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    I was wondering if there was gonna be a christmas release or not, and I couldn't remember what park was finished enough to be it. I should have guessed it, but it fully slipped my mind!


    This park is amazing. I'm glad I put my earphones in to listen, because its filled with rct nostalgic goodness and the music really adds a punch to it. I usually write up an area-by-area walkthrough in my reviews, but I won't bother here. Every area is pretty much astounding, atmospheric, beautiful, etc etc without much exception. My favorite is probably the Asian area or the entrance, and my least favorite the castle just because its a slightly tired theme (love the GOT references though). But thats just nitpicking- every area is amazing, with awesome archy, small moments of detailing and composure that really make it pop, great foliage and landscaping, etc. I just wish it was all bigger and with some more dramatic rides to really fill it out! I think in some sense the actual layouts and supporting tracked rides took a back seat, which makes sense since you've only ever ridden SDMT :p


    Anyway, what a great release to round out this year. Its been an amazing year for solo releases, in so many different styles. rct is still going strong, and my 48 hours of playing Planet Coaster so far has honestly put more faith in my, and our community's, dedication to this game- it doesn't quite fill that same place in my heart that rct does. cheers steve, lets have another great year!

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    This is the super essence of Steve RCT.

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    I hope that people give this time when voting and don't rush their score. I really hope we can all take our time to appreciate this park and give it the time it deserves.
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    In his absence I'll say that Steve planned on snatching the first comment, urging people not to vote for a few days.
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    Yeah, everyone, please take your time on this.

    Shane, thank you for the kind words, dude! That was exactly what I was going for.

    Feels surreal to have finally finished a full scale park. The park is 120x120, middle of the road size-wise and from what I remember, the standard size of the parks in the early aughts. Ultimately, I wanted this thing to send the viewer back in time but in a way, to still feel relevant. I hope others feel this way. Merry Christmas, everyone! And please be sure to check out my bonus gift to you all in RCT Discussion!
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    fucks sake, im stuck without rct until jan 4th :((((

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    So much love Steve.


    I didn't think I'd see the day but you've resurfaced miraculously, and now this. Hardly any event on the site could make me happier. Thank you for this park.

    Love all the many shops. Such an oldschool quality people don't do enough any more. It adds a lot of character and theme depth to an area.

    The minetrain is incredible. Compact, nice fast first part, not too complicated, good balance of indoor/outdoor, beautiful theming. Really well done.

    Very impressed by the aesthetics of the Asian theme. Good to see someone breathe new life into this.

    Beautiful ride entrances. Again a strong oldschool quality. Generally good path guidance with clean no-entry exits, etc.

    Good to not see custom supports for once. I really do not miss them. You make a clear point how other qualities of RCT are just simply more relevant, mainly good tasteful design, which you have always had a talent for, and which is what we need the most from our members.

    Kumba fixing sprimklers.... LMAO.

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    Before I start my review, I just wanted to say that I almost lost it at "Rusty mowing grass" and "Sens growing weed."

    I'm thoroughly enjoying this park because it blends the old-school NE style park with more modern objects and parkmaking. It feels very nice and refreshing. The entrance area is nice, had very nice placement of some smaller rides. The maze and boat rides were very well done. I did find some of the larger trees blocking things I would've liked to look at more, but that's getting very nitpicky.

    Tikal was fun, and Kingfisher had some great self and path interaction. However, the pre-drop was a bit weird, as was the 180 out of the MCBR. Otherwise, a great ride. Tikal Falls was fantastic too, moving through the jungle and passing by some great archy.

    The asian area was pretty neat, and I enjoyed Nezha, even if it is a bit simple. I like the early Vekoma vibe it gave off. It would have been nice if the Asian area was a bit larger, but I feel like it matched the size of the coaster, and that was good.

    The mine train was pretty great, and I loved the mid-ride themeing. I think that area could've used one more flat ride, maybe out in the open, but the area itself was nicely done.

    Raventree was probably my favorite. I loved the castle archy and the flume, and Oathkeeper was awesome. I did think the trains were a bit long on it, but other than that a great coaster. I just got a great vibe looking at the whole area in particular.

    I'd have to say Ka Nalu was my least favorite area. The archy was a bit weird, and I thought Thresher was a bit too fast in some places.

    Overall, a fantastic park that kept me entertained and looking for things I may have missed. I also have to say that it is incredible that you made most (all?) of this on RCTC. That is amazing all by itself. 

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    I think you might have made one of my all-time favorite parks here on NE, Steve. Longer review will come later.

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    I'm stuck somewhere between 85% and 90% for this.


    Some areas, I'm absolutely in love with; the medieval area is fantastic. The shuttle loop is incredible, I love how it's in it's own little pit, and the station there is great. The GCI layout isn't the best we've ever seen but it was still very nice, and the log flume/Castle Highwater was really good too. I really like the open space out the front, gives the whole area a bit of room to breathe. 


    I also really liked the Oriental area. It's small, but packs a punch. I normally hate this light path, but here it worked. The foliage around here in particular was outstanding, and the fact the coaster is so small but you still managed to work in so much interaction with the queueline shows what you do better than pretty much anyone else. This area had a couple of little details like the Buddha statue, the lanterns, the broken aqueduct and the actual roof spires that added a real authentic feel to it. It's just a shame that on the resolution that I play on, the whole area takes up around half of the screen so I can't fully immerse myself!


    My favourite area has gotta be the Aztec area. The whole thing just oozes atmosphere; the browns broken by the purples, and the big Aztec temples. It's just great. Again, the coaster isn't 10/10 wow have you seen Jerusalem good, but it does the job asked of it. I liked how tiny the shot tower was as well haha. 


    The three areas left just weren't quite up to the same standard in my mind. The cider factory was done really well, but just not my cup of tea. It seemed too clean for a factory theme, but I did appreciate the little details and the use of green glass complimented the brick texture really nicely. 


    The entrance area and the colourful Hawaiian (???) theme didn't do much for me I'm afraid. The entrance area seemed like a medley of both J_K spotlight park's entrances. Too sterile overall, and I don't think the green open spaces helped with the atmosphere here. 


    The Hawaiian area has potential to be great, but currently it looks like a rip off Artist area. I love the queueline, and the volcano, but the architecture looks like it's colourful just for colourful's sake. Maybe it's an area that will age well with a little time, but compared to the other areas in the park where every detail seems so carefully placed, this seems a little more balls to the wall, throw a splash of colour in because all the other areas are pretty monochromatic. 


    A few things I loved throughout the park; foliage was fantastic. Landscaping was great, and the layout of the whole park flowed really nicely. 


    The best thing about the park for me though was the scale. It feels like it's been built with peeps in mind, not some horrific giant 10ft tall peeps like we see in pretty much every park that uses a 'realistic scale', but actual regular peeps, and I think because of that, it feels much more organic and atmospheric. Look at Castle Blackwater, that's maybe 4 1/2 full tile walls at it's absolute highest, but it looks giant because of how it's set against smaller buildings that are to scale with the peeps themselves, plus a bit of clever use of landscaping. 


    I do feel like the park would have been a little better if you didn't include the 'realistic details' like the roof vents and the little town in the corner, but ah well. 


    Really good job overall. You should be very proud of this, and ending the year with our (probable) 6th Spotlight of the year!

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    Outright loved this park. The first park I've downloaded in a while and totally worth it. Congratulations on finishing the park and also on accomplishing the park objective with such a high company value.


    Bummer that Thresher only works once at full speed when opening. Did anyone else have that problem too?

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    First, congrats on (what will be an) NE Spotlight! That's huge and it's great to see you take it down after all these years of activity.

    The top of that mountain with Kingfisher... just wow. One of the most picturesque things I have seen in RCT. Amazing start to that layout. The colors and textures there are amazing together. However, I can't think of anything else that came close to that. Cider Gulch was a great little compact ride, but I thought both Oathkeeper and Thresher had weak layouts. I really liked the little offering area in Yau Qu.
    The atmosphere in all the areas is very nice and I feel the appeal. Just it's an old formula I know. You pick out an object set for one area and stick with it, same look throughout. It's cookie-cutter RCT2 for the most part. You did mix it up a bit, but not enough imo. The park feels like something I have seen before and I don't think I enjoyed that too much, but there's no doubt it's awesome work even if it lacks creativity. 
    Very nice work overall. I went with 80/Yes. Could have rationalized 75/No, but it's a fully finished park with 6 areas and you have been a great member of the community for over a decade. While I didn't wait a few days, I first viewed it yesterday and then again this morning at length before I voted. About time you finished a full solo, I recall a few of the failed attempts along the way, lol. Congrats!
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    The atmosphere in all the areas is very nice and I feel the appeal. Just it's an old formula I know. You pick out an object set for one area and stick with it, same look throughout. It's cookie-cutter RCT2 for the most part. You did mix it up a bit, but not enough imo. The park feels like something I have seen before and I don't think I enjoyed that too much, but there's no doubt it's awesome work even if it lacks creativity. 

     To me this whole description by Kumba is detailing a gold park, not a spotlight.


    I was just about to cast my vote when I logged on to NE, I was going to vote 80/No. And not due to not liking the park. This is a style of park making I absolutely love, and this park didn't let me down. There is so much to explore, you have a knack for creating wonderful atmospheres. I really enjoyed the entrance area, and aztec. I know this park will be revisited by me more and more over time.


    Like Kumba's quote however, I didn't feel this brought something new that deserved a spotlight vote. Redoing what's already been done before doesn't seem to be spotlight worthy, rather it should be something fresh, new, cutting edge. To me it almost felt like this received "Yes" votes due to Steve's many years on NE. I know that's probably not the case, however I'd like to hear some solid reasons why you felt this deserved the crowned jewel of NE awards because up to this point no review posted above really describes this park as being that good. 


    Obviously the votes over and I'm happy to see Steve take a  Spotlight! Congrats man!... just post some reasons people... :)

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    grats steve you're as good as g force now :3

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    I would’ve voted 80% and yes, because I think this park brought a unique combination of classic-style RCT2 parkmaking and more modern objects and ideas. I’m sure other people saw similarly.
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    The atmosphere in all the areas is very nice and I feel the appeal. Just it's an old formula I know. You pick out an object set for one area and stick with it, same look throughout. It's cookie-cutter RCT2 for the most part. You did mix it up a bit, but not enough imo. The park feels like something I have seen before and I don't think I enjoyed that too much, but there's no doubt it's awesome work even if it lacks creativity.

    To me this whole description by Kumba is detailing a gold park, not a spotlight.


    My opinion exactly. Kumba, very good post from you.

    The cookie-cutter approach is interesting and not talked about enough. There's a balance to keep before it's too much or too little. I don't like parks that look too formulaic and samey, almost like an algorithm built them. But I also don't like it when parks are just an amassment of overly individualistic rides and buildings that look like a family who hate having to gather for Christmas. There needs to be good harmony. And a certain line-up of design elements in architecture and landscaping that is played with and carefully broken up for certain individual highlights works best in my opinion.


    RCT2 has made it much harder to achieve this with the endless object freedom. But Steve has mostly got it right, and to me this wasn't even the reason why I voted 'no spotlight'. It was simply that while the park looked very good, it didn't go beyond that for me.


    But nontheless Steve, it's making me very happy to see you as a fully fledged spotlight winner, so many years after. Congratulations.

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    I’m overwhelmed by this. Thanks to the panel for taking the time to review this properly. I couldn’t have asked for a better result and I’m pretty beside myself. I never thought I would see the day. As pathetic as it sounds, I’ve been at NE for over a decade and looking back, my 15-year-old self would be freaking out. Thank you all.

    A lot of fair points about the park. I could address them all individually but I really can’t counter them. The park is easily explained and most members have it pegged. I wanted to build a park that was beautiful and atmospheric, like back in the heyday of my time at the site. The intent was to be a throwback, something that was familiar and not exactly exciting. Just something old, done anew. Something like an RCT2 park reboot. Did I think it warrants a Spotlight? Maybe a little. I honestly expected a gold with this and maybe my status at the site had swayed people, not sure. I don’t deserve anything, I think.

    Ultimately, with that aside, I’m truly grateful for the reception this has received. And I can’t wait to hear what others have to say.

    Would also like to mention that I kept a lot of the park in the dark recently, doing a lot of the map over or giving things a facelift. With that, this park wouldn’t have been done without our peers cheering me on. Liam has been a true sport in helping me out daily on this park. Honestly, it might not be done still if it weren’t for him. Thank you, Liam. Also big thanks for all my dudes in the Discord channel for the occasional pointers.

    Thanks again, y’all.
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    Okay so at first looking at your history as a builder, you really deserve yourself this full-scale spotlight park in your portfolio, so first of all congrats on the spotlight!


    Looking at the park though, i think it's a tough decision if it's actually a spotlight park. Some parts of it are perfectly executed and atmospheric, like the entrance area and the industrial area, which are also my favorite parts of this. On top of that Cider Gulch Mine Train is a great compact ride, that i love really much. As posix stated out, the asian area also is really impressive, since it's really a new fresh approach on asian theming we haven't seen often lately. 


    Which also leads to what in my opinion is the biggest problem this park has. Although everything is pretty well executed, nothing really feels like something new (except for asia maybe), something our community hasn't seen before, which doesn't makes the amazing parts less amazing of course, but it's still something Holding me back from saying it's a definite Spotlight park for me. In addition i must agree with what kumba said about the old formula you're using at most places overhere. Especially the medival area disappointed me in the end product, since it's basically the same stuff over and over again. It's good stuff, definitely, and it's also nicely composed, but some different touches, like a little bit more frameworky stuff here and there or some details that are more than the standard things we're seeing in every rct2 park, would helped the area a lot. 


    At the end as said nothing of These things are making the park less amazing for me, i think it would hold me back from voting 'yes' on Spotlight though, if i would be on the panel. Therefore 75%-80% and a 'no' on Spotlight for me. 

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