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Park_4838 Autvale Airport


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    man, you must be a crazy person. this is so insane. I love how you use breaks in the path to make tarmac lines. there's a lot of really good stuff here, although I actually am having trouble figuring out how the scenario works. i can't even properly find the entrance? surely peeps struggle?

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    Wow. Another amazing piece of RCT, this and Fenimore.

    As a piece of RCT this is stunning and even the large areas of tarmac are a beautiful ugliness.

    The architecture is stunning and whilst overall it’s a very grey map the accents of colour everywhere really make this stand out.

    The terminal building, hangers, airbridges and ATC look amazing and work perfect. I think you need a road leading to the ATC tower in the middle but maybe was an aesthetic decision.

    The runaway lights are awesome and I love you even got the designation number on there as well as the threshold and the touchdown zone markings. I do think the taxiway should lead to the end of the runway or there should be more turnaround room at the end. I’m not sure I’d use yellow markings on the runway either as that is primarily used for taxiways or the general ramp but this could be an aesthetic decision again.

    I couldn’t decide whether the smaller terminal was either depicting a general/business aviation terminal or an older terminal building. Maybe both?

    The old disused runway footprint is cool.

    I’d love to see this as a full map not a cutaway but I get why you did it because everything further out the map would look rather boring for RCT. What’s the difference between the full map save and the other one? I couldn’t tell.

    This feels based on Manchester. Maybe with the terminal building similar to Newcastle. What was your inspiration? Love to hear your thoughts.

    Given the limitations of NCSO RCT this is awesome. Or maybe that’s just me nerding?

    I’d love to see (or do) a full CSO airport in RCT. If anyone wants to, yourself included, let’s do it! Got my motivated.
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    Wow. Maybe one day I'll have a good idea for how to build a park on one of these scenarios, but tbh I feel like the moment I add or remove something it's ruined. Everything seems to be planned and placed with such meticulous care.

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    Wew, great attempt. It gives me real Amity Airfield vibes!

    The architecture (especially the borwn ones in the corner) are so good. I just wish it wasnt all grey. A lot of the roofs or walls merge a bit with the grey tarmac path behind it. I guess the details on these buildings compensate a lot though.


    The layout of the park looks nice and it's like you really thought it out. My point of feedback is that it all looks very flat. I know that fits an airport, but I guess you could add some more height elevations in the surrondings to make it look better.


    Overall a great park and very pleasing to watch.

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    This type of RCT is a real blessing to the site in my eyes. Thank you ar2910, really well done !

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    Fantastic piece of RCT, feels too good to build over almost which is a shame I suppose. There were just a ton of wonderful details to explore throughout the map and you've crafted a really excellent realistic style within the confines of no-hack NCSO. The hangars especially were quite impressive, as was the overall macro view of the map. Loved the old airstrip layout being visible beneath the tarmac as well. Definitely get Amity Airfield vibes as MK pointed out, and I think this pairs really nicely with your Fenimore Hall as a sort of homage to those original scenarios in a way.

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    Very cool stuff man! You've got a unique skill set and approach to the game, it's quite refreshing. Struggling to decide on how to vote this park, seems like it would be an easy decision if we had "Concept Creation" as an accolade. I'll think about it a bit more before I cast my vote. Looking forward to your next brilliant idea!

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    Think I prefer your more organic and natural work to this, overall my feelings is this sort of content just doesn't translate quite as well into rct especially with your unique style.  However its still pretty dang amazing, don't think I'll ever not like your stuff, its just got such a level of class and depth to it.

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    I think G summed up my thoughts pretty nicely. I don't like this as much as some of your other stuff, but even liking it a little less means I think it's still nothing less than incredibly impressive.