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    you really love the sort of western theme hey? yeah me too lol


    Its good. a solid layout, although for some reason the train is frozen on the helix for me. archy has a nice vibe, a bit different than usual. slightly big scale maybe. I really like the colonial style stuff going on in the top corner, would love to see that style fleshed out.

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    Thats a really good looking coaster, probably one of the best RMC executions I've seen - ncso or cso.  It's maybe a tad slow through the first couple of hills. In general I'm a big fan of your clean ncso style, and all the subtle tricks and innovations.

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    Nice coaster layout, feels very classic RMC and the train hack is a neat idea to get the look, along with the excellent support work. The foliage and landscape around the coaster was rather nice as well, especially the use of the sunken tree object from the expansions. I really adored the off-white coloured buildings too, feels like a very fresh take on the Western theme in NCSO, which often suffers from being quite predictable and boring. I think the coaster's surroundings and queue could have done with a bit more theming and liveliness however, and I can't say I like the cutoff coaster that much, it feels really awkwardly sandwiched in there and too forced. But overall this is a wonderful piece of work and I really hope you channel your skill into a bigger project one day.
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    The coaster doesn't work for me?

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    Mine is frozen too, and Black Beauty goes super fast.

    Judging on a layout that stands still, it looks pretty decent. Nice and imposant supports.


    The architecture around is very cool too. I really like the use of textures and trackitecture. Though I agree that the cut-off coaster is a bit weird. It doesn't fit very well and feels a bit forced into the small map. The path layout around the coaster is also feels a bit uninspired. I miss some interactions with the RMC for example, just to make it a little more interesting.


    Overall I think it's quite decent. The surrounded buildings are enjoyable and the layout is okay.

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    The coaster is indeed frozen, but nothing a quick closing and reopening doesn't fix.


    Love how you did  the RMC, very clean and well done. I echo what Xtreme said about the off-white buildings, they're a nice change from the usual wooden ones we see in NCSO. Also a kudos for the underbrush made from sunken palm trees, that was a neat idea.


    I did miss a little dash of colour here and there. Perhaps some flowers wouldn't have gone amiss. 

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    Some of the archy here was really really nice, love the usage of expansion objects too, almost a julow level integration.  Hope to see more stuff like this!