic table with each element exposed.

    Jet Pack test.

    The "stalls" of the scientists around the lake.


    All in all, it's a classic Kumba park. Messy to the top but filled with so many little things and hacks and stuff. Congrats on finishing it in that long time!

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    I dont know why, but I cant open the park.

    "File contains invalid data". It´s a shame, I was really looking forward to see it ingame! :/

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    I dont know why, but I cant open the park.

    "File contains invalid data". It´s a shame, I was really looking forward to see it ingame! :/

    You're probably missing a few of the rides. If you open it in parkdat, it will show you "ERROR" for any Rides you're missing. Download & install them. It should work. 

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    Thanks for all the feedback guys. It has been wonderful working on this park with Ryan for all these years. I looked at my park files last night and have a version from every year expect 2011 (I had more amazing things in the work that year, Son of Kumba!)


    Science is possibly the best theme to use to create an enjoyable park that appeals to all people. Science can impress everyone, people can relate to it as it really surrounds us at all times. 


    BSG - Thanks, glad it's already growing on you. I agree that another park like it is not too likely. It spans a lot of time and changed a lot along the way. About 20% of what was built in 2006 is still in the park and me and Xcoaster both really had to mix it up to fit this theme.


    Russ - Logos vs. DAW would be a hell of a match-up, tho idk if it can top Disney, but it almost was going to be a straight-up Disney Science park, but Ryan just did Shadowlands and wanted some freedom from the Disney Mafia.


    Bill - I am glad you liked Body Voyage. Me and Ryan hated it! It was impossible to pull-off under Genome and imo we it had the weakest execution off all the rides in the park, but the ideas were very good. It had a fucking sperm race!


    Bubbsy - Nice to know it is drawing you in, that's what we really wanted. Thanks for the feedback.


    Navalin - Thanks, I have done that for a while with berserk mode, even in DRC.


    Cocoa - The ISS playground was the last thing I did. Probably should have used that theme for the whole playground area, but to do it right it would have needed tiny detail objects we didn't have on the map and I wanted to pay homage to the old Moonwalk Bouncer from 2006. I know black holes don't actually 'suck' just most people think that and we also aimed to impress idiots with popular false science :p


    Jappy - ERB has a little more than a reference, had the whole starting setting from the battle there, lol.


    Faas - All the coaster layouts are old and limited by area space. It was never meant to be a realistic park and transfer sections were added to each later. Still, cool science stuff makes them cool... not Light Ray as much, it was supposed to be the best thing in the park, but we could never get it there.


    Tolsimir  - idk, for a 70x70 park with this much in it, I think in most parts we avoided it being too cramped, expect maybe in the physics area. Someone recently said it was like it was an NE Spotlight that was dropped into a trash compactor :lol:


    MCI - Sorry you cannot open it. Most people can, which makes me think it's your RCT2. Maybe re-install? I don't think it was an object issue if you got an invalid data message.


    Pretty busy this weekend, but in the next few days I'll release a version of Logos from 2006-2015. We removed enough stuff to make this park like the 128x128 contender it should have been.


    Thanks again for all the feedback and thanks to Liam for the prep!

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    Magnificent release. I think you managed to touch on just about every branch of science in a 70^2 map, and that's impressive on its own....but the amount of details really puts it over the top. Steven Hawking in his wheelchair, billion year old is a joy to explore. Great park, one of my favorites of the year for sure

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    Great to see this finally released. Good job guys.

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    Every time I think to have seen everything, I find another lovely detail. What an amazing park! Only thing that bothers me is the formula next to the centrifuge :p

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    ^haha, I didn't see this! I must admit it is my fault :D