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Park_4845 Thunderation


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    Very clean NCSO style. Crispy.


    Big fan of the spiral helix into the underground section. Pretty strange layout, but seems true to the source material. Nice technical details w/ the power lines and the dirt service trails between rides.


    I know you were probably space limited for the contest, but I would like to see you expand this and finish your take on time traveler!


    Thanks for sharing. ~B-]

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    ah, I really like this. silver dollar city is awesome. Looks like pretty standard western-style ncso but clean and good.

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    I really like the coaster and the surroundings, both are well done. I love a wacky layout like this, even though it's a recreation. The foilage especially is well done! I tip my hat off to you for that sir.


    The trackitecture roofs here are overdone though. I understand what you wanted to achieve, but thought they were just too much here. 

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    This was pretty nice, simple but effective. The layout is decent, loved the colours on the coaster trains as well, and the surrounding foliage elevated it well. The cutoff of Time Traveller is a great addition too, wish it had a complete layout however. Wasn't a huge fan of the architecture here, it felt a bit unadventurous, though I did like the subtle use of the wooden restroom as a wall texture.

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    This is just really clean and quality ncso.  Though for a park like SDC I'd probably prefer it be a bit messier honestly, and that there would be more "park" content included.  Appreciate the fact you recreated probably the least interesting coaster in the park though, haha, don't often see lower tier rides like this get much attention in rct, so its nice to see that.

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    Good realism vibes, clean and well done. Too bad the coaster is a bit underwhelming, especially next to Time Traveler which looks great. Awful tease there, wish you made Time Traveler running instead with the mine train cut off. :p