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    Just stumbled upon this park that was once hosted on Tony's parkmaker page. So glad I found it, this park is a lot of fun. I find Tony's stuff in general to be quite charming.


    I'd like to build a park like this someday.

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    I agree liam- its charming and the bigger structures are actually pretty good. Especially the mine train station + island

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    Nestled deep in a forest, lies Vista Valley, one of my earlier parks. The park is split into four main sections: SegaWorld, Fantasy Kingdom, Old Town and Vista Mountain. SegaWorld is a large area dedicated to the many games of the older Sega Genesis to the more current Sega Dreamcast. Fantasy Kingdom is home to one of the park's major coaster Quest, large Morgan hypercoaster and Frankenstein, a CCI wooden coaster. Old Town is themed to a old western ghost town and consists of only two rides...both major coasters!

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