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    A nice tribute to the scenario in the smaller space that contest allowed, good timing on the coasters too, also some nice atmosphere. A fun small park and quite impressive for a first DKMP entry.

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    Welcome! Neat overall park. Bit basic I think, but a great showing for your first entry. Not a fan of the megalithic lift hill supports, but it's creative. 


    Would like to see a more creative park layout - DKMP maps tend to have this square structure that leads to having path islands and very linear shapes and paths. Leads to a very boxy aesthetic outside of the coasters which flow nicely here. 

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    Cool spinoff of the scenario's setting. Mostly agree with otter, and I'm not the biggest fan of the expansion scenery use in this case - but it's good work regardless!

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    I'm always a fun of reimagining of scenario's. I like the different spin on this one. I like the ride placement and how nice and clean the archy is kept. Just like the others, not really a fan though of the expansion pack roofs. 

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    This is my first DKMP contest entry! For the Looping Coaster Contest, here is my take on the dueling Schwarzkopf coasters, “Agoraphobia” and “Claustrophobia”, from Diamond Heights. My park is themed to a mine town, and is appropriately named Diamond Mines. I made some modern additions to the traditional design, like faster transitions and outward banked hills. I made sure to include “Grimble’s Gallopers” as a shoestring carousel (since my real name is Gabriel, I had to name it “Gabriel’s Gallopers”). I also had to include “Shortstuff’s Slide”, which is reimagined as “Longstuff’s Slide.”

    I took some inspiration from Jen’s J and Major Craving’s “Canary Mines” entry to the Scenario Coaster Improvement Contest. Needless to say, I took some inspiration from Deurklink himself and his “Diamond Heights, but beautiful” park showcase.

    I had so much fun building this lovely little park, and I hope you all enjoy viewing it!

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