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    Parenzo part II. This is a nice little map. Feels like your signature style for sure. The park section is very nice and dense as it should be for this kind of park.  I wanted to like that mine train coaster so much when I first saw it in the overview, but it's just a bit too short in length. A final helix might have helped that. I also don't like how it just slams into the breaks. I also think something like regular train track or maybe even ghost train track would have been a better choice for the tram line.  The football stadium is really cool. I do wish there was a bit more movement, like how roomie did it in la Fiera maybe. The architecture is a bit Samey imo, but it kind of works in it's favor to highlight the park a bit more. Over all this is a nice step up from parenzo and probably some of your best rct2 work yet. 70-75% for sure.

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    Not a bad release here. Technically very good; seems like a more mature Parenzo. The surroundings are well done, a bit boring and doesn't hold my attention for long but still good none the less. The stadium is super cool. Great realistic vibe there. Wish there were some peeps playing football just to be picky. The park itself is definitely my favorite part. The layouts are well done. I just have two small gripes. I would've liked to have seen a different track type used for the turn over the El Loco lift hill. What's there now is a bit janky. Also I agree with Scoop about the minetrain. Would've loved to see a bit more length on that. Other than that though I have no real negatives about the park. It has a very charming and fun vibe to it, and that splash battle is fantastic. Overall, 70% for me. Great release!

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    Glad to see it released, also glad I could help :)


    Yeah it def feels like Parenzo pt II. You nailed the south-European vibe here pretty good. It looks and feel pretty recognizable. The archy on the outskirts is topnotch. But also the pathing here is really so helping the recognition.


    The park itself is also really believeable as a small southern-European city park. It has some fun custom rides like the tea cups and plane ride. The panna cage ride is awesome, pretty cool idea and it for sure fits this style of park!


    I'm glad we found a suiting color combo for the El Loco :)  That orange-blue works like a charm. I'm most def am so proud on that lay-out and happy with how it's used in here. I also like the small mine train coasters, but you know I still think you should've went with custom supports like Montana Suiza irl.


    The outskirts really make the park shine. I hope people will appreciate the football stadium too because there are so many details in it that makes it so recognazible ;)  


    This is your best work. For me it's 80% work. We can debate about the map size (for the elevent hundred time at NE lol) but to me the work in it is worthy of that 80.

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    This is very much "Parenzo 2: Electric Boogaloo" - and having had a hand in the work on that park, I can see the differences in design and skill level as well as the similarities in philosophy pretty well.


    Foremost, the quality of your work has improved greatly when comparing the two parks. While I find the urban setting of Parenzo more interesting, the quality of Monteril's urban scene is massively improved. The stadium and building details are nothing short of fantastic. It's very well done; I still prefer the setting of Parenzo, but it's great that you've improved so much architecturally and detail-wise.


    The park itself is very charming. The El Loco is a clear highlight, and I appreciate your selection of hacked flat rides. That definitely adds to the element of realism in the park. I do think that the architecture inside the park is a bit of a step down when compared to the work outside. One major gripe I have is the tunnel of the mine train; as it exits, it looks like the seating area above is only as thick as the path objects, which wouldn't be very structurally safe. ;)


    In general, I think overall this is a step up from Parenzo, without a doubt. What's there is very appealing; I did find myself wishing for a bit more to it and perhaps a bit more consistency in architecture (urban vs park) quality, but in general - nice work. 70%

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    Great little park with tons of charm, atmosphere and with recognisable Southern European flair. 


    The surrounding buildings are very well done, they are a great showcase for your current skill in making buildings. You added quite a lot of identity with all the little scenes which make them believeable as actual houses giving the illusion peeps are actually living there.


    The stadium is nicely done as well. I have to admit that many of the little references or details surrounding a Southern European football match are lost to me as I know zil about football. Looks nice though? :p


    The park itself has a great selection of rides. Some nice hacking going on and themeing wise it also ticks the boxes.


    What bothered me a bit is the non-organic feel of the map. I know that it is common for the bigger streets and boulevards in these sort of towns to be quite lineair, some diverging little streets or perhaps an odd angle might have given this a bit more of an organic feel. 

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    I see where people are coming from with the Parenzo angle, but I don't feel that way myself. Parenzo was a coastal town with some flat rides, this is a true city park in the spirit of others we've had before (tubiao and feira do flamengo come to mind). The surroundings were absolutely stellar, I'm in love with the final product. The park itself was maybe a bit underwhelming. There is some nice stuff there, and its all very technically refined with the custom flats, but it kind of misses that wow factor I feel with other city parks in the past. Of course, that does mean your park feels much more grounded in reality, which can also be seen as a good thing.


    75% from me

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    Congrats on the release, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. The architecture in the surroundings were excellent and I don't think it was too 'samey' as mentioned before. For a theme park it might be, but for a realistic urban scene I think its perfectly realistic. The stadium was great, I'm a big fan of the ultra's with all their flags, felt very vibrant and recognizable as a football fan. The pitch seemed a bit small maybe? but thats a very minor issue. I thought the park was quite good too, it was fun to explore all the different little flatrides you put in! Also as mentioned above i thought the mine train coaster was lacking a bit, especially compared to the really well done El Loco. Except for that everything in the park was of a really good standard, while nothing really 'wowed' me in it, but i dont think that was your goal either. For what the park is supposed to be i think you've done a good job on it and it feels quite believable and the outskirts really add a lot to it, I almost wish there was a bit more of that, for example some buildings on the other side of the park aswell.

    Overall this is definitely my favourite work from you, and I hope to see you do something with a bigger scope in the future!


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    parque monteril 75%


    texture well used - crunch

    pleasant park, surroundings strong

    parkmaker not yet

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    Definitely a very charming, atmospheric map that captures the Spanish vibe pretty well. I think I probably spent more time looking at the surroundings than at the actual park. Really excellent architecture, and the ground level details sold the city style perfectly, though with the "random" discolouring it was easy to spot the pattern in some places sadly. The stadium is a great piece of work and has had a lot of thought put in by the looks of it. Using the frozen peep objects inside the fence really took me out of the zone however, considering how active everything is outside, and makes that part of the park seem quite dead.

    The park itself is nice but the limited size means you really have to make the contents stand out and some parts fell flat for me. The el loco is lovely of course, so glad you changed the colours because the orange and blue are really distinctive. The custom flats and supporting rides were also really well made - loved the pirate splash battle and the cage football is a unique idea. I think the mine train was a bit of a let down though, it certainly feels realistic but it just isn't particularly exciting or notable and the standard supports and fairly boring station didn't help. I also didn't really like the use of that weird "tin and stone" path texture which just looks ugly.

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    this is GOOD

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    Congrats on the gold RWE! I would have rated this a bit higher then the panel score, but I think 70-75% range gold is a fair score.


    The standouts for me were the infrastructure surrounding the park and the architecture off to the side. I think you (and trav?) did a great job of capturing this style of architecture and giving a very cohesive look while also finding a variety of ways to diversify the shapes, colors, and detailing. The textures are also spot on, and the added details like plazas and garbage cans and the little backyard picnic are great. Honestly, my only complaint with this is there isn't more of it to explore.


    The stadium is also well done but kinda uncanny with the frozen peeps. Not that I'd necessarily change it, because the added benefit of having a full stadium is nice, but I definitely thought my game was glitching at first. I wonder if you could have done some of the queueing tricks we've seen players use to for park entry lines? Also would have been nice to have players on the field, with everything else feeling like a day at the stadium vignette, having no players on the pitch felt odd. But all minor, overall I really enjoyed the stadium as a grittier low-capacity facility.


    Overall, I felt this had really high quality throughout but there were a few places where it dipped a bit, particularly within the theme park itself. The mine train felt a little half-baked, particularly where it goes under the water ride. Some of the stalls and other park infrastructure elements felt like they could have done with another pass to refine and polish some rough edges. Nothing bad, but a dip in quality compared to the architecture elsewhere IMO. 


    For me, what holds this back from a higher gold is really just that the park felt like the weakest part of the map, but also the focal point. That being said, altogether I felt there was plenty of great gold quality material throughout and it definitely shows growth as a builder. Congrats again on the gold!

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    For me this feels a lot like Splashdown--a passion-project highlighting a quaint, but unimpressive park by focusing substantially on the surroundings and setting. 

    I felt that while everything had strong technique and showed a lot of skill, planning, and passion, there were elements of life missing from the surroundings to really captivate and drive this to the next level.

    I also felt there was an element of gaudy-density missing from the park itself that we typically see in these urban parks. I'd have liked more flags, stalls, games, tacky colors, and density in the park itself.

    This is a great park, a great slice of life, and a great showcase of your improving skill. The architecture was great, and the attention paid to the stadium was a real highlight as well.

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    As I told you, I having lived and visited a good portion of time of the past 5 years in Spain, also away from the classic touristic zones, I really appreciate this work. Right from the beginning I say that I am more interested in the setting of the city/outskirts than the park itself.


    Fortunately, this is also the strong part of the map. All the buildings feel very real and accurate. I think you nailed the scale very well. The positioning of the small park with the globe statue and the parking lot next to it are somewhat how I imagine real places like this where stuff just naturally grows without much planning. I'm especially glad that you changed the black roofing on the houses from a screen that you showed before the submission, this would have taken away from the immersion I think. I think my favourite is the window layring all around, adds good depth and details to the buildings. I think I'm going to copy some of that :p


    I wasn't a big fan of the traffic. I think we still haven't see convincing traffi in a map yet at all, though. Yours suffers from the typical symptones of all the RCT-traffic: cars following all the same patterns/lanes; strange lane jumping at unconventional positions (like lane jumping right before doing a turn); the ugly beaming effects from the minigolf hack (not a fan at all of that). Atm, if realized like this, I still think traffic feels unnatural and doesn't add much to the experience than it distracts from it. This is not a personal critic at you or your realization (because it very well is up to today's standards) but rather generally.


    Also the stadium sitting in the middle of a housing block is convincing like that. But I find it, as others have mentioned too already, a little small in scale compared to the rest. The dimensions of the pitch feel a little off. The amount of stewards/police officers seemed also more like a dystopian police state, but I guess it's just a local rivalry match.


    I'm not gonna say much about the park itself. I think there are other people more experts on this. Just some thoughts.

    - I don't know if they would have gotten the permission to build an El Loco like literally 20m from someone's window

    - I think the feeling of a very small local park that doesn't have money for intricate theming is convincingly conveyed

    - The main entrance is great, fits very well the size of the park


    Congrats on gold!

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    This was a pretty fun park to explore. From earlier screens I had seen I feared that this park may have suffered from being too much on the grid and having to many rectangular shapes. I also feared that there was too much path and too little trees and greenery in the park itself. But I must say that ingame both these points are non issues as the park looks organic and lively.


    Things I liked in particular were:

    - Archy of the surroundings (and also in the park for that matter) was nice. I feel like archy is one of your strong suits and this park is no exception.

    - I really like the mine train rollercoaster, especially the interaction with the splash battle ride is great, together with that big ship.

    - The use of custom rides was nice.

    - The little houses between the car ride and the swinging ship were a nice touch.


    Overall an enjoyable park to discover and explore. Some things that could have been a bit better maybe:

    - I like the el loco, but the pacing is a bit slow in parts. Not sure if this is also a thing on the real ones, but it looked a bit odd.

    - The glitching cars.

    - The cut-off of the map on the road on two sides. I feel like a road doesn't make a very good map cut-off. It's not really a big deal but maybe something to keep in mind.


    Other than that I don't really have any negatives in particular. WIthin the scope of what this park is I think it achieves its goal well. So nicely done!

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    Finally got some time to check this out and it did not disappoint! 


    -The stadium here is massive and extremely convincing.

    -Lovely surroundings and train station to accompany it as well.

    -The buildings on the outskirts are done very well and I love the colors of them. 

    -I love how small the park is and how much detail you put into the custom flats. I especially like the basketball court you added. 

    -The el loco was neat, wasn't the biggest fan of the track used, but it really works and it overall looks good. Color scheme on it is lovely too.

    -The minetrain also was a huge plus for me. Rather short, but has some cool interaction moments so that a plus! 

    -Overall when I scroll back and look at this park, it seems very real to me. Charming, crunchy, and well executed! 

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    lovely little piece of work. actually, although I usually have little interest in cities and infrastructure, I think the architecture outside was the highlight here. some very detailed and ornamental facades. and a cool homebrew coaster doesn't hurt!