Park / [NEDC4 5/15] - Arevik


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    Wow Fred this is amazing. Great theme and little details throughout. My favorite so far man.

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    Just bringing my comments over from voting:

    Holy architecture FredD!! Easily the best thing in the park, the idea behind the setting is exactly what you want and the interior (viking I'm assuming) village was architecturally brilliant. Not sure I quite agree with grey mulch path, but the dark brick was inspired, and the minimal dirt pathing was well done. I do think the use of road lines kind of killed it though, there's no way a village like this with areas of farming would be that clean in their use of pathing. It needed grit and blending, not clean separation. This is like 80+ pushing 90 word Fred, please do more.

    What kind of brought this down for me was some of the design choices you made. Specifically, the wall-following queue line, the existence of Angam as a ride, and the mountainscape + pathing. I strongly disagree with the queue line you used for the coaster, it really did not need to be done in that way and even if you just wanted movements on the wall you could have just provided access. As it is, the queue just seems real forced where peeps actually have to sacrifice experiencing this incredible architecture and village environment in order to ride the coaster.

    Angam also appeared a very forced attempt at ride interaction, I didn't think it added anything to the park, and the layout seemed quite amateurish. This leads me to the mountainscape. I think you maybe tried a bit too hard with it actually. In attempting to utilise texture (thumbs up from me of course) you really overdid the rockwork which overpowered rather than complemented the landscape. Additionally, the pathing in that area seemed to serve no conceivable purpose. There weren't any rides there, no stalls or restaurants or structures of interest, nor did it appear to serve the purpose of providing access to another themed area. As a result, despite all the peeps walking there it's a completely dead, and ultimately pointless path. Had you just build the mountain there, not worrying about the pathing, and utilising eg LOTR rocks to develop the steepness of the mountain it would have quite beautifully framed the village.

    It was so close Fred, I think Trav called your entry a dark horse. Had the environment been up to the same standard as the architecture then this would have been a true contender for best design.

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    @Goliath: Thanks man!


    @Stoksy: I appreciate what you say and feedback is taken for future projects :)  I pushed myself for the landscape, it's a thing I'm not good at and don't like to do either. I do not agree on what you say about the path in/on the rocks though, it originally was meant as the only path leading to the village. It's not meant as a zone in a theme park, therefore I didn't do much with it. Maybe I could fit in some details but I think placing rides here would be a misfit.


    Theme is not viking btw :p  Names are Armenian, meant as a village in the Caucasus Mountains. To anyone viewing the park, please install the music! I think it does so much for the atmosphere in game. Here's the YouTube link for those who do not want to install the music in their folder:

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    This might be my favourite thing you’ve made! I like the architecture a lot. I would be interested to see some reference images if there are any? From the readme story I gather it's supposed to be set somewhere in the Ural mountains? Anyway great structures and theming. I wasn’t always loving the colours and I think you could’ve changed the odd roof colour to something subtly different. Landscape and foliage-wise very strong however I didn’t like the two big trees you used in the square or the use of pale olive green for some of the pines. Bears made me lol. The shuttle coaster was overkill, you didn’t need it. 70%

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    wow, this went higher than I thought it would. congrats. I really love a lot of the landscaping, and the vibe was really unique. definitely drew a lot from taron, but being so open and large really changed the feeling. there were also a lot of little details that really made it feel alive, and I loved how the path worked its way up along the ridge past the cool rockwork. I think some of the archy felt a little blocky or maybe just the detailing felt off to me somehow, but I really commend the unique theme/style choice. good stuff all round.

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    Voted 80%


    + You nailed a great atmosphere here, while it does convey a darkness, the little pops of color don’t make this feel too drab

    + The archy is very well done. Even though you kept to the same style, it didn’t feel repetitive. In fact it seemed like just enough without being overbearing

    + The mixture of pathways also seems to work very well here, the darker brick and black cobblestone-type pathway was a good, fresh choice

    + I really felt you made this an immersive setting, the little fires, shops, right style of fences (excellent mixture of fence types by the way), the crazy horses running mad

    + For the most part the landscaping was well done. Often a lack of foliage can be hard to pull off, but you used it where it was needed, but refrained when it wasn’t


    - The only part I couldn’t really get into was the black hills, it felt off. Like you needed to use some of the LOTR mountain objects rather than just 1K ruins, but this may be a challenge for rct in general

    - The archy, while varied, seemed a little too plain for my taste

    - I think the park needed a little bit more organization, seemed slightly chaotic

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    I haven't really anything to say that's different to what's already been said. Great design, cool theme, nice music and fun little details. The junior boomerang was practically invisible though, didn't noticed it until I saw a different type of train flying by. The rockwork was kinda dark but I get that's the idea. Nonetheless, great work! You're definitly one of the upcoming players on this site.

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    This was great Fred. I really don't have much to add either to what has already been said, I basically agree with everyone! My favorite thing in this for me was how the queue went around the outer wall surrounding the fields. Nice touch!
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    Excellent entry, I agree about the paths that are maybe a bit too clean. Not a fan of the junior boomerang coaster neither, the grey archy around the lift hill is too much disturbing in my opinion. I think that the landscaping and the rockwork is very well done on the other hand. Archy is amazing and effective. I'm maybe alone here but I don't like those brown fences a lot. I think that the Klugheim vibe is missing a bit but if I understand correctly that's not what you were aiming for, and too much buildings would have made your project look chaotic so it's kinda well balanced, good work on that. This is the kind of semi-realism stuff that I appreciate a lot, thank you!



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    That is one seriously long cue haha. I loved how it went around the map. The atmosphere is awesome. Not much more to add what others said, had a lot of fun with your entry.

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    Very well done FredD. This was a powerful surprise. Very unique aesthetic you created with the dark objects and shapes you gave them. Always wonderful to see people reinterpret the most popularly used themes in innovative ways. Would love to see you pursue your own ways in RCT like this, and increase the uniqueness even further. You're at a level now where you no longer need to look at others' work to improve.

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    this is really good. definitely a step up from your previous work. expect a video review later.

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    yep, this shits great. there's a few micro things that are off putting (stall scale, roadlines kill the aesthetis) but aside for that this is actually really really fuckin good like damn. LOVE all of the interaction with the ride. landscaping, path layout, and unique supporting rides definitely sold the theme and narrative for me. 2nd best out of the bunch so far, behind stoksy.

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    I didn't actually notice the queue going along the wall haha. Very cool idea! However I do wish you'd have placed the queue entrance better.. It's a bit too hidden away.

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    Absolutely amazing fred! The path running along the top of the cliff, the colours, the architecture and foliage are all just breathtaking.

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    I agree pretty much entirely with BSG on this one; great work, really enjoyed it!

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    This was a pleasant surprise!  Great work here.  


    I can definitely sense some of the real world inspiration from Taron with weaving that junior boomerang through the rest of the ride.  That was a really nice touch.  It's a shame that it's pretty much hidden from everything, but it does fit well nestled against the rock wall.  


    It's hard to pull off sheer cliff faces and I think you did pretty well with the 1k ruins.  It does get a little repetitive maybe but I'm not sure you can help that.  I do think your path up that way could narrow down a bit to feel more intimate and precarious.  Maybe only 2x wide would have worked better.  It feels like a major highway that the majority of guests wouldn't use.  


    Your architecture was a good mix of wood and stone.  I'd have loved to see a few more color accents maybe, but the chocolate brown compliments the purple of the coaster reasonably well.  There were some parts that bothered me structurally like your 2x2 block stone building on the lift held up by a couple little wooden posts.  It would be great if that made more sense, 


    On the whole you've created a really nice atmosphere with your landscaping and architecture that almost makes the coaster feel like it was built to suit the area.  Great job and congratulations on the design!

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    @Alex: Didn't use any reference pictures, just had Taron and Klugheim in mind. Hence the reason why the shuttle coaster was there ;)  


    @Cocoa: Thanks!


    @Bigshootergill: I don't really like the LOTR rocks, thought of using them but my landscaping isn't that great and using those LOTR rocks can either go really good or really bad, so I decided not to use them. 


    @Jappy: well yeah, the shuttle was built there to be mixed up with the Beemer and not stand-out. That's one of the things that makes Klugheim so great, the two coasters mixed up like they are one. That's what I tried to recreate here too. 


    @Steve: Thanks!


    @Juloow: Merci!


    @Che: Longest queue in NEDC4 and the only one riding with 3 trains! Haha, always thinking capacity wise :)


    @Posix: that's great compliment, thank you!


    @Scoop: I'd love a video review!


    @Shogo: Thanks!


    @Poke: Thanks!


    @Coastercreator: Thanks!


    @CP6: Thanks man! I'll take all the feedback for future projects.

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    Great job! Well done on putting so much effort into this one. I loved the rockwork and the architecture here. Especially the architecture is a huge step up from FUCK for example. 

    A few things I didn't like:

    - I had to search a long time for the queue entrance, and I don't think the queue here works at all. It feels so disconnected from the entire area. What you did with the queue for the other coaster was spot on though, that's what I would have liked to see for the main coaster as well. 


    - It was a bit too dark for my likings, especially with the grey path. 


    - The cool thing about Taron and Klugheim is how often the coaster goes over and under the path, something you've failed to achieve here, but that's also partly due to the layout.