Park / Dynamite Dunes


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    Really cool submission, great colors and theming.  Quality is definitely there for a Bronze in my opinion, would be awesome to see a full size park like this.  Favorite thing was definitely the diagonal queue cover for the Top Spin and the Flying Dutchman area.

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    Deleted Dynamite Blaster? 0/10
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    No muffin recipe references? 0/10

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    Really nice work! Great use of the Egyptian scenery, especially the pyramid by the park entrance with that excavated entrance! I agree with ][ntamin that it's a bit of a shame you removed Dynamite Blaster, but I can see the reason why and the replacement is nicely done. The Vekoma flyer seems just a little bit cramped but within the context of scenario play it's not much of a problem really. Overall a fine reinterpretation of one of the most loved original RCT scenarios, and another triumph for NCSO.

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    this was some high quality ncso with some great ideas and great atmosphere (eg the go kart canvas rooves). really fun all around and a great use of the scenario. cool shit.

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    Yeah, pretty good stuff with some good ideas! Great coasters too. I'll never get why people do this on scenario benches though... The quality drop off at the park border is awful and obnoxious. I also didn't like that you had cacti in a park with a primarily Egyptian theme. That's a no-no.

    Very enjoyable overall. 50%