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    I love that sinking steamboat ! Great park !

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    Somehow this reminds me of Barony Bridge a bit but beautiful!

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    Awesome park, can't wait to take another look at it, especially the modified version.

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    Really a fantastic bit of work.

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    This is outstanding.

    Caiman, the Rapids and Gater are all great and the interaction between them is awesome. I'm loving the boats and everything fits together incredibly well. Great stuff! It's rare that there's a rapids ride where I feel the urge to watch a full circuit, but this one is incredibly fun.

    PS: How would that transfer track work? ® lol
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    Yay, cheers admins :)

    ^Its not a sliding track, its a piece of track that merges onto the main one like how train lines do (got that from timberwolf at wof)
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    Oh, I didn't notice until I cleared scenery... carry on then. lol

    See people, this is why you ask how the transfer track would work.
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    The use of custom scenery was quite tastefully done and in no way detracted from the NCSO-feel (nin-like). Really loved this Cocoa, probably silver.

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    I knew this was coco as soon as I saw it on reddit.

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    Btw its a design submission
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    This might be my favorite work of your's so far, everything is pretty much perfect.  Not really sure I can find anything that's really wrong with it, perhaps the coaster was a bit short, but with the space you had its understandable.


    Love it.

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    Highlight here is the atmosphere for sure. The dense theming with rickety architecture, overgrown foliage and swamy colours is exceptional.


    I wasn't very keen on the coaster... layout just seemed to loosely wiggle around without logic or standout elements, instead it felt like just a collection of the same small drops and turns strung together. The dense scenery and interactions lifted it slightly but I'd still rather see a solid layout after all that is peeled away.

    Supporting rides were cool, the shuttle coaster slotted into that space well and the rapids was really fun to watch disappear in and out of everything.


    Overall I liked this a lot - some of the most immersive ncso theming I've seen but didn't think it was design worthy because of the weak layout... sorry :(


    btw that half-sunken steam boat is so good.

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    A solid release here. I wish the surroundings on the main land were a bit stronger, but it's understandable why they weren't. This is still a design for me. Really enjoyed the layout actually and the interaction with the rapids was great. Also really liked how both stations were kind like in the same station? Very cool and not something I've ever seen I think.

    I don't know if you did it on purpose, but it's "Gator" not "Gater." :p Unless you were REALLY committing to the theme, I guess. Or maybe there was a Kumba entertaining nearby that I missed?

    Overall, a solid release. Gets an 85 from me.
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    Wow this scraped in a lot lower than i expected :p ill take it anyway
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    Pretty crazy range of votes for this one. A well deserved design though. I liked how you touched it up  and expanded on it after the reddit contest.

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    Really? A lot lower than you expected?


    I think around the 70 mark is correct.


    It is by no means the worst design or a design that just scrapes through, but it is certainly not up there with the best designs we've seen.


    Its nice, its very atmospheric, its very pretty ncso, but its small, the layout isn't any particularly amazing and it had a messy, chaotic, scenario park feel to it, that came from the contest restrictions.


    Well done on getting design, definitely deserved, but certainly don't be disappointed score-wise.

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    While the layout on this wasn't top tier, I still saw this coming in a lot higher, maybe low 80's. The scenery and atmosphere you created was certainly worth that in my eyes. 


    Regardless, this is well deserved. Congrats again!

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    Wow... I guess I just don't see what you guys all see in this :/


    Well done on design anyway! Hope you're not offended by my low vote.. generally I love your work.

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