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    Incredible as always Ruyatax.  Definitely feel like this is your best work, just a lot more refined.  So much detail too, underwater, foliage, buildings, etc... just everything you could imagine.


    Never really played GTA so I won't get a lot of the references, but I think this does a good job standing on its own.


    Only complaint is I wish there was more park (and maybe that every guest didn't have a balloon or hat).


    Can't wait to see what you do next, would love to see you try to pull off more of a dumpy atmosphere or perhaps something less dense and nature focused.  Regardless, keep doing what you're doing, because it's all been great.

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    As someone with hundreds of hours GTA online gameplay, thank you for this.


    A cross between two of my favorite game series, and surely two of your favorites as well, based on the near-recreation of some of Los Santos, so masterfully constructed in this roller coaster simulator we so love.


    Speaking of roller coasters...

    As someone with thousands of hours in RCT gameplay, this is so very impressive, but somewhat ironically lacking in coasters.


    But it also shows how the game can be used as a canvas to create any number of landscapes -- beyond just roller coasters. So much detail and life in this, plus several rides to supplement the lack of coasters.


    Could this be RCT's most ambitious crossover?

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    My jaw dropped for several minutes when viewing this and I had to pick it up off the floor when I was done. One of the coolest parts of this park would be all the motion... I love those helicopters buzzing around. It's really an overwhelming release and I legitimately had to relax and take it all in.


    I love the Pacific Park inspired pier, and although it doesn't stand out much, it's not really the purpose of this release, which is more non-park than park. The highway is really well done, probably the best road system ever made in RCT2, and it's cool seeing all those cars and cyclists. The beach is praiseworthy in part because not only is it hard to make those look good and lively, but it's an extra challenge on a huge scale like this.


    The mini-scenes are also great... I could explore this forever and still probably not find everything. And yet, how you managed to just barely avoid the limit on a 200x200 map astounds me.


    The atmosphere and setting are perfect and as such this is a definite spotlight in my opinion, possibly even park of the year.

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    This is incredible! I love the buzzing atmosphere. There is something going on, everywhere around you. I stopped playing GTA after San Andreas, so I don´t get all the jokes and easter eggs you clearly put in this, but it doesn´t really matter. The architecture, foliage etc. are all spot on. Also big compliments to Spacek for the amazing vehicles. 


    Only downside is your timing man. I'll first have to finish my NEDC-entry before I have the time to fully appreciate this great entry.

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    Wow, great work Roy!

    You created the GTA atmosphere perfectly, and having played every iteration it brings back that nostalgic GTA feeling, the music even adding more to it. The plane doing loops and things was so recognizable, as that's the thing I always loved to do.


    The architecture was phenomenal throughout the whole map; so detailed, yet still atmospheric and aesthetically pleasing. The little scenes throughout the map with cars crashing into cars/people was also so GTA. There's still so much more for me to explore, just tons and tons of content in there.


    The beachfront was also well done, some great landscaping and elevation changes. In fact, the elevation changes throughout the whole map were great and created a nice 3-dimensional world and variation. 


    All in all, imo one of the best parks this site has seen in the past few years. 


    Just one question, how did you keep so motivated to keep building at this high level all the time? Didn't you ever feel like giving up because it's hard to keep up a certain level of building throughout the whole map.


    Anyways, great job, and hope to see much more work from you in the future!

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    This is amazing. It barely even feels like RCT.


    I haven't played GTA in years but it definitely has that vibe. It's a ton of fun to explore this and there are great little details everywhere.


    The amount of motion and kinetic energy here is probably one of my favorite things. It's hard to imagine now but it was just a few years ago that park exteriors were always motionless dead zones with nothing going on. Now it's more exciting than the park itself.


    While I can't speak to the GTA references I have been to the Santa Monica pier and you did nail that atmosphere. It's a shame you took creative license on that building though... we could have had two Spotlight releases with Bubba Gump boardwalk restaurants in the span of a week. Missed opportunity there. lol

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    Well this is just utterly amazing. On both a macro and a micro level, everything is perfectly planned and executed. Even though the map largely consists of roads and infrastructure, it is one of the warmest, most vibrant and bustling parks I've seen. So, so many things moving about and a ton of peeps just overflowing the area. Loved the custom helicopters and looping planes. The whole scene was just so fun and impressive to explore in-game.
    The architecture was great overall, and you really went the distance on all the details - even adding in pipes under road connections that go to the edge of the map, having schools of fish swimming around in the ocean, and depicting tons of building interiors in a great way.
    I haven't played any GTA for a million years, I think the last iteration I played was San Andreas and then I only played for a little bit, but I completely buy the claims that others have made that you have recreated the general GTA atmosphere really well.
    The only thing that struck me as "possible-to-improve" was the overall shape of the pier, which I thought stood out by being just too rectangular. Perhaps it could have been broken up along one of the sides, perhaps narrowing a bit before the long pathway from the end of the pier to the edge of the map began, so that it at least consisted of two rectangles of different size. But as mentioned, I haven't played GTA in a long time so perhaps you recreated it just the way it is in-game, and in that case the shape is warranted. Either way, it is a very minor thing and as the only potential flaw I could spot, it really speaks to the huge quality of this release.
    Great job!
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    I'm thankful for the nice reviews, they mean a lot to me. After getting this Park finished, which was quite a ride, I'm really happy to get some feedback.



    -G Force


    Thank you for your review! You should check it out someday, it's great.





    Thank you, and Yes, definitely two of my favorite games crossing here. The Original has not much to offer regarding rollercoasters, but that didn't stop me from building this map because i felt like the surroundings still could have so much more stuff to offer within rct. 





    Thank you Jaguar. I'm glad you liked the park





    Thanks Jene! Yes, Spacek is awesome!



    -Six Frags


    Thank you for the nice words man. My best memories of GTA are also just flying or driving around the map. It was quite hard to get motivated sometimes. But i always had this vision of the park and the video series, including the cinematic, which i actually already planned before even starting the park, all that i wanted to realise. That and all the feedback on my youtube videos kept me motivated over the time.





    Thank you. The main goal in my parks is to have something to see or have moving parts everywhere on the map, just like a little miniature world, simulating real life. I'm glad to hear that you felt that motion in the park. And god damn, i didn't thought of that Bubba gump restaurant... 





    Thanks for the review Split! The pier is pretty square in GTA and even the santa monica pier is similar shaped. I wanted to stay close to the original, at least in some cases as this one. 






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    Ruyatax flying helicopter? hahaha omg, you should work at NASA hehe, gee! it was wonderful
    But I still need to enjoy this map a lot lot lot.
    for now congratulations :)
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    wow, this is easily the most impressive cityscape ever down in rct. just really incredible work- the architecture, landscaping (except those mixed in grey stone blocks that felt like minecraft), infrastructure, etc. theres a lot of nice flow, smooth curves, and of course tons of details everywhere. Actually all of the buildings are really incredible- both evocative of places in GTA, but themselves very impressive pieces of architecture. Modern sort of american style archy is hard to pull off convincingly, especially in keeping to a consistent scale, and you did a very good job IMO. It works well both as a gta build and a santa monica build, obviously. But I love all the little gta references, like the submarines in the harbor.


    Its all extremely high quality shit. is it a spotlight? I'm not sure. I am a sucker for theme parks after all. I need to think on it a bit more maybe (apologies for the wait). but at the end of the day, its really one of the best cities we've ever seen in the game. is that enough? maybe! I can't decide yet...

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    How do I even get this good!? I'm jealous, literally.

    Also I saw the trailer recreation and I'm just in awe. Makes me want to play RCT2 again too.

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    Congrats on the Spotlight and Legendary Parkmaker status RoyR! You have an amazing talent, love to see what you do next!

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    Congrats on the Spotlight. A wonderful for shure.

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    Incredible achievement. There's so much content and little details to find in this park, it's mindblowing. Well deserved spotlight.

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    I refrained from voting because I couldn't decide between yes and no. I think in the end this is just amazing high quality very interesting RCT and I think that outweighs the lack of "park content" - I love coasters too, but if you give me an insane cityscape I'm gonna vote yes.

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    Strong points:

    - Phenomenal atmosphere... it grasps me and makes me feel like I'm in GTA but with lesser graphics. The West Coast feel you managed here is so great. Best West Coast park on NE for sure!

    - Phenomenal archy

    - So full of life. No dull place to find, in every corner there's something that can keep your attention..

    - Dat boat...

    - Great landscaping and foliage


    Minor points:

    - I wish there was more theme park in the map but I get it. I'd love to see you do a more theme park map with less outskirts.

    - The bobsled coaster feels a bit out of place, at first I thought it was a tube until I saw it were coaster cars.



    Amazing work that proves you're one of the top builders of NE. Well deserved score and well deserved spotlight. I'd have voted 90 as well.

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    Forgot I never responded to this, feel like I should address my 100% vote and also a 90+% park surely deserves more than one page of comments???

    My score isn't because I believe this is the best thing that has/will ever be built.  More, its a complete realization and perfect execution of what is the defining style of building in this era of RCT.  This park shows that the shift from hyperrealistic Cedar Fair/Six Flags/Busch parks as the defining NE Meta is complete with smaller scale city parks with fully functioning outskirts taking over.  


    People have discussed non-parks without coasters becoming more common and I think what is really needed to make this work in RCT is the presence of movement and fully peepable non-park attractions.  This was seen in H2H parks like Zerzura and Haystack, where despite only a handful of actual "rides", there are dozens of peepable attractions and the entire map feels immersed with guests and movement, and this park feels like a fully realized version of that paradigm.  While it takes a highly skilled builder to execute this, SpaceK really deserves credit for enabling a shift to these types of parks.  For me personally, there was enough movement across the entire map that the lack of a larger attraction wasn't missed.  


    In terms of execution specifics, I don't have a whole lot to say besides that everything was essentially immaculate?  Stuff like the detail on the beaches and even the macro shading on the ocean floor was picture perfect.  You were able to seamlessly capture a variety of settings, between the beach, mountain, and city on one map and transitioning them without it feeling awkward.  The elevation changes added a level of intrigue and also emphasized the Californian setting as well.  Every building on the map could've been screenshotted as part of a "best of", so I won't even get into details.  


    If I was forced to provide some negative feedback, maybe some of the 1K rock spam looks a little too copy paste?  Also, having been to the real Santa Monica Pier/Venice Beach (which also seems to be on this map), there is definitely an element of grittiness that isn't quite captured.  However I'm not even sure that that's necessary as the vision was more more colorful and larger than life and not a photorealistic recreation.  

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