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    The ZIP has also a Readme, so please check that out also to get some background info.

    Download (~ 2695kb)

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    i thought it was very enjoyable. foliage is your strong point.
    what you want to put more attention to in my opinion is ride design. the coasters don't really shine and they're not realistically convincing.
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    i love love love everything about this, dave. fantastic job.
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    You know what I think. Amazing work, some of my favorite from you.
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    Thanks for your comments, guys!

    @Posix: Why didn't you like the rides? What should I improve?

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    like i said, i don't think they're realistic enough. and your style seems heavily rooted in realism. so it would make sense to make the coaster like that too.
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    Yeah I do understand, but what exactly is unrealistic?

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    ^Well for one, the Schwarzkopf coaster was a bit odd and had a weird layout. Here are somethings i noticed:

    -The transfer track wasn't lined up totally.

    -The negative G's would take the air out of your stomach going over that air time hill before the loop.

    -The pre-lift and coming off the lift hill were strange. (Look at a real Schwarzkopf coaster and you see none of them do that.)

    -Seven cars would have been more realistic for this type of coaster.

    Over all I really did like the park and enjoyed opening it and watching the peeps go on the rides. Just work on your coasters if your going for a realistic style. Well done.
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    Very nice, i see sum Sulakke stuff like that firetower, en bushes
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    Anyone got this? And wants to upload it for me please?
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    ^here you are:
    hopefully a rapidshare link works for you.

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    Why has everyone missed this? I think this is the best thing i've seen in a long time. I am going to resuscitate the "Little Things" topic very soon, this deserves more attention. Foliage especially was probably the best i've seen, it made me really happy. :D
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    ^Wow, glad you like it!

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    And when might the Norway RR results be up?
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    I thought I already commented, but I didn't.

    I love this park, it's one of my favorites. Love the little details.
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    i love this park.
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    Today the Announcement for the Winning parks of the March RR 2008 were posted at RCTSpace.

    Thanks for all your comments!

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    Wow, about time, huh? Sorry that took so long. I thought this park was fantastic! Like Turtle mentioned in the other little things topic, there is just so much to look at. Great job Dave :bunny:
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    :OMG: I guess I will not repete :lol:
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    I liked it a lot too!