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    This is honestly your best work as far as composition goes and it feels like your style while adopting many new techniques that you haven't used before. I'm really glad you sent it through a final testing phase, because it helped push it closer to that 80%+ mark. I really enjoyed how much charm was packed into this park. Probably the best "German" inspired map that we've seen on the site, so well done. As far as the score personally I'm leaning towards 80% but I'll have to give it another look to finalize or maybe push that higher ;) I hope you keep building because you've been on an upward trend the past couple of years. 

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    Wow Fred seriously impressed me. I feel all the things that held your work back (in my eyes) you’ve totally fixed with this. This is a complement. I used to find there was a lack of depth and rigidness about your work but this has totally surpassed that.

    I think you can tell the areas you first built and the areas you later built. The area around Karacho and Mammut is stunning. Love both theses layouts as well. The flat with the name I can’t province is awesome!

    Great job on the swan ride through although the boats are completely pissed keep running into the walls haha.

    I feel this is a park fully fleshed out with great homage to its main inspiration and other European influences.

    I think there’s a few areas where the paths are a little wide and maybe disadvantages some of the atmosphere you built.

    Wasn’t a fan of the Gerst Sky Fly either with the connection between the arm and carriages.

    Overall impressed, serious contender for spotlight for me.
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    Here's my review, FredD! :) (sadly got a bit too close to the mic a lot of the time haha)


    I can only second Airtime's thoughts, beautiful work!!


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    Great stuff Fred! Really well composed park.. flowed well as I was viewing it. Very atmospheric and colorful. I figure most will comment on the coasters and how great they were, and rightfully so. The wooden coaster and Wilde Hilde were my favorites.. the use of the chicken stall was cute.

    Here's a couple quick screens of what stood out to me:

    Really pleasant gardens and playground here.

    Attached Image: Erlebnispark Ochsenbach 2021-01-29 20-25-30.png

    Bold queue.. really a great way to view the drop and interact with the ride. That bridge would make me anxious with walking over the little waterfall and the risk of getting splashed by the boat!

    Attached Image: Erlebnispark Ochsenbach 2021-01-29 20-32-13.png
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    I second what has been said above, serious contender for a Spotlight imo! Very nice work Fred, especially LOVE the logflume section; Totally reminded me of my time in Tripsdrill with the weirdly themed logflume there. Overall this had a very German themepark-esque atmosphere to it, which I love because of my yearly themepark-roadtrip through the country. 


    Great work Fred, keep it up. Especially if you do manage to grab Spotlight with it as people who get Spotlight usually get cursed and stop being productive :p

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    Your best work yet, good job on that! The park is not jam-packed with content, but it is very complete. Almost the entire park was very legible. That was one of my favorite aspects of the park though, because it made for a relaxing view. The one part I still found messy was the log flume. While the park did not excel at ideas or creativity, I found it very atmospherical and believable.


    Some of my favorite parts:

    - the queue that otter pictured

    - wilde hilde's theme and the chickens used

    - the barrel, soap box, and swan ride were all similarly very charming

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    I first wanted to make a video review, but private things got in between and then i got sucked into building on my own park instead, so here i am writing down my thoughts about this parks in a good old comment. Firstly i wanna say Fred, that im really proud at what youve produced over here. What i really admire about this park and the way you tackle your rct is that you, although having been here so many years and of course improving with the time, never really changed your style. Youve always approached the things how you wanted, even if people were criticizing you harshly. I remember you starting this park and people saying it looks like a step down for you, and now were here looking at a serious spotlight contender, what an amazing story.


    Going more into the park you definitely managed to capture the german family theme park feeling of a park like Tripsdrill. I also acknowledge that you somehow managed to make things weve seen here a lot of times - like the log flume castle - look interesting and unique. In addition this park shows some great usage of greenery and open space. Also looking at your buildings and architecture its all are simple and pure, but yet again nicely looking. I get the feeling while others using older architecture styles here having problems adjusting to the new meta, your style have aged like a good wine. Refreshing to see those things living in the wheres waldo meta.


    No Fred park without crazy coasters, but i must say im glad you managed to hold yourself in a realistic setting over here. Aesthetically Karacho and Wilde Hilde are probably the best layouts weve seen from you yet. Especially the first one could also be used as a blueprint to teach other builders how to embed coaster layouts into the environment.


    On the negative side i only see small things here. The biggest thing probably is that part of your stuff feels a little bit undeveloped technically compared to other great parks. I agree with Airtime that some paths felt a little bit wide. I also think that you used way too many different fence types in some areas for example.


    All in all as said im proud to see this park released by you. Its definitely your best work yet and an amazing release to begin 2021.

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    Lovely park.


    The architecture was a treat to look at. I liked it especially outside of Burg Bussenstein, G'sengte Gau, and the Karacho and Mammut stations. Top notch. 


    Rides too are looking good. Karacho has a cray layout and G'sengte Gau is just absolutely amazing, especially its interaction with the log flume. Not a fan of the junior coaster's layout, good station though. Also, the area between Karacho and the woodie is extremely brown, I don't think the dirt and dark brown crazy path works there. What I do like is how you managed to incorporate large open fields of grass into that area, more parks should do that!


    Overall, great park and I'm really impressed with what you've built Fred. I think you are a really good park builder. 80%

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    85/yes from me. Having spent a bit of time looking through this park, I think its deserving of top billing. Your ride design is just excellent. Makes me want to visit this park in real life haha. I absolutely love the atmosphere you've cultivated, and how much space you've allowed for everything to fit together.


    Only thing I dislike is the entrance/parking lot. Maybe it's an American thing - but I'd have preferred either a big dirty grey lot, or just no parking at all and expanded gardens/entrance walk leading up to it haha.


    Congratulations on finishing something so well composed. You're most definitely in the top-tier of players. Hopefully the fReD LaYoUt meme dies soon

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    Boy oh boy what a great park.

    COVID and the lockdown took my opportunity to visit some theme parks on my trip through Germany last year, but you have created one of the best German theme parks on this site. The atmosphere, the park layout, the ride choices and designs, this park screams Germany to me. The themed zones are realistic and fit perfectly into the park.

    The little details are very funny to look for. Next time you have to give V1 a map because he keeps getting lost. And how the hell did you end up in Germany with your bus? It's not like you missed a highway exit. But hurry up, there's a member waiting for it. ;)

    The only negative point is the parking, but I already told you that in the VC yesterday.

    Is it the quality of the spotlight? To be fair, no. But you're not aiming for Spotlight. But if you ask me if it is an 80% + park I would say yes.

    85 / no from me, this is your best work yet.

    Green name incoming, you deserve it.

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    A very nice park Fred, feels like a natural evolution of your style and you're beginning to shed some of your worse habits that I think were holding your previous work back a bit. There's a charming atmosphere throughout, and the park doesn't lose sense of its German identity anywhere, which I think is a testament to your experience with them. Your buildings and architecture are a step up too for the most part; they're less bulky and have more interesting shapes and textures.

    The entrance is fairly low key, perhaps a bit small for a park of this size but very endearing and a suitable style to set the mood. The area around the entrance is pretty but I think the architecture isn't elevated to the level of some other parts of the park, especially some of the buildings nearby which showcase some of my favourite work from you. The Zierer is nice and gentle, and I enjoy the gardens area behind it. The chicken ride is interesting, definitely a strange theme and uniquely German. Can't stand the music though. I like the look of the splash boats too - the yellow/black station building is great. The wine bucket ride is solid, a great idea with nice execution, and I also love the archi in this area as I mentioned earlier. The laundry ride seems a little derivative of the one from Jappy's park and I think there are fewer unique elements here to really make it stand out for me. I do like the interaction with the coaster, and the queue and station are lovely.

    The Vekoma launched is another highlight of the park. The layout is certainly the best you've done, and still feels different without being absurd. The out-and-back after the loop in particular is very strong. My only complaint would be using the B&M track for the large steep-flat transitions. The theming is similarly high quality. The grassy patches are an excellent choice too, gives a nice contrast to the busy atmosphere of the coasters surrounding them. The Gerstlauer is probably the most ambitious area of the map in terms of the integration of theming and ride interaction, and it pays off very well. It's still a strongly German theme but it's distinct from what the rest of the park offers.

    In general, I think there were a few places that could have done with a once over to really push them up a level, the car park and the apple tree ride stood out poorly to me in this regard, and the arm ride felt a bit difficult to understand. The landscaping is still very hit-and-miss as well, mainly things like the scattered grey 1k rocks. I think where this park excels, however, is in not cramming every corner with a ride or shop, allowing some areas to have a breather with things like gardens and fields. Several areas outside the park were nicely made too. You have every reason to be proud of this release, great work.

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    Stunning release Fred! This is definitely a new pinnacle for RCT work from you. From top to bottom this is a totally immersive park, you've managed to maintain a standard of excellence and consistency throughout, something I feel your previous releases just fell short of. Of course, you're already an incredible builder, but you're pushing the ceiling on this one. Great stuff!


    It feels like a legit park in the real world and is just dripping with atmosphere. I want to go here! :D Ride design was an point, building construction was excellent, foliage was patiently placed to bring everything together. EO is going in my folder of motivational parks when my brain needs a jump start.


    Apparently I was the last vote at 85%...


    Congrats on the Gold and Parkmaker status!

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    Congratulations on Parkmaker, Fred.


    After exploring the park quite a bit, I was pretty solidly set on 80%. What I was really torn on was the yes/no vote.


    My favorite part of the park is the entire back half with Karacho, Mammut, and the castle; as well as the nice open areas. That entire section really stands out as being well composed and well themed. Empty space is an underutilized asset and I think you actually did a great thing by including it. The castle complex is super cool, and I love that there are three distinct rides using that same area - and the use of elevation and landscaping there is fantastic. In general, your ride design in this park is really top notch. If the entire park matched this level, I think it would have swayed me to a yes vote. Despite that, the park as a whole is indeed quite atmospheric.


    In some places, it did feel like you fell into the "islands of park" trap. My experience with European parks is extremely limited, so I'm not sure how common it is, but with how much Liam advocates against it, it must not be that common. Some areas did an excellent job at avoiding it - Karacho, Eisenbahn, the kiddie park, and the splash boats. A lot of the rest of the park felt framed by path and thus less organic. I really did appreciate the areas where you had little scenic garden walkthroughs and such that helped break that effect up a little bit. While the surroundings are nice in general, the parking lot feels like it's there just to be there. It definitely doesn't hold up to the level of quality you accomplished in the park itself. The outskirts otherwise are nice; they don't really help nor hurt, but I think your attempts at adding crunch with netting and roof tiles are a little unrefined - especially because you only really did it in a few areas and almost nowhere in the park itself. ;) As far as the rest of the park goes, it kind of blends together a bit for me for the front of the park. Nice themes, but nothing stands out quite as much personally. I think some have already addressed that point, but a few things like the laundry themed water ride and a few others that have been mentioned could have used just a little something more to bring them up a notch.


    I think the vast majority of my criticisms come from the parts of the park you built first. Aside from those compositional gripes and minor things - you really did an excellent job. The entire back half of the park is phenomenal in my eyes, I want to reiterate that. After writing this, I noticed my paragraph on criticisms was a bit longer - that's only because I wanted to focus in on a few things and not because I don't like the park as a whole - because I definitely enjoy this as a whole. While not quite a Spotlight park in my eyes, it's an exceptionally high quality Gold, and well deserving of the Parkmaker title. I hope you continue to hone your composition - you've got a great style.

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    A little late to this one, but wow! What a lovely park. There's many things in this park to commend, but I will cut to the chase and point out some of my favorite moments about this project!


    -The castle area with the flume and the gerstlauer coaster was definitely a huge highlight. Love everything about this section, the elevation changes, the castle wall fence around the area was a lovely touch, along with the open grass area adjacent to it. So good


    -Mammut is definitely my favorite wooden coaster of the year so far. The layout is super twisty and awesome, I love how its tucked next to the vineyard. The station and surrounding buildings are also a huge win in my book. Love the scenes and details you put in the queue as well. Very cool.


    -Baumbach splash boats. Fantastic queue. Love the walkway over the waterfall, the entrance, the station, and the surrounding foliage. Awesome job.


    I could go in depth about each ride and area, but I'll keep it at that. A lot to be proud of here and congrats on the gold and the park maker! Very well deserved. 

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    congrats man

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    Just opened this - it's a really really great park, as much as I love parks with many different coasters and other top tier attractions I felt the theming and interaction of the rides here was just super good. 


    The biggest thing I enjoyed was how the park felt like it struck a perfect balance between space and scenery, in real life terms with my limited experience of other European theme parks, the spaciousness of this park reminded me of Alton Towers.


    Really well deserved on the gold, I'd imagine this was close to a spotlight.

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    Congrats, i loved :D

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    Thanks for all the kind words! And the score as well too, it was so thight. I hoped for it to hit 80 but thought I'd get 79,5... Sometimes things fall into place. Can't thank my testers enough to help me give that final push :)


    I do wish now I stayed with my idea to keep the parking as just dirt without tarmac. Thought that would be a bit too much maybe but appearantly not! 


    For anyone interested in seeing the source material, Tripsdrill, I've uploaded a photo galery on my website of it recently: https://themeparkwor...jen/tripsdrill/

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    this park is fantastic and easily your best work yet. it's a wonderful mix of originality and clear influences from real parks. for me, the standout is the gerstlauer bobsled/ log flume complex- just a stunning piece, and framed wonderfully by open lawns and rolling fields. (I still think you make most of your buildings and paths a bit too wide and short, but it's getting better!)

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