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Park_5727 Batman Gotham City Escape


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    Wow, this is a fast recreation. Honestly quite impressive!


    The dueling moment with the launches is great. I think this is a pretty good take on what is an admittedly rather clunky layout in real life. It's pretty wild how imposing the ride is here.


    The architecture is maybe a little simplistic in spots for being a recreation; but there are some great moments such as Wayne Manor and much of Gotham City.


    The foliage could use some love - it seems a little scatterbrained and just kinda there. I'm not familiar with the area in real life, but I think it could maybe use just a bit more organization to it.


    Good work. It clearly took a lot of effort and dedication, and the end result is something you should be proud of.

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    This really shows a lot of promise, I think there are a few things that probably come down to needing more experience building like this, but overall it was very nice.  I kind of wish your scale for the architecture was a little bigger, might make getting those details in a little easier.  The layout was very fun to watch though, cool to see a recreation of a ride that hasn't really opened yet too haha.

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    Agree with G_Force.. everything is so squat. Your first floors of buildings should be 1-2 units taller at least. Makes seeing all the details you want to add easier to see and read. Coaster layout is nice - big and looms large over everything in a good way. 

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    An enjoyable layout recreation of a difficult coaster to do, interaction moments are done really well and the support work is solid. Also some nice building facades. 

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    Coaster was awesome, work on your architecture and you're seriously on to something. Really enjoyed viewing that! Great job!

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    There are some things that are not really to my this tbh. The archy is nicely done but lacks life. Especially the area around the little buildings with blue roofs suffers from that.


    The foliage is a little haphazard. Try to clump grass more around instead of spreading it all around, it now looks a little too checkered.

    But keeping all that in mind, this is still very solid. The coaster is well done, the macro is spot on and you clearly have an eye for park making. Keep it up!

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