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    I really loved this, feels unique and creative in a style that is instantly recognizable as your own. The shapes and landforms are really beautiful (especially the little angular islands), but of course the showstopper is the coaster. I've come to love the twisty vortices and curves of your layouts and this is no exception, with a great colour scheme to match. There are some gorgeous elements elsewhere in the park as well, such as the diagonal bridge and beachside and the waves in the water, and I think you're really defining your personal aesthetic nicely with this and other works which is wonderful to see. Certainly design worth in my eyes.

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    I remember you saying that RCT was built for vaporwave and here I completely agree... this is so different from the usual NCSO or LL themes we see and yet it's feels very faithful and definitive of RCT's classic aesthetic.

    This is definitely a well-composed park... it's very minimalist and there are a lot of cool ideas here: the stacked magnolia trees or the splash boats triangle for instance. My only complaints for this would be the sparse surroundings although I imagine that's because you wanted to emulate the look of the original scenarios.

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    Try it in your favorite palette!

    Whatever flavor suits you.


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    This is probably my favorite of your 'weird'/pseudo-outrunner parks so far. I think the composure is really there this time, especially the diagonal/triangular plaza the ride is built around. Theres some really cool round shapes on diagonals and things like that which is well complimented by the coaster layout and the overall vibe. Really nice stuff- if this is the first of this style I'd seen from you, I reckon we would have all been super impressed. Its still good, but from the perspective of a style you're growing into, which is nice to see.

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    This is fantastic. The vaporwave aesthetic really fits RCT and you've captured it well with this LL/RCT2 hybrid. The coaster is your usaal T H I C C sort of thing, but it works here really well. All the strange shapes and colours, there really isn't anything that I would say is terrible. Big fan of the little jokes you put on the surrounding areas as well.

    Keep it up Luketh, I'm always a big fan of your releases and I'm looking forward to the next.

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    I'm a huge fan of artistic rct and this is a great example of well executed one. While the looks of everything is abstract and surreal, i can understand the meaning of every individual element. The overall atmosphere is also pretty cool and the coaster layout is unique and well done.


    Not sure how to rank this in terms of accolades though, since while it's definitely a great little thing, it didn't manage to catch me long enough. I would have liked a bit more to explore and to see on this.


    All in all a good and fun release. Thank you for a good viewing experience. Interested to see what your next project will be!

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    This was much deeper than I thought at first sight. I love the creativity displayed here, both in concept and in what is placed on the map. I also liked the area of green path and martian rocks near the lift-hill. I thought this was a quite beautiful composition.


    What held this back for me was that otherwise some of it was simply not very pleasant looking. I know that's almost a shallow thing to say given your motivations with this. But the RCT that gets me most is still that which looks amazing. Would be interesting to see you put more emphasis on this, if it's for you.


    I think this was also perhaps the first time I've seen peeps realise they cannot afford the ride at the entrance. Has this animation existed all the way back?


    Well done on this Luketh, and thank you for contributing to RCT diversity at NE (!)

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    This is neat, nice little scene. For the amount of thought you put into the immediate area around the coaster, I wish the edges of the map didn't feel like you pulled it right from a scenario landscape. Maybe that's the point, but I dunno. It's got your style that you have growing, but like cocoa mentioned, I think this is a step in the right direction for you and hopefully you can bring it to a truly astounding end product.

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    I don't think 45% is a harsh vote, I can see how the randomness can be off-putting. I think I would've voted 55%. Coaster is a cool continuation of your extended helix trademark, and you came up with some nice theming motifs like the sunglass stalls and the general tent aesthetic in the same area. The beach in the centre is great. Thought the hotel-like building was quite ugly - too random. Grotesque perhaps.


    Would like to see you do a larger park with such a strong focus on aesthetics, but also with proper themes. You've found a great niche for yourself, now exploit it!

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  • Description

    Combining relaxation, screams, thrill and luxury is The Triad resort at Trinity Islands.

    Ride the rockin' Vortex Vacation from the zany Oompa Loompas of Luketh's Loopy Layouts LLC.

    utilizes openRCT2LL textures. If you see plain dirt on the backside of the hotel, I promise that's not me shortcutting construction costs -- it's b/c you're missing LL textures!

    Have a nice trip,



    P.S. this is a design submission.

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