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    I wish this was finished! It's a real treat. That entrance is a real treat to open up to; one of the grandest NCSO entrances I've seen, and unique too. I adore how it doubles as a train station; one of my favorite motifs in parks.


    The park in general has a lovely sense of scale and grandeur that I hope to accomplish someday with a similar concept. I've always been a fan of these "resort style" parks, and this definitely would have been a favorite of mine in a finished form.


    Hope to see you back someday with a full release!

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    Thank you Jappy for helping us see this. Truly a park that had something special, especially the entrance. Sad to see such a big talent not evolve further. The design choice are ingenious and tasteful, and rare too, in an exciting way.

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    Shame this went unfinished as it really is quite impressive

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    So, so glad you finally came back and released this. It has brought some peace to my mind finally. Shame it is unfinished as it has massive potential! 


    The entrance is of a grandeur and size not often seen in NCSO, the Vietnam area is gorgeous and what seems to be the boardwalk section has such charm.

    Shame you went to Planet Coaster, but I'm glad to see this here. Rather unfinished on the site, than lost to time! :)

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    Thanks for all the kind comments and for taking the time to explore this little relic from the past. I didn't expect it to see the light of day after this time. Who knows maybe I'll work on some new things in the future :) 

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    Since I left RCT a couple years ago to go and get more into Planet Coaster, I left this project unfinished. I decided to upload it now in the state it was left in if anyone would like to explore how it looks like in game. You can explore the parts that had already been built and were also largerly covered in the uploaded screenshots, or go checkout some sneak peeks of themed areas to come.

    As for the themes, each 'island' would have been a different continent, with the North American and Asian portions largely finished. Next up would have been Africa with a rapid river and a Mystic Manor style darkride as can be found in the (very) unfinished section.

    To anybody who might still remember this park from the screenshots years ago: enjoy :)

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