Park / NE's Spaß Welt


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    It was a lot of fun working on this. I'm definitely pretty happy with what we came up with in such a limited amount of time.


    ... still love that oLoumpia Louping layout. lol

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    This is a really adorable park. I love these smaller parks with lots of charm.


    Illuminati/Typhoon and Olympia are both really well made, possibly the best attempt at both that I've seen. The children's area is very nice. I really like the scenic railroad and the interaction with queues and rides around the park - reminds me of Cedar Point. The GCI is a little awkwardly positioned, but the layout works out and is actually quite nice.


    The park is a little light on outdoor seating areas, and I think it could have benefited from a few picnic spots here and there. The log flume's splashdown is a bit short for the huge last drop, and the GCI's station is a little bit different from the rest of the stations in the park (maybe more simple; I can't quite put my finger on it), but none of these things really killed the park for me in any way.


    All in all, excellent work - and very enjoyable to look at. 70%

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    If you thought 15 minute park would never get a rating try this one on for size

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    Still great to see multiplayer having such a positive impact on the site. This one was definitely a great idea planning-wise and proved to not only me, but the community, that the first one wasn't just a one trick pony.

    Can't wait to check this out, hopefully I can get it in before the voting closes!
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    I think that the concept proved workable, but with such limited pre-planning and so many builders few of the areas mesh well with each other.  I think the park is notable more for the methods than the result.  

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    ^^ You should have no problem getting a vote in. With so many panelists building on the park I think it'll take quite awhile for this to get a score.
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    This ended up being very nice! It's not the best park conceptually, and it's rough around all of the edges, but it's still a very varied and atmospheric park. Coasters are all enjoyable, the pond area is beautiful, and there are plenty of other rides that are actually quite unique and interesting. For a three day effort, I think we did very well.


    Bronze seems fitting, but I can also see it as a low silver. 60% from me!

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    Will get to voting on this soon, just been swamped the past couple weeks.

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    I put the final nail in the coffin.


    Fun little park for a 3 day build. It had the full range of gold, silver and bronze quality portions. Some of the archy was a bit underwhelming, but other portions were great. Loved the Doom building and the log ride station. Always great to see some quirky layouts too. Good job guys! These smaller group parks seem like a wise endeavor since they actually get finished. :p

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    Good score, pretty much exactly where I think it should be.


    Shares should all be returned.

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    1% of a gold park, 11% of a silver park. I'm moving up the ladder ;)

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    Love the name!

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    That's definitely the right score. Love my little Louper, perfect park setting for it. Well done guys, job achieved!

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    Yeah, definitely a score I agree with. I was really torn between 65% and 70% for this one.

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    1% of a gold park, 11% of a silver park. I'm moving up the ladder ;)



    111% of a Bronze next?

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    Yes. And then 1111% of a nothing