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    This is really lovely.  It's easy to overlook at first as a plain, over-large, under-thrilled park, but there's a lot to appreciate about the way the areas and attractions are put together.  The sense of thematic cohesion is really cool and it's always nice to see some more adventurous attraction design.

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    I love this a lot.

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    i do love some good dutch timeline parks now and again, and yours are always some of the best. this one sure has a breakneck timeline- they must have been building multiple new things every year! the more modern stuff is generally better IMO- cleaner and more detailed. I love the droomvlucht dark ride area and the entrance to the life of the stars in particular

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    Glad this went into accolade voting. I'm a big fan obviously, but I haven't found the time to fully dive into this with a proper review and stuff. On my list. I'm not not voting on this!


    For now, I can say that some of the concepts are brilliant (I forgot about the scientist pavillions in the style of a traditonal fairytale forest, great twist on that trope) and the architecture is spectacular too.

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    A few highlights for me:


    - A love a good surprise, and this park was just that

    - Astronaut training section (coaster and theme) was on point

    - Clever use of the NCSO martian objects in a real-life style park, such cool objects and put to meaningful use in your park, not just spamming them

    - Varied and creative architecture through the park, it's building seems like an original design

    - Lots of breathing room (maybe a bit too much, but I don't have freeness of speech with this, I'm a crammer :D )


    Lovely park, thanks for the treat Paul999!

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  • Description

    The second gate of the Europa Park Resort opens at 1985. Take a look at the world of science, technology and space! The park is build up to the year 1998. It has become a full day filling theme park. The park is all about technology, science and space.

    And as bonus some other parts of the Europa Park Restort are included:

    - The third gate Autotron opens at 1987. Take a look at the world of cars and mobility! This small park is build up to the year 1991.

    - The construction off the fourth gate started in 1990 for a typical Dutch event the Floriade (agriculture and horticulture expo). Still under construction, opening in 1992.

    - The entree zone of the first gate and entertainment area at 1990.

    The other parts off the Europa Park Resort can be found here:

    I've wanted to upload the parks for a long time now. It's been over 4 years since I last played RCT2. I hope you can appreciate the parks.

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