Park / Postapocalyptia


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    Certainly has the Fallout vibe to it. The run down nature of things was pretty cool. I found a lot of the architecture rather simplistic, but the concept was fun.

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    I love the atmosphere and the overall concept. It just really lacks the micro imo, to keep myself looking at it longer. 

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    A thank you for everyone who took the time to download this and take a look! I am always happy to receive tips on how to improve the things I create. And also if you see something you don't like, please, let me know!


    I would like to add that the park looks even better when the RCT1 edge styles are enabled in OpenRCT2. The standard wall edges in the center area will have the textures replaced by iron rusty edges.


    For more info on how to do this:

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    Nice job on this one, for me it was a bit too clean for something post apocalyptic. 

    I got the Fallout vibe and well done on that !

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    this was pretty cool! neat landscaping and a good vibe. there wasn't a massive amount of 'park' content in there and it was a bit bare but the overall atmosphere felt right. good stuff.