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Park_4822 [NEFC] Great Mesa Gateway


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    Great concept, amazing execution. The airplane and the airships are so great, as is the theme of connectivity with the expansive railroads all leading to this gateway in the desert. That main entrance hall is also so eccentric and interesting. You always come up with such great ideas, too bad it's not a contender. 

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    Loved it. Great scale and creative use of objects. 

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    Incredible work guys. Really nailed the theme.. and its very original. Agree with AVC again, the airships, runways.. railroads.. so cool.


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    Seems like something in the same universe as Mekong. It's all so Cocoa to me. Very distinctive in that the ncso style is similar to how you did your Bayou park. 

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    This is awesome in every single way.

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    Yeah this is great. I don't even get how you come up with themes like this. It kinda reminds me of one of the maps on Locomotion as well.

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    Although it got dq'ed this is probably my favorite map from the contest. Felt also a lot of Locomotion vibes from this. The use of elevation, colors and landscaping in the middle part is outstanding.

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    It was wild watching Cocoa go from "not really feeling rct lately" to shitting this out in just a couple sessions.  You are clearly one of the most naturally talented builders on this site as well as one of the most imaginative.  I just built a couple buildings, following the template Cocoa already started, and made some tweaks to the layout to bring down intensity, unfortunately I am an extremely slow builder.  The creative spirit and vision were all Cocoa, hope to work again together sometime.  H2H maybe?!?

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    This and your micro madness park are turning you into somewhat of an rct visionary in my eyes. You've got insane out of the box ideas lately that come off perfectly every time.

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    Incredible, my favourite of the contest hands down. Everything works perfectly to execute the vision, with so many high points; the waterfalls, the airships, the plane on the runway, the way the mine train weaves around the landscape, the grand railway entrance, and especially overall macro look. Would love to see you do something in this vein again, with pockets of dense atmosphere linked by more minimalistic landscaping.

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    Cocoa you are fuck (haha this is a compliment when we speak in Portuguese = even if you say you are the dude)
    I don't know where he got those ideas from but he stayed 10.
    I don't know, it looks like the planet running from the 4 corners to a single place fleeing the pandemic.
    Atmosphere went really crazy, i loved it.
    Congratulations also to Camcorder22 for its contribution.

    :D :)
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    I agree, cocoa you are fuck

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    First look - wasn't that impressed to be quite honest. I think the landing strips turned me off a little, compositionally. Big straight lines across the middle of a really organic and irregular mesa/city.


    However, revisiting it a second (and third time), I found a lot more I enjoyed. It kind of reminds me of transport tycoon/locomotion which is a plus for me. I also found a lot more of the little details you incorporated. Highlights include the airship and the grand station architecture. It's still a bit hard to read in places, but I did come to like it a lot more. Did I get connectivity...Yes, I think so. A word on the size - If all the sand were not there, this wouldn't feel the same. I know you get that, though. 70%

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    Interesting park-- really liked the concept and overall theming.  Wasn't a huge fan of the mine train maybe, but that clearly wasn't the focus.


    Here's a review-- starting at 24:20.

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    kind of insane to realize its ncso and no cheats, fuckin masterful