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    Didn't know you'd make the park this big. Overall I enjoyed this park a lot. It is a bit uneven in terms of quality. Some rides are barely themed, while other buildings seem to have gotten a lot of attention. Interesting approach to building. For me it paid off. Supposedly for the peeps as well.

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    Man I really need to redownload LL. Always been a fan of your work - and this looks incredible from what I've been able to see so far. Massive

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    I enjoyed this quite a bit, not really what I was expecting in all honesty. I think there's perhaps something lacking in terms of its connection to the original scenario, but that might be more my preconceived idea of what this park was going to be than what you intended. I felt the Great Escape Colorado influence before I even saw the description, so I think you've channelled that energy really well while still giving it a distinct feel. The peepability is also a great achievement, it barely even registered at first since it's so seamlessly integrated but it enhances the park hugely in my view.

    I liked the overall look of the park in terms of its architecture and themes, with the buildings being quite charming and nicely varied. I really loved the train station which makes for a good show-piece in front of the lake there, and the castle across from it captures the spirit of the original and is one of the highlights for me.

    In erring on the realistic side I think you did a decent job with the coaster layouts with the standouts being the invert and mine train, carving their way through the hilly landscape beautifully. The big rose-bowl type element on the woody is another favourite.

    A few other highlights I want to mention are some of the little characterful details such as the "FA" signage at the entrance and in the grass, as well as the little seating island in the middle of the steeplechase layout. The "space" theming around the invert could have been a lot more immersive however, even within the confines of realism, and I know it's a nitpick but the chairlift is way higher than it needs to be, sticks out weirdly as a result.

    Despite perhaps losing some of the character of the original scenario in places, this park adds something unique of its own in doing so, and I think it'd be nice to see more casual ventures like this in the future.

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    Finally getting around to review this - first one since finals!


    I'm gonna get it out of the way; tallest chairlift in the world. It doesn't look bad or anything, I just found it humorous.


    I think the highlight for me in this park is the architecture and associated tricks that come with it. The ride name on the side of Bronco's station, the log flume area, and of course the fort and train station. 


    Ride design is solid overall, love the big wooden coaster and the invert the most. I do appreciate the inclusion of the steeplechases and the train as references to the original scenario. Lovely interactions with most of the rides too, by the way.


    As Xtreme said, a lot of the little details are actually really well done. He's mentioned pretty much all of it, but I especially love the seating for the restaurants across the park. The fact that this park is guest accessible in LL is astounding, not one message of a lost guest.


    I maybe wish that there were some more diverse theming elements across the different areas of the park, but overall - really nicely done. I think The Good Earth may be a superior product, but FA is more fun and maintains that nostalgic character while being a distinctly 2020 LL release.

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    Awesome work.

    Purely based on the overview but this looks some of my favourite work by you.

    I feel sometimes your park layouts are quite forced and can lead to dead ends but this seems an improvement... even though there is a little bit of one by the go karts. That placement of the ride seemed a bit forced.

    Love the car park details, just rounds the park off giving it context which I find some LL parks miss.

    I think I enjoyed this a lot more as it wasn’t heavily themed as your previous creations. It’s more my style.

    I think my favourite area is the area around the brown path.

    The chair lift is obnoxiously (or hilariously?) tall.

    Good work all round!
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    So you made a scenario remake of Fort Anachronism? Dang it, that was somewhere on my list as well… Oh well, let’s see how you did.

    When opening the map for the first time, this feels sort of like an alternative version of Alton Towers, something I imagined Fort Anachronism to be like. So that’s a plus for me! From the overview however, it seems like some important aspects of the scenario’s identity have been lost. FA always was a very wooded environment, that seems not the case here. Nor is there a reference to the two mazes around the castle, very much a key ingredient that formed the identity of FA.


    But let’s focus on what actually is here. Going to the left, I see a fantastic railway station, a custom working flat ride (how do you do that in LL??) and Hurricane, which takes up quite a big portion of the map. Great rides it seems, and nicely detailed. Sometimes I even mistook this for RCT2 NCSO. The mine train is massive!


    The archy in general is very nicely done. It’s a modern style of LL with little hints to the old 2X2 style from earlier days, and I love for the entrance area you made use of the in game building sets.


    I think the area round Chariot Races and the castle must be my favorite. It sticks the closest to the feeling of the original scenario IMO and makes great use of landscape elevation and has a tranquil atmosphere about it.


    Scenario remakes are always about finding a balance. How to keep the scenario’s atmosphere and add to that while keeping the spirit of the original? I think you went a tad overboard with adding new stuff and might have lost sight of a few key items of the original. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like this, on the contrary! It’s a great park and very nicely done, but as a scenario remake I think I would consider this more as an hommage instead which is also an interesting way of doing it. I’d love to see you do more of these!

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    Wasn't a big fan of this to be quite honest. I can clearly see all the hacking effort, but what it enables doesn't hold much meaning to me personally: peepability in LL and realistic details on rides or architecture. I look for aesthetics and good composition, and I felt this park didn't have enough of that.

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    Lovely park csw. You were able to combine a well designed set of coasters, with plenty of breathing space, while keeping it very atmospheric at the same time. Your work has a loveable charm to it, really enjoyed looking throughout the park. Glad I was able to get the final vote in. Congrats on the well deserved gold accolade!

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    That's a really nice score! I've been quite busy the past few weeks, I want to get around to giving this park a proper look yet. I opened it a few times when it was just out and liked what I saw, some really good bits, and as you said it didn't feel as barren as it did in the screenshots! (although it still could've been more foresty).

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    Thanks for the comments everyone. I had a lot of fun making this, and I could definitely see myself making another semi-realistic scenario reimagining. I won't have much time for RCT for a while but I seem to always come back to it at some point. 


    There have been lots of comments about how I changed a lot from the original scenario or about how I wasn't faithful to the original feel of the park. Well...those comments are correct. I didn't really have a plan when I started the park; originally I was just going to use the landscape and make the park completely my own. But I decided to keep a remodeled version of the trains, steeplechase, and fort - eventually I figured I would just stick with the original name, even though just about everything else changed. Maybe I should've been more clear, but this was never going to be a remake or something that aimed to be heavily based on the original scenario. I just liked advertising it as "wow, look at how much this park has changed over time!" because it fits well with the "Anachronism"/time theme. At the end of the day, the goal was to make a park that was fun for the peeps and looked nice, and I think I accomplished that. 


    And as far as the chaiflift goes...I honestly had no idea it stuck out so much. I've always built my chairlifts high in the sky like that, ever since I was a little kid playing RCT. I'll gladly take the heat on that one. 

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    I liked this a lot and thought I had voted on it already but it looks like I was mistaken.


    The peepability was well executed and the overall atmosphere was a solid blend of modern LL with some old school charms.  I think you accomplished most of what you set out to do with the scenario remake although I do think a little too much of the original did get lost along the way.  It almost feels like it would have been better suited to not have quite as extensive of development as you did,  from the screens I was expecting something a little less fully fleshed out and a more limited,  naturalistic map.


    The ride lineup was really strong and was well distributed throughout the map.  Parts like the chariot races kept some of that scenario charm you were going for and the peepable flats were a treat. Some areas felt a little undercooked (Apollo 11) but other areas really shined and I think some of the more polished sections, like the train station,  fit in well with the old school LL realism architecture and simple but effective detailing.


    The chairlift felt silly and I wish there was something more interesting inside the fort,  which itself was well done.


    I know the response has been a little underwhelming but if you choose to do another one of these I would love to see what you come up with.

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    Its always amazing to see LL releases, so I will appreciate every one of them. Sorry for the late response but I just wanted to say it looks sweet.


    Texturally and compositionally, I still find your work sort of hard to read- just a bit too much everywhere and it gets a bit muddy. But I loved the restraint here, the giant landscapes with coasters, and some impressive vistas. It didn't exactly remind me of the scenario, but its a cool park. The train station in particular was a highlight.


    love it!

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    Great stuff as always. Really enjoyed Bronco, that was probably the highlight for me.. love a wooden coaster that sorta looms in the distance and has a large footprint. Would've been the ride I ran to first after parking in the parking lot.


    I agree with comments above that some areas felt underbaked a little. The hillside with Apollo 11 and the mine train seemed underdetailed unfinished maybe? Same with Caribou Falls.. lacked some foliage and textures around the cliffs/hill the ride has the final drop from.


    Having said that, the woods/trees around Green Flash next to Caribou Falls was nice. Love the little patches of yellow flowers. The queues for Bronco and Hurricane were ace as well. Felt like some classic, old school LL queues to me.

    Congrats on the gold!