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    This is camp. 


    I love the glass plants so much, the farm parts are killer odd and i love it. The moleants are cute eatin the mushrooms. the woodie and the arrow are great! Love the cotton candy colors on the arrow. The triple turning drop is so cool! 


    The custom pink trees are nice. I love the seating areas around the park. The use of the charilft is cool. The mushroom ones are funny. I like the use of the Martian lights. The crooked house is hawt. 


    super cool park, love it luketh.

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    I love it Luketh. This park really does bring the funk. Taking some outlandish ideas and executing with real skill results in tons of fun moments. The station dive and interlocked loops of Oompa Looper II is a great example. The ride names, signs, and staff had me smiling. Darth Cavity is hilarious. I want more. I hope Big Rock Candy Mountain is not far off.

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    I love this, and I think this should get some more replies than just two. Things I especially like are the wooden coaster and the surroundings. I love how you build your stuff without thinking about some NE-meta or anything like that. In a time where the game digresses more and more from what it originally was, stuff like this is more than welcome! 

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    Congrats on another release dude. I thought I had already left a comment on the park, but it must not have actually gone thru or been submitted. Anywho..


    Really cool style as always and I think I agree with Faas in that your style is not even close to the NE-meta and it's refreshing. I'm no expert on vaporwave/chillwave whatever it's called, but you have a unique aesthetic. Little things like the infinity awnings, the gas station building, and the monorail station were great examples of inventive NCSO. I like how your building scale is a tad large and I think it works well here. Bold move to have all three coasters have diagonal lifts. Wasn't a fan of the big green jumble of supports on Oompa Looper II. Base game supports or spaced out box supports probably would've sufficed. 


    If there was a bit more park, or more content I would've enjoyed this more. Just felt small. I know you got another park in the works so I'm excited for that to get completed. Maybe it's intentional, but a lot of your foliage is very repetitive.. for example the magnolia trees around the carousel are a bit heavy. It feels intentional, but I'd prefer more thoughtful placement of bushes, trees, flowers.

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    A Snozzberry park can be spotted from space simply from its color scheme, and if it still doesn't register, just look for the pyramids.


    Even though the actual "park" part of the park may seem a bit small at first glance, it certainly packs quite a few noteworthy elements within its delicious walls. In addition to three uniquely beautiful coaster layouts, you've constructed some very memorable buildings--particularly the Funky Farmhouse and the Chugga Lugga Brew Choo station--that remind us how versatile NCSO can be. Some of my favorite details include the secret tunnel through the Oompa Loomper sequel station, the crop circle support, and the canvas roof over the single track piece "in case of rain". The Luketh statue is simple but effective, and the dino nugget cave features an architectural trick I don't recall having seen before.


    Before a Snozzberry Spotlight is in order (and I know that will be among my all-time favorite parks when it happens), there is a bit of refinement that must take place. Certain areas, such as the black path midway in the front of the park and the Petal Dance/infinity awning area, do seem a bit undercooked in relation to some of the more powerful areas, and I believe there are a few details you could have taken further, but overall it comes together quite nicely in that unmistakably Snozzberry way.


    You've made bold choices here, and the next park in this series could take it even further. Crank the Snozzberries up to 11 and show us how funky they can truly be! Every risk you've taken in this park has paid off, and the only weaker points were the more "generic" features, so the innovation is there without a doubt--the next step is to keep it consistently powerful. The Golden Snozzberry is not so far away...

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    Here's my video review of this park.  Really fun one to explore and lots of great little details.  Hope to see this series continue!


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    very luketh. there were a few nice aesthetic moments to highlight- I really liked the way the pyramids were built into the ground, especially with the little water feature. and the train station was lovely. 

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