Park / World's Fair 1939

Park_5042 World's Fair 1939


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    My favorite part of this park is the train bridge! I also really like those tall buildings.

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    Lots of great little tricks here!


    - Bridge is executed very well.


    - Lanterns with ride vehicles is clever.


    - Pink trees!


    - Ring toss game is genius.


    - Diagonal flags are great


    - Building textures are interesting.


    - Coaster layout is cool too. Very different.


    Tons of cool little things to discover!

  • ottersalad%s's Photo

    Really cool little park. The switchback railway was really well done.. would be a blast to ride that. The interior details were cute and a welcome addition to the park to add more life. I agree that the train bridge was also done really well.

  • Left_Handed_Coffee_Mug%s's Photo

    Love all the details, some really great use of objects I hadn't seen before. Love the coaster, simple and effective with good supports.

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    Interesting to see these objects used for once.

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