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Park_5309 Town Park


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    Neat little park. Also a little bit of a weird park. Has a bit of an oldschool vibe but could use a bit more refinement. The coaster layouts especially are a little bit weird which may have also been caused by the small map size. The outskirts were pretty cool though with the villa's and the road. I also thought the middle building with the splash boats was interesting.

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    Pretty interesting piece of work, I think there's an inconsistency in quality between the park itself and the strip of outskirt you have which is the stronger stuff on the map. Biggest issue for me is the coasters - between the stock stations and entrance, lack of interaction and short layouts they're fairly uninteresting sadly, and I think with some changes they could work. The splash boats in the middle is nicely themed with the overgrown plants, but also stands out as very detailed compared to the surroundings. The buildings outside the park are definitely the best parts, a bit on the large side but still well composed and a nice change of pace from the busyness of the park. Reminds me of sixflagsfreak's Universal Orlando studios somewhat too.