Park / Ando Lake

Park_5469 Ando Lake


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    Ah, bummed to see this unfinished, you have shown some good potential here for sure.  In many ways this reminds me of some early saves of Westwinds when I was still trying to find my own style.  Just got to keep working at it and eventually it'll click.  Kinda fun to look through and guess where your inspirations came from, some were very obvious haha.  Going forward I'd watch your scale, many of the buildings felt very squat.


    Hope to see a finished version in the future or perhaps a new project that is more your own!

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    Always sad to see a first park unfinished. This had a lot of potential, i especially really like that entrance area. Really hoping to see a finished park from you in the future.

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    I really liked the mine train and comet. good use of diagonals. the bits were it was clearly original work were better IMO!