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    What an absolute fucking legend... I've always wanted to see and do something like this in RCT and I'm glad that you made it. This is amazing.

    My only suggestion would be that the foreground would probably look nicer with more buildings and if they were also simplified with smoother textures, like in the painting. It kinda clashes with the background. Also, is it just me or is the map shaped like an ear?

    Speaking of the background, I have a lot of respect for the painting here... must've been really hard to make and it's executed very well. The huge sagalax planet is a good choice for a scenery object because the shading makes it look like a crescent. And the way you made the halos of light around the moon and various stars is just beautiful.


    It's really cool how you can give this isometric game a sense of perspective. Like a lot of your other work, this stands out as a very creative, authentic, and almost sentimental piece of RCT

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