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    Oh heck yeah
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    Really cool work here. Definitely see the inspiration, but it seems like it could exist in the same universe as Lost World and that is neat. I think the coaster was sorta wonky.. not a big fan of the drop out of the skull being out of the station. The backwards section had some good interaction though. I think there was a missed opportunity with the lava flow and the back of the skull island, really cool rockwork and a cool skeleton back there but not much for the peeps to see or interact with on that side of the map. Minor complaint though.


    The rum stall and the fish burger bar archy is really nice. I enjoy seeing new pirate architecture that doesn't rely on pirate roof pieces! Love the object usage and creativity here.

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    Really neat little entry. I loved the aesthetic, and the Lost World inspiration is obvious.

    The biggest thing holding this back from being a design for me is the coaster layout itself. While it does have some nice moments, and some good interaction, it's just a little weird outside of that. The biggest problem is that you have a backwards portion, which leads into a forwards launch, which then essentially goes up a single hill and into the brake run. I would've loved to see some more after that launch, with some more interaction around the back side of the island with the volcano and whatnot.


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    The landscaping left something to be desired here. Just too messy for my preferences.


    Herman is the highlight for me!

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    I think it would be cool to see a series of these types of parks come out from different members... use the same basic bench as an H2H park, and build another location/variation... now with the added bonus of the NSF and unlimited objects to use! Could be great projects for newer players to pick up the game and imitate other player's styles, would help with the learning curve.


    Glad you guys picked up a design here, great work. A well deserved 70% from me!

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  • Description

    Far away from all of civilisation lies a lost Island so haunted and cursed that only the bravest of fools will go there.

    Not much is known from the first inhabitants that used to live here. There are only ruins and inscriptions in the walls to give little information about these people and their weird sacrifices and rituals

    It is believed that they worshipped the big dead tree that's stand in the middle of the island and if you sacrifice enough living souls that good fortune will come to you.

    Lots of pirates and buccaneers will try to sail to this island to find its lost riches and treasures. But like I said, the place is haunted beyond believe.

    Sightings of ghosts, lots of bones from long dead animals and a creature people call "The Thing" will give you an eerie feeling when setting foot here.

    Speaking of setting foot here the fell winds and heavy waves around the island make it near impossible to harbour anywhere and lots of ships will get lost and get smashed into the many rocks around the island.

    Pirates that do make it on the island have build a small settlement to rest and survive the many horrors that this island will have to offer.

    So... wanna go on an adventure sailor?

    Bear and Mulpje

    Little side note: This park was inspired by the amazing H2H9 entry Lost World

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