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    This park was submitted for the Holiday contest and ended up winning. The objective was to build a 50 x 50 holiday themed park using your own scenery, etc.

    The idea of the park is based on some of my favorite works by Dr. Suess, all tied into the holiday season. One of the two coasters in the park, the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, is probaly my best coaster to date.


    Posted Image

    For download and more information, click here.

    Comments and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Can a mod pin this please? Thanks.
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    Any thoughts at all?

    Sorry if it's kinda n00bish to say that, but I'm just curious.
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    ^ Yeah, I know how that is..... I'll crawl out of my hole for once and give a few of my worthless comments.

    Even though it didn't seem to have a thing to do with the theme, I have to give you props on the coaster themed to The Lorax, just because he was a cool little fellow.
    Truthfully, I have always wanted to see a bit more creativity in these happy little christmas parks, and this park as a whole really didn't do that for me. Every winter park I recall has been essentially the same deal, no real theme, besides "snowy"... a bit too general. You at least had the Dr. Seuss thing going on though.
    That complaint aside, this park was pretty good, compared to winterlands I have seen in the past. Packed with plenty to see, colorful architecture that acutally stands out from everything else (others have a tendency to pick white or wood textures for buildings), a couple decent rides.
    Congrats on the win.
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    Thanks for the comments Butterfinger, this is really the type of feedback I like.

    I'll try to make a more unique theme next time, and there was a lot more stuff I could have done with theming, especially with the Lorax, but it was just purely a time issue in getting the park in by the deadline.

    Again, thanks for the feedback. More is definatly welcome!
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    Looks really good from the overview, I'd look at it but it's late, I've saved it in my saved games folder so I won't forget to give you feedback. :)

    Sleep tonight, feedback tomorrow.
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    Don't be too proud about winning a contest at
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    Don't be too proud about winning a contest at

    Never said I was.

    I just said, it won.
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    Don't be too proud about winning a contest at

    What have you ever won?
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    ^ Exactly. :)
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    Oh, you're trying to shoot. I just found this.

    My skills are so beyond his. I do the George Jefferson strut around that white boy.

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    Best. Bump. EVAR.

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