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  1. Marmot Mountain by the Cereal Killers 41 votes [75.93%]
    • Cocoa
    • Ling
    • frigginbrownie
    • Gustav Goblin
    • Scoop
    • Thethrillman
    • Turtle
    • CoasterCreator9
    • Kumba
    • Sulakke
    • RenĂ©
    • Hex
    • wheres_walto
    • deanosrs
    • Lowenaldo
    • olddtfan51
    • Faas
    • Milo
    • pants
    • Pacificoaster
    • Ulvenwood
    • Otsdarva
    • MorganFan
    • Jaguar
    • Lurker
    • Wulfke
    • chorkiel
    • Magnus
    • Dr_Dude
    • Recurious
    • posix
    • WhosLeon
    • spacek531
    • Tolsimir
    • Mulder
    • KaiBueno
    • MK98
    • tabard424
    • Astroturd
    • CHE
    • Ge-Ride
    Percentage of vote: 75.93%
  2. Strawberry, West Elizabeth by Logan's Run 13 votes [24.07%]
    • Version1
    • ottersalad
    • FredD
    • 6crazy6king6
    • bigshootergill
    • Goliath123
    • Terry Inferno
    • alex
    • RobDedede
    • djbrcace1234
    • Jens J.
    • giraty
    • zxbiohazardzx
    Percentage of vote: 24.07%


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  • posix%s's Photo

    3rd Place Match

    Cereal Killers
    Team 1 Screen

    DownloadMarmot Mountain


    Team Name
    Team 2 Screen

    DownloadStrawberry, West Elizabeth

    Voting Rules
    • The poll will stay open for ~72hrs.
    • Do not vote unless you have viewed both parks in-game.
    • Everyone may vote except members of either team. Any illegitimate votes will be ignored.
    • Voting is monitored by the admins, who can see names behind all the votes. This is to improve fairness.
  • Cocoa%s's Photo

    marmot: a nice cute little park. based on your season so far, I was watching it half expecting some kind of crazy trick or subtle hacking bullshit but I sort of enjoy that there wasn't any of that (that I could see so far lol). Just a nice pretty mountainside with two great layouts. Its definitely undercooked, presumaby purposefully, but its quaint and soothing. 


    strawberry: a very beautiful, small patch for sure. In some ways its almost the anti-park of marmot. The landscaping is really extremely good and so flowy, and the buildings are well-detailed and pretty, although IDK how I feel about the greek signs there. I get the feeling this was a small chunk of something else that you decided to wrap into this small bundle, so its just nice that you managed to get something finished out in the end.


    great season, both of yous. Just exciting to actually have a third place match! when was the last time that even happened??

  • Gustav Goblin%s's Photo
    Marmot Mountain: I'm getting flashbacks to Allegheny Adventure! Amazing view to start on with the dam, the suspended coaster, and the zipline. I started by following the suspended coaster, which gives a great little tour of the park. Pilgrim is a great layout, and the cut under the station especially wowed me. Overall, a very nicely crafted realism park.
    Strawberry, West Elizabeth: Head-2-Head 9 has thoroughly spoiled me. I felt like something was up from the innocuous preview image, but nothing really happened. Rotated the view, expecting the ol' Year In Winkleheim effect. Nope. Looked around the park to see if something was off-screen. Nope. I actually felt a little let down at first, but I decided just to take in the scenery. This is a really lovely little town, and it made me realize it's great the third place match happened at all and both teams got something out.
    Easy Scream Queens victory, but Logan's Run has been amazing this competition and pitched a lovely little way to finish their H2H run. Congrats to both teams!
  • In:Cities%s's Photo

    Congrats Scream Queens

  • Lilith%s's Photo
    wow thanks guys
  • ottersalad%s's Photo

    Went with Strawberry on this one. I think the coasters in Marmot were cool, but it all seemed a bit underbaked to me to parrot what Cocoa said. I liked the rides mostly.. but I think everything felt a bit awkward. The queue for the woodie began super weird, with a sign over a 180 degree turn in the queue. The flume as had some great moments and support work only to be undone by exposed cliff tunnels that make this feel unfinished. The suspended swinging coaster looked fun as hell though. Super rickety, but really played with the terrain very well.


    I think the landscaping with Strawberry had me vote for it. Perhaps too I enjoy Red Dead too much. The entry does feel lacking in terms of any sort of rides, but I think what is there is super pleasant and enjoyable and was a more captivating environment. Archy was a bit better than what was in Marmot as well. Kudos.

  • IonZer0%s's Photo
    Easy Scream Queens victory, but Logan's Run has been amazing this competition and pitched a lovely little way to finish their H2H run. Congrats to both teams!


  • Gustav Goblin%s's Photo

    I don't know if I want to edit my post or not. It might honestly be better to let this run its course.

  • CoasterCreator9%s's Photo

    It's because it's Nokken 2.


    Review to follow when I'm not feeling sick.

  • Lurker%s's Photo

    Marmot Mountain:

    Love the layouts on both coasters, especially the suspended with that terrain interaction. I also liked the terrain work, the overall shape and the foliage. 

    Strawberry, West Elizabeth:
    Great landscaping and foliage here, love the mix of deep forest and open meadows. The town is straightforward, and a solid build with a lot of nice details.

    Overall, both parks have some minor rough edges, but that's something I'd expect given how little time there was to build them. I'd like to thank both teams for agreeing to have a 3rd place match after such an intense contest, it was nice to have these extra parks to look through.

  • wheres_walto%s's Photo

    So glad both teams submitted something. Having participated in a third place match with no stakes, it's not easy. Hopefully these were relatively low stress builds, I found both incredibly refreshing in their simplicity and casual style.



    + sweet dam, great use of diagonal megalite supports, love the peeps walking over it

    + I really dig the colors: the combination of grey rock, purple coaster, dark brown path, poop brown wood, plus greenery is a proven winner. I found myself admiring the shades of green only to realize this park uses natural water as its palette. Have I become so far removed from the base game that I'm incapable of recognizing standard colors? Perhaps the pendulum will swing back

    + this is so reminiscent of designs that were being released when I first started playing rct, super nostalgic, simple and elegant

    + clever use of paths to create some crunch in the campgrounds

    + funny enough, this park actually gives me strong Strawberry vibes than LR



    + feels like both clubs put totally different spins on similar geographic locations, this a more modern edition

    + as a landscaping demo, this shines. Natural winding river is the highlight, not surprised to see Rajasthan copied more than once already. I'd like to see this expanded at some point

    + there's not too much here, not too much going on, but I'm glad we got a match. In typical LR fashion there is no dip in quality, hopefully this was relaxing for whoever did it

    ? probably a nitpick but this gives me stronger Valentine vibes than Strawberry, but I spent entirely too much time in both locations :p



    Thanks again to both teams on a great season and for sticking through to the end

  • Version1%s's Photo

    I went for Quality over Quantity -> Strawberry

  • Faas%s's Photo
    I went for cool roller coasters over no roller coasters -> Marmot Mountain
  • CoasterCreator9%s's Photo

    Marmot Mountain


    Suspended swinging centerpiece in a mountainous environment filled with waterfalls and lush're just missing a castle! The ride design is nice; I love the twisted helix/turnaround over the water on the suspended. Wooden coaster is a bit drawn out with some questionable pacing, but nothing too bad. I liked the way the log flume was integrated among the mountains and the other rides, and the hot springs are a very nice touch. Foliage is nice and fitting.


    The landscaping was kind of a mixed bag. The mountain peaks were a bit of a mess, but around the rivers lower down it was quite nice. A bit too much "jagged to be jagged" and not enough consistency. There were some spots of quarter tile land; either should have done more of it or none of it (none of it probably better in this case). Sloped waterfalls are a bit of a pet peeve of mine; can work okay when done as rapids, but I some of these straddled the line between rapids and a runoff chute. Architecture is fine, not particularly amazing, but not bad. That water wheel sure is useless though!


    Attached Image: MM1.png


    Favorite part of the map; elegant element with great placement.


    Attached Image: MM2.png


    Obvious highlight; the water effects at the bottom are perhaps a bit crude, but the structure and the zipline are cool elements.


    Attached Image: MM3.png


    Love the little hot springs.




    Cute little scene. The landscaping and foliage is actually incredible. Quite convincing wild west/frontier architecture, and charming details throughout. I can tell you guys were a little pressed for time. It's very nice, but there just isn't a lot to hold my interest.


    The RDR2 theme was completely lost on me, so I looked it up. You've got the right feel, but I think the town in the game was more of a hillside town? I would have liked that a lot. There really aren't many negatives; the scope is just lacking.


    I picked out three of my favorite spots:


    Attached Image: S1.png


    Attached Image: S2.png


    Attached Image: S3.png


    Congratulations on an impressive season to both teams!

  • Ling%s's Photo

    I adore the micro of Strawberry. I want to see more foliage and landscaping done like this. It seems so peaceful.


    Marmot Mountain is a lot of fun. Lots to see, and we never see enough terrain suspended coasters. Dam is a little underdetailed maybe but it is in keeping with the rest of the park. Some areas in the river looked like they could have used more stuff, rocks, docks, white water, anything.

  • Jaguar%s's Photo

    Marmot Mountain - This got my vote because it is actually a park. It is definitely not up to quality with most of the other h2h parks this season but there was a certain nostalgia factor as it looks like it came right out of 2008. The layouts were pretty good, especially the interaction between the suspended and the flume. All-in-all it's a great park and the clear winner, although there were some areas that seemed almost unfinished, like that letdown of a wooden bridge by the entrance.


    Strawberry - This feels like a pro tour prelim park that was quickly thrown together... this isn't to say what's there isn't great, because what's there is great. Problem is there's not much there. Landscaping and architecture are decent.

  • chorkiel%s's Photo

    Nice strawberry patch. Would've appreciated a bigger macro madness park more though. This park still fits the LR brand very well and I guess it's just a small encore.


    Marmot Mountain is quaint. Enjoyable little park, but it felt rushed. Definitely below par for your team, but I didn't expect another Rajasthan for 3rd place.


    Thanks for all the parks this season, these included :)

  • posix%s's Photo

    Two sweet parks. CK to me was a bit more wholesome and came together as it featured rides and some delicious classic style parkmaking. LR was beautifully crafted and quite interesting to see the modern day meta contrast. Must say this felt more advanced, but ultimately had too little content to actually engage you, so I went with CK.

  • spacek531%s's Photo

    I really like LR's 'park.' I think it mirrors some of my own thoughts that RCT has the ability to transcend roller coasters to create pixel art-like 3D-like worlds for any number of subjects. On the other hand I don't really like the CK park because I feel it's a bit old school bad and rough around the edges. Not like, for example, sloB who has unfinished parks but there's just this sense of style to it that I don't get from the CK park. All that said I thought there was not enough of LR's park to really give me what I wanted, despite how good the stuff there is.

  • posix%s's Photo

    Match Conclusion

    Liampie FK+Coastermind (VC) StormRunnerFan mamarillas Splitvision RWE ultro Coaster-GEOFF saxman1089 G Force coasterbill (F) IonZer0 A n d r e w


    3rd Place

    The poll is now closed.

    The Cereal Killers have won this match with a score of 41–13.


    Cereal Killers"Marmot Mountain"





    Logan's Run"Strawberry, West Elizabeth"



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